British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco (BAT) is a founding member of what is euphemistically called "Big Tobacco".  They were among the first Big Tobacco companies to realize cigarettes were a dying product category and aggressively expanded into Swedish snus, American smokeless tobacco and in recent years, to All White nicotine pouches.

Among the BAT brands are EPOK, LYFT, VELO, Camel SNUS (USA), Granit, Mocca, and Zonnic nicotine replacement therapy gum.  Personally, I Moe Unz, think Zonnic was just a hedge bet since most government health organizations look at nicotine gum as a Big Pharma product.  Fortunately, BAT was not the company who bet the farm on JUUL!

In 2020, BAT will be consolidating branding especially on tobacco free nicotine pouches under the VELO banner.  Expect LYFT to be renamed to VELO but the product will be the non-USA version most preferred by nicotine pouch users.  As someone who has gagged on USA VELO, I hope confusion does not ensue with people who have tried USA VELO assuming Swedish VELO is the same product.

Versions through the FDA Substantial Equivalence Process...unless FDA actually compares ingredients and heaven forbid, taste the American market version of VELO!  Even for Big Tobacco lawyers, that could be a challenging case to make.

Fortunately for me, Moe Unz, that is not something I will have to deal with.  Fortunately for all of us, be it snus or nicotine pouches, BAT makes excellent products for us to enjoy!  Even better, the legendary Snus (and nicotine pouch) eStore sells them FRESH to you world-wide (where legal).

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