2022 SnusCentral Update and more on nicotine pouches from me, Moe Unz

Published : 11/05/2021 19:17:16

The Nicotine Pouch Invasion

Thomas Ericsson is a good friend of mine.  He helped develop Nicorette Gum. Thomas is also the inventor of nicotine pouches. 

He spends his time inventing and patenting unique nicopod recipes and selling them (or part of them) to other companies.  He even offered to make a "Moe Unz" line of nicotine pouches.  Bearing my name, it would of course be very popular.  The UNZ Family Council vetoed that idea.  They felt my head was swelled enough.

Since nicotine pouches are tobacco-free, this opened previously closed markets like the EU member countries and the UK.  You can imagine Big Tobacco salivating at the possibilities as well as anyone who could add flavor and safe amounts of nicotine to pouches filled with washed-white plant fibers.

Sadly, some Russian profiteers decided to go the "most nicotine" route.  Their cans would have instructions such as "Put this pouch under your lip for 30 seconds and then immediately remove."  That's because the nicotine levels in their products were lethal to humans.

Nevertheless, some Russian users took that as a challenge to their manhood.  Enough of them died from nicotine poisoning that Mr. Putin immediately banned the manufacture and sale of nicotine pouches in Russia.  Lesson:  Don't buy any Russian nicotine pouch products on eBay or the dark web.

A number of responsible entrepreneurs across the world began building their own brands.  A LARGE number. Such a large number that I, Moe Unz, and the team here at SnusCentral.com have been adding more and more nicotine pouch products to our inventory.

Since nicotine was not taxed like tobacco, some countries are banning them out of greed.

For either new nicopoods or snus, you should also check out our New Products page!  As you search through them you will be amazed!  Check regularly as more new products will be added and activated.

The New SnusCentral.com coming in 2022

As things were not hectic enough, Mr. CEO decided it was time to replace our existing online snus and nicopod stores with new websites.  This process will take some time but the new SnusCentral.com is tentatively scheduled to begin construction late 2nd quarter; early 3 quarter 2022.  If any of you have features, functionality, or other ideas you would like seen included, email them to me at Moe.Unz@SnusCentral.com.

The sad part of all this is that I, Moe Unz, am now and will continue to be inordinately busy, which will cut down on my drinking time.  I do this for you but it will be very stressful for me.

Thank You for Bearing with Us!

For 10 years, the SnusCentral name has been the standard other snus eShops could only hope to meet (and usually failed).  It is our honor and mission to deliver the best possible customer experience to you.  It is also a duty to me, Moe Unz, to uphold the thousand year standard of the Unz Family Snus Dynasty.  It has also been my pleasure!

Vänliga hälsningar/Best regards/Med venlig hilsen,

Snus Legend and Manager
The Snus Shop at SnusCentral.com



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11/17/2021 23:17:38

Thank you, Moe Unz, for continuing to exceed the expectations set by your thousand year Unz snus family lineage! Looking forward to the new website!

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