WIN FREE SNUS for a YEAR at again!

Published : 11/12/2017 05:28:58

Win Free Snus for a Year at!

For 9 years, the Snus Shop works very hard to earn your business.  We ALWAYS deliver you the best in fresh snus, shipped extremely quickly, at great prices, and with the best customer service on the planet.

We appreciate each and every one of you.  With the help of our partners at Swedish Match, V2 Tobacco, Skruf AB, Jakobsson's Snus, and AG Snus, we take this time to show you our appreciation for you trust and patronage.

Our 2017 SnusCentral Customer Appreciation Event is a fun way for I, Moe Unz, and the SnusCentral team to say thank you to all our valued customers..... by giving away zillions of cans of FREE SNUS, shipping and more!

Each day, we will be giving away 10 can Free Snus Samplers (shipped free)! 

Other Prizes include Free Snus for a Year (including shipping) to one extremely lucky customer, two mixed rolls of Free Snus shipped free to ten lucky customers, and one mixed roll of Free Snus shipped free to another ten lucky customers!

I, Moe Unz, will also be staggering around the SnusCentral shipping center armed with a huge mug of glögg and mixed rolls of snus!  I will be throwing the snus rolls at random into open boxes.  These are the Moe Unz Mystery Prizes! 

Hopefully I will not throw my mug of glögg into your order by mistake..... 

We love and thank each one of you!  I wish you all sill, nubbe & snus! 

How do I enter to win Free Snus????

All the information you need to enter and win can be found on our Win Free Snus for a Year page.  Details on the prizes, legal stuff, how you will be notified if you win, and ways to get extra entries are there too!  This promotion begins November 13 2017 (GMT) and ends January 8, 2018 (GMT).  Enter often!

Check out our current Snus Sale!

The Winners

All winners will be posted here.  If a potential winner does not respond to our email (if applicable) by the date specified, a new potential winner will be chosen in their place.   Check back often to see if you won!

Grand Prize Winner:  To Be Announced

First Prize Winners:  To Be Announced

Second Prize Winners:  To Be Announced

Moe Unz Surprise Prize Winners:

Nov 20 2017 (GMT)Kyle K.5 Can Sampler 
Nov 20 2017 (GMT)John D5 Can Sampler
Nov 20 2017 (GMT)Adam B5 Can Sampler
Nov 21 2017 (GMT)Leopoldo S. 5 Can Sampler
Nov 21 2017 (GMT)Dalton S.5 Can Sampler
Nov 21 2017 (GMT)Zachary T.5 Can Sampler
Nov 22 2017 (GMT)Justin T.5 Can Sampler
Nov 22 2017 (GMT) James C.5 Can Sampler
Nov 22 2017 (GMT) Brenden R.5 Can Sampler

Daily Prize Winners:

Nov 13 2017 (GMT)John W. Jr.
1 Roll Mixed Snus
Nov 14 2017 (GMT)John V.1 Roll Mixed Snus
Nov 15 2017 (GMT)Rob M.1 Roll Mixed Snus
Nov 16 2017 (GMTEnrico S.1 Roll Mixed Snus
Nov 17 2017 (GMT)Brian C.1 Roll Mixed Snus
Nov 18 2017 (GMT)Alix O.1 Roll Mixed Snus
Nov 19 2017 (GMT)Ethan Y.1 Roll Mixed Snus
Nov 20 2017 (GMT)Frank S.1 Roll Mixed Snus
Nov 21 2017 (GMT)Paul R.1 Roll Mixed Snus
Nov 22 2017 (GMT)Lynne P 1 Roll Mixed Snus

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Eric B.

11/19/2017 19:02:43

I love you guys!

Michael Hudson

11/18/2017 01:01:54

Dear Moe Unz, Should I be one of the fortunate to win an awesome SnusCentral prize I would humbly like to suggest to have someone double check the the box to be sure you have not inadvertently tossed in a can of Byron while drinking glogg. I live in the United States and I while I really enjoy real Swedish Snus I do not think I would enjoy being raided by our ATF.

Aaron D.

11/17/2017 16:17:57

Hey, throw a couple of mugs of glögg into random boxes anyway... just without the alcohol, of course - I'm sure customs would have a fit. That'd be an amusing thing to see in my snus order.

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