Skruf Snus and Nicotine Pouches are enormously popular in both Sweden and Norway as well as by internet snus store customers worldwide.

Skruf began as an idea by three friends to create the perfect Swedish snus; Adam, Jonas, and Moe in 2001.

After countless hours of searching and testing, the trio discoved an old snus recipe in the village of Skruf. Noteworthy for its added rose oil, they made a batch and were amazed.

By the time Skruf began production in 2003, Moe was mysteriously absent. In fact, the official Skruf biography doesn't mention Moe at all.

The Moe in question is SnusCentral's own snus legend Moe Unz. Moe enjoys Skruf snus but hasn't talked to Adam or Jonas for as long as he can remember (or received a royalty check.

Around 2018 Skruf began adding tobacco-free nicotine pouches to their brand.  Since nicotine pouches are legal in most countries including the EU, this greatly expanded Skruf's pool of potential customers.  Having no tobacco in them also means no tobacco taxes, no teeth staining, and no tell-tale tobacco breath. Look the up, the are called Skruf Super White! 

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