General ONYX has been Cancelled!

Published : 12/27/2021 23:26:12

Snus maker Swedish Match AB announced yesterday that they were delisting the iconic General Onyx Black Portion Snus in 2022.  Here is a summary of their statement in English:

Onyx launched in 2005 as a unique premium snus within the General Snus family.  Just this year, General Onyx Titan was launched in the iconic black portion pouches Onyx has been known for.  But sadly, both Onyx Silver and Onyx Titan are having their production ended.

The products will be removed from retail store shelves during 2022.  Our remaining warehouse stock will be sold before 2 March 2022 or as supplies remain.

Speaking for the Unz Family Snus Dynasty at a hastily held press conference in Stockholm, Snus Lord Moe Unz told the media,

Are they crazy?  General Onyx has been an enduring part of the General brand family for 17 years!  It stood as the premium snus standard for the snus world!  More importantly, it has also been a favorite of me, Moe Unz, for 15 years!  This is a snus abomination of the highest order!  Wait, I must call Swedish Match Distribution and order as much Onyx as we can fit into our warehouse!

The Unz family has reached to Swedish Match executive management for more information on this tragic decision.  We also would like to know why the Unz family was not consulted.

What a sad way to start off 2022.  Hasn't the world suffered enough over the last two years?  It is going to take a LOT of whisky and General Onyx Silver to get me, Moe Unz, through this disaster..... fan helvete.

Gott Nytt Snus År!

Snus Lord and Manager
The Snus Shop at

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Cory C

07/11/2022 15:07:13

I say we boycott General Snus until they bring back Onyx!!!

Jeffrey B Bebout

02/25/2022 15:49:31

Ok Onyx is out....Not a Happy Guy! Then what do you suggest as a alternate? I have 4 cans left before I loose it.

If there is, I have not found it yet.  Look for something like General White Portion with lemon replacing the bergamot flavoring.

Steve S

02/12/2022 03:00:22

I love the onyx black my go to snus. Is there anything similar?

Still looking.  The closest would be a General White portion flavored with lemon instead of bergamot.  Let me, Moe Unz, know if you find something!

John Melillo

02/02/2022 23:44:04

Welcome to my world, I felt the same way when Thunder stopped making Raspberry.

S. Singleton

02/02/2022 03:36:12

I am just seeing this news for the first time, Swedish Match has made a blundering mistake here. Onyx is the best Snus they have ever made and when I order, Onyx makes up the major portion of my order.I guess it is similar to all the Apps and software programs we use daily...they tend to change everything up with a new version when you least expect it, it leaves you trying to figure out how in the world to navigate the new site due to all the changes (like Microsoft does and many others).Why can't tech companies and Snus companies leave well enough alone when they have a winner? Or at the very least provide something back to you that resembles what it was before because it was great before they messed with it again?Greetings to all those Onyx lovers out there from the great state of Texas in the USA! S. Singleton


01/29/2022 22:12:01

WHAT? NO ONYX?!!! Have they lost their minds? Will it be replaced with something better? And people wonder why our society is in decline. Stuff like this makes me grumpy.


01/13/2022 20:50:24

What a sad sad shame. Please don't do this SM

It is apparently too late.  I will tell you SM did not consult me, Moe Unz, before making this ill-advised decision.  I would have hit them with my broom for even suggesting it!

T Robinson

01/08/2022 06:14:06

I just got to try this stuff. They are insane. It's amazing.

J Fordham

12/29/2021 13:49:29

The truth of why, may help not enough sales, etc...Too many good Snuses have gone and nobody tells us why? Just that they are gone...SAD!!!

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