What happened at SnusCentral two weeks ago?

Published : 03/30/2021 20:56:32

MESSAGE FROM ME, MOE UNZ: I have always been honest with you, our beloved fans and customers. Other lesser snus shops would have remained quiet but the SnusCentral community deserves more. Now that the situation is contained, I want to present the facts and sincerely apologize.

The vast majority of you were unaffected and unaware of what I am about to tell you. No orders placed since late last week are affected.

For those who were affected, two weeks ago or so, SnusCentral was performing a massive back-end software upgrade and one of our servers crashed during the process. (This was NOT the fault of me, Moe Unz, BTW  I am banned from the server room).

The server crashing during the upgrade took out our Customer Service and Order Processing ability. Almost every system affected has been back up and running (for the most part) for a little over a week BUT had resulted in a backlog of 90 orders from back then and Customer Service being overwhelmed with emails they were unable to respond to.

The backlogged orders should already have been shipped but there may be exceptions; current orders are unaffected. Customer Service is prioritizing the email backlog and is responding as quickly as possible. If you haven't received a reply or your order yet, it is not because you are being ignored. (Just to repeat, I Moe Unz had nothing to do this. I was in HR training that week).

When I discover why the server failed and which vendor was responsible, I will travel to their offices and beat them with my broom on both of our behalves.

We are more sorry than I can express in English for the inconvenience and our IT Team has been and is continuing to work around the clock to get everything working like clockwork again.

Customer service is continuing to work through the email backlog as their systems come back online. Order Processing & Shipping is now back online. We have brought in additional support from our other websites to manually check the new code for bugs and help out processing orders. Please bear with us!

We will be back to our normal standard of excellence very soon.

Best Regards/Bästa hälsningar/Med venlig hilsen,


Legendary Swedish Snus Lord and Manager

The Snus Shop at SnusCentral.com

Moe Unz, Snus Lord

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James weaver

06/05/2022 22:29:35

Seems there is still a problem

Michael Filo

06/22/2021 04:52:47

Thank you for the post. It's a pleasure to read as always. And it is a good to know. Customer service was ... better than superb when I sent my email in. I sent a message asking about my shipment in on Saturday night, and first thing Monday morning I see a new shipment has gone out. Thank you so much. PS What may help mentioning: for me UPS showed a label was created but nothing more. Usually SnusCentral has a day at most between the label creation and the shipment. So that's a good sign to look out for.

Thank you for the feedback!  I, Moe Unz, do not want to jinx anything but everything with Mr. Server has been fine and we are back to our usual standard of excellence!  I still stay far away from the server room though...VERY far away.

We do have a BIG announcement coming up in a couple of days.  If you do not subscribe to our newsletter yet, I would strongly recommend doing so now.

Bästa hälsningar,

/Moe Unz

Mark C

04/02/2021 14:24:43

Dear Moe, My order from 3/27 is still not shipped. Been a customer for a long time and it's disappointing. Can't get responses back. I disagree with your simultaneous apology and denial of any responsibility. That doesn't make sense, does it? Why apologize if you can be held in no way responsible? If your bank systems crashed for weeks at a time, how would you respond to the CEO exempting himself from any responsibility?

Hi Mark!  Has you order shipped yet?  If not, I would advice cancelling it and replacing it with a new order at the head of the queue.  We've discovered a small number of orders from that time are holding on to their "Pending" status for dear life.

I pride myself for only accepting positive comments. We have a very hard working staff who deals with any other issues.  Since for a week they did not have access to correct any errors in the Customer Service section and are working as hard as they can to get caught up.

I am not sure what "woke" means, but I am usually passed out drunk and not allowed in the server room anyway.  You probably remember 6 years ago when I allegedly spilled beer in a server shutting down our payroll system for a few days.  The Team here was not very pleased......

So I am still very sorry and apologize to you and the others affected the outrageous event.  I am even suspending myself without pay for a week even though I, Moe Unz, was not in any way responsible for this tragedy.  Keep in touch regarding this or any future orders!

Best Regards,


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