recovers after massive cyberattack

Published : 10/24/2016 23:19:44

On Friday, a massive cyberattack by as yet unknown actors hindered access to hundreds of websites across the internet. Even the Big Three; Amazon, eBay, and SnusCentral were affected.

The Snus Shop suffered worse damage primarily because Store Manager Moe Unz panicked when the attack began.  He started randomly throwing switches and pulling out cords, causing more damage than the actual DNS attack did.

Had Moe just sat there, the site would have been back up by Friday night.  Instead, with a six hour exception, was down from Friday to the early morning hours of Monday.

SnusCentral CEO, Mr. CEO, released the following statement today:

"First of all, we are angered that our wonderful customers were prevented from purchasing our fresh snus over this past weekend.

No customer information was compromised from the attack.  No payment information of any kind is maintained on the site and our secure payment clearing house, Dibbs, reported no issues at all.

Internally, we are re-educating our team that under no circumstances, should Moe Unz be allowed in the server room unescorted.

We instituted this policy some years ago after a drunken Moe knocked his beer over on a server, shutting the site down for 5 hours."

Snus Call to Arms

Mr. CEO's statement continued, "At this time, we do not believe Anti-Snus Extremists were responsible for this Denial of Service attack but this could change as Interpol and the SnusCIA investigation continues.

Going forward, we ask hackers to please leave us alone.  Denying a snus customer access to their favorite snus store, especially the famous Snus Shop, is truly a crime against humanity."

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10/25/2016 15:15:09

Some people just don't have a life. Bullies like this are the cause of Wars, they aren't tolerated well...They are so miserable, they have to involve themselves in your life and always end up looking stupid. In reality all they are is cowards!!! Moe, on the other hand is forgiven...

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