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  • Catch

    Catch Snus was the first brand of snus launched as a portion snus only; there never was a loose snus version of Catch.

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  • Chainsaw

    Chainsaw Snus is latest addition to the Swedish Match brands of snus.  Made at their Silkeborg, Denmark factory.  As the name implies, these are not snuses for the faint of heart.

    Strap in for Ultra Strong nicotine in a variety of formats including white dry.  Packs quite a kick and is tasty!

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  • Crafted Snus

    Crafted Snus is a premium brand designed by Tobacco Master Conny Andersson in association with AG Snus.

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  • Dacapo Silver

    Swedish Lidköping-based Dacapo Silver create modern, style-oriented accessories for every occasion.

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  • Epok Snus

    Epok Snus is manufactured by Winnington AB of Sweden. It is differentiated from other Swedish snus products in that Epok uses a proprietary process to convert natural tobacco into what they call white tobacco.

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  • Ettan

    Ettan Snus is the first modern brand of Swedish snus ever produced beginning in 1822. It has remained a classic ever since and is available as in a loose, portion, and white portion version.

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  • G.3

    G.3 portion snus is the third generation of snus products.  Designed for the Norwegian market, G.3 snus products highlight a soft fit, minimal drip, and a long lasting snus experience.  Norway aside, G.3 snus have proven very popular in the US and other international markets.

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  • G.4 All White Snus

    The 4th generation of General snus: Redefining White

    All White snus that's white before, during and after use. The pouches have a soft fit and deliver long-lasting nicotine and flavor experience without any trace of tobacco taste. G.4 is the fourth generation of snus from General.

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  • General

    Created in 1866, General Snus is a perfectionist's blend of 22 different tobaccos and a drop of bergamot oil.

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  • GN Organic

    GN Organic Snus is part of the GN Tobacco family of products along with Odens Snus and Islay Whisky Snus.  GN Organic high nicotine snus products are made with organic tobacco and natural flavorings for a great taste experience!

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  • Göteborgs Prima Fint

    One of the oldest brands on the market, Göteborgs Prima Fint (Prime Fine-ground) was launched in 1919.

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  • Göteborgs Rapé

    Goteborgs Rapé was the world's first white portion snus, an innovation that was quickly adopted by several other brands.

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  • Granit

    Granit Snus is a solid value priced brand for budget conscience snus consumers.

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  • Grov

    The Grov snus name was trademarked in 1872 although it was first marketed as Grovt in 1855.

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  • Islay Whisky

    Islay Whisky Snus is one of the finest whisky flavored Swedish snuses available today. It was designed by famous snus maker Conny Andersson.

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  • Jakobsson's

    Jakobsson's Snus is a brand of Swedish snus manufactured by Gotlandssnus AB.  

    Jakobsson's Snus was a Sponsor of our 2017 "Free Snus for a Year" promotion.  We appreciate that and you should too!  If you haven't tried Jakobsson's Snus before, please consider it.

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  • Kaliber

    Kaliber snus is a value brand snus produced in accordance with Swedish Match's high quality standards and has a familiar tobacco taste with hints of citrus.

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  • Kapten

    Launched in 2016, the Kapten Snus Extra Strong Portion snus products are the newest additions to the KAPTEN Snus family. KAPTEN is a very affortable snus; high in nicotine and a great tasting value!

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  • Knekt

    Knekt is a value brand snus from Fiedler & Lundgren.  Lundgren still owes me, Moe Unz, money for beer I fronted him.

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  • Knox

    Knox Snus is one of the top selling brands of snus in Sweden.  Knox is part of the Skruf AB portfolio of snus products.

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  • Kronan

    Kronan Snus was launched as a brand by Swedish Match in 2005 and has a unique flavor all its own.

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  • LD Snus

    LD today is made by Nordic Snus AB, the snus division of JTI.  LD is a very well made snus which could sell for a lot more than it does.  The goal was have an assortment of affordable quality snus that you can count on.

    Nordic Snus carefully selects the best tobacco to process in their snus factory in Vårgårda Kvarn. As JTI puts it, "Anyone can make a cheap snus, the art is making a really good snus for a really good price."

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  • Lundgrens Snus

    Lundgrens Snus comes from one of the oldest names in Swedish snus:  Fiedler & Lundgren.  Three hundred years ago, the name was Fiedler, Lundgren, & Unz but that is a story for another time. 

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US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

If you are NOT an American, the below doesn't apply to you