Your order will be processed within 24 business hours...faster if we can.  Our warehouse manager really cracks the whip!  Plus we have the best warehouse team around too.  Time of shipment is dependent on your locations and chosen method of shipment.   An approximate postal service delivery according to the post office is within Europe 2-5 days and 7-14 days for other countries (Postal Delivery not available to USA addresses)  All orders will be shipped to the address you specify. 

Expedited shipment with tracking information is also available by choosing UPS as your shipping option.  Orders shipped via UPS should arrive between 2-4 days worldwide.  ALL Shipments to the United States must be sent by UPS as per US Law.



Please note that shipments to the U.S with UPS require an "Adult 21" Signature. This means that the receiver of the package must be 21 years of age or older to sign for the package.

Since 21st 2010, special shipping rules went into effect for tobacco deliveries to the United States.  Those US tobacco shipping rules and PACT Act information can be READ HERE.  These restrictions only apply to delivery within the United States.  If you don't live there, don't worry about it.

I have only received parts of my order, what have happened?

If your order is divided in several packages (is printed on your order confirmation) is it possible that the packages for some reason have been separated and thus not arrive at the same time.  And do you trust your neighbors........?   Noticed any young punks hanging around the area?  Can't be too careful these days!

Is it possible to trace my package?

Yes and No.  If your package(s) are shipped by the Swedish Post office, you cannot track your package because your shipments of goods are sent as a first class letter, which does not have a reference number. We cannot take any responsibility for your delivery when choosing this freight alternative since there is no reference number or tracking.

Packages shipped UPS do contain a tracking reference number.  This information will be contained in your Order Conformation Email.  If your package is damaged, file a complaint with UPS when it is delivered and we will send a replacement.  If lost we will resend the order as well.

Shipping Charges 

Shipping charges are dependent on method chosen, weight and size of your order, and your delivery location.  It is computed automatically and will display with your total order and price during the checkout process prior to payment. Should there be any charge, taxes or duty in the country where your order is being delivered, the receiver is responsible for these and will therefore be responsible for such a payment.

What import rules and duty regulations is applicable for my Country or US State?
As part of your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, it is your responsibility to look into current import rules and duty regulations for your country. cannot provide information about import and customs regulations in the destination Country or individual US States. As the person who ordered the merchandise, you are personally responsible for being informed about and understanding the import and customs regulations that apply to Swedish snus and other types of tobacco in the destination country and the rules related to payment of any duties/fees/taxes that may be charged.


Snus is regulated as a food product in Sweden.  Like food products, we can not accept any returns of snus; can opened or unopened.

Questions About Your Order or Any Other Way We Can Be of Service?

All questions concerning your purchases at Snus Shop should be made through the Contact Us form on  We will reply same or next business day.  Our Customer Service is rated Best year after year.  We won't forget you or ignore you!

Order information is NOT available through our sister site at  Requests for order information made at will only delay your response and may result in your inquiry being lost.