Let me tell ya, folks, Lithuania isn't just another spot on the map; it's where I, Moe Unz, had the wildest adventure of my life. The whole shebang started when I caught wind of a one-of-a-kind nicotine pouch from Kordula UAB . With visions of that pouch in my head, I made my way straight to Lithuania.

Now, if you ever see me dining, you'll notice I've got this odd habit of putting ketchup on my pizza. Why? I was genuinely convinced that's how the Italians did it. And when I'm washing down my meal, it's always with either beer or tea.

One day, while in a heated debate about basketball with the locals (who knew they were so passionate about hoops?), I found out about Kordula UAB. They manufacture the tobacco-free Grant nicotine pouches. I was staying at this cozy Lithuanian inn, so I went back home filled with determination to try this local pouch. 

Back in my room, it was a tad cold, so instead of hunting for a thermostat, I just cracked open the window. And let me tell you about the time I mistook the women's toilet for the men's - all because of those confusing triangle signs!

Anyways, the next day, I hopped on a bus, and something felt off. There was no signature strange smell. Had I boarded an alien vessel or something? As I munched on my potato-meat breakfast (a classic combo), I had to dodge a group of fierce-looking babushkas in furs. Those ladies sure knew how to make an entrance!

As I made my way to the legendary Kordula UAB  factory, I had a couple of close calls at the zebra crossings. Those vehicles just whizzed by!

At the factory, I faced the ultimate test. To earn my pouch, I had to show I got Lithuania. I nodded, admitting that beer was basically soda, and vodka? Now that's the real deal. They also got a kick out of me adding an “as”, “a”, or “is” to all their names, giving them a true Lithuanian twist.

Finally, after embracing the Lithuanian way and laughing at my own blunders, I got that desired Grant pouch. The taste? Pure magic. And as I savored it, I realized this journey wasn't just about a pouch; it was about the whole pack.

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