Snubie x Ministry of Snus Bourbon & Vanilla Strong White Portion Snus

Published : 02/25/2020 18:45:59

The latest project snus from Snubie is a Bourbon Whiskey and Vanilla Strong White Portion made in partnership with snus maker Ministry of Snus. 

Of course I, Moe Unz, was involved being both a Snus Lord and a high volume premium whisky consumer. 

While not mentioned by name or thanked personally in the product description, you will note that the legendary Snus Shop is the exclusive seller of this snus to the USA and internationally via internet.

Bourbon & Vanilla Strong White Portion Snus

Snubie x Ministry of Snus Bourbon & Vanilla Strong White Portion Snus is the latest "by snus user request" project snus.  

"This is a snus truly made by the snuser, for the snuser!  As many of you know, back in October 2019, I asked the snus community what you wanted in a snus.  What flavor, what portion size, what portion format, and what nicotine strength.  I wanted my next snus release, and first collaboration with Ministry of Snus, to be a product created by the snus community, for the snus community.  The flavor for this snus was originally submitted by John Jaudon in Ohio, USA, so I wanted to make sure to give him credit for submitting this idea.  It was one of hundreds of flavors submitted, and it made it to the final five, and then eventually won as the flavor the snus community most wanted to see!"

Snubie & Ministry of Snus Bourbon and Vanilla Strong White Portion Snus 2020The whisky flavoring this snus is Maker's Mark 46.  As a taste tester for this snus project, my, Moe Unz' first responsibility was to intimately understand the nuances of Maker's 46. 

I had a case delivered to Castle Unz.After drinking the first 4 or 5 bottles, I began seeing why the snus makers at  Ministry of Snus chose in particular the Maker's 46. All of the classic bourbon flavors are present, including strong hints of vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak,  along with buttery toffee and a touch of fresh toasted cinnamon bread...the vanilla was key in making this snus work.

As I finished off another 2 bottles, I began tasting the 3 finalist snuses.  Needless to say, my choice as best was the one voted to be the final Bourbon Whiskey and Vanilla Strong White Portion Snus.

Production was scheduled to begin 24 February 2020 with delivery expected either the very end of the week or the following week.

This is a limited release snus meaning it is only being made one time in a small batch.  If we have it in stock when your are visiting our snus store, I would recommend buying it immediately.  When we run out, there is no more to be had.

Enjoy your fresh Swedish snus!


Snus Legend and Manager
The Snus Shop at


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Moe Unz

03/05/2020 07:50:28

Mr.Security Chief is way ahead of you, Ron. My warehouse key card will be deactivated for 72 hours once the product arrives. :-(

R. DePaepe

03/04/2020 04:40:37

Try to save some for the rest of us, Moe.

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