Alone in the Snus Warehouse and Giving away LOTS of New Year's Snus!

Published : 01/01/2018 02:43:54

Hello from me, Moe Unz.  It is 2 days since I started celebrating the arrival of 2018.

I'm sitting alone in my office at with a glass of Ardbeg whisky and a can of Islay Whisky Portion Snus taking a party break....and I just had an idea!

I've been giving away free snus to lucky customers since December but always under supervision.  Now I am alone, quite drunk, and completely lacking in common sense.

Seems like a GREAT time to go down to the warehouse floor and start throwing lots of snus into open customer orders.  A LOT of Snus into a LOT of orders!

I only have until Tuesday morning (GMT) until the staff and management arrives.  After that....I may not be employed here anymore.  What the hell; I have a trust fund from the Unz Family Snus Dynasty.  At least I think I do...

Hej, who cares?  I'm drunk and it's 2018!  If you're even thinking about ordering snus soon, NOW would be a great time to do it!  I put up some wonderful snus sale specials for January.  We'll celebrate the arrival of 2018 in style!

Good luck and Gott Nytt Snus År! (Happy New Snus Year!)

Best and perhaps Final Regards,


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