Thunder Limited Edition 2015 Now by the Can/Roll

Thunder Limited Edition 2015 Now by the Can/Roll

For the last couple of years, V2 Tobacco has released a Thunder Snus 10 can Limited Edition. Unlike limited releases from other snus manufacturers, this is but the first step in a devious process to determine the next permanent additions to the Thunder Snus catalog.

I, Moe Unz, am going to take you through the process of how V2 makes this work.  That is because I know things and like to show off.

This years Thunder Snus Limited Edition consisted of 5 different Thunder snuses packed in a Big Ass snus can; 2 of each snus:

Thunder Gold Extra Strong Snus
Thunder Kickass Extra Strong Snus
Thunder Nilla-Shock Extra Strong Snus
Thunder Prima Lima Extra Strong Snus
Thunder Limo G'N'M Extra Strong Snus

A snus by any other name is still a snus

To digress for one moment, you may be saying "Hey Moe, what's with these snus names?  Why couldn't Thunder Nilla-Shock just be named Thunder Vanilla?  Thunder Limo G'N'M?  I know what a limo is but what the hell is a G'N'M?"

There is a good reason for this although I too think Limo G'N'M was not the best name choice for a lemon grass and mint snus.

In January 2016, a new EU rule banning actual flavor names on snus products will hit Sweden.  How our timid government leads will react is still undecided. 

Since Sweden is the only EU member nation allowed to sell and consume snus, the prevailing thought is that Sweden will simply ignore the rule.

But there is that Swedish/Danish rivalry thing we have had going for centuries.  With Sweden and Denmark now connected by bridge, a Greater Copenhagen has been declared....which includes southern Sweden.

Stockholm is none too happy about that.  If the flavoring name rule does go into effect, you can bet your reindeer boots that Sweden will very strictly enforce it at least against Danish snus sold in Sweden.

V2 has decided to start early and will gradually be renaming all their applicable snuses over the course of 2015.  Yes, Thunder Wintergreen will turn into something like W-Green and so on.

Personally, I think Stockholm should tell the EU Commission to piss off, both on the flavor name rule and the incredibly stupid EU Snus Ban.

In any case, the bridge reduces my shipping costs from the V2 snus factory in Silkeborg, Denmark to our snus shop in Lidköping, Sweden which reduces our retail price so I can live with the new snus names.  The EU Snus Ban is another story.

The Thunder Limited Edition Protocol

V2 Tobacco has always been very big on consumer feedback in determining what flavors and products they carry.  In that spirit, the Thunder Limited Edition Protocol was created.

Step 1.  Through an internal taste testing process based on snus users suggestions, 5 new Thunder snuses are created.  As mentioned above, 2 cans of each flavor makes up the Limited Edition.  The Thunder Limited Editions sell out very quickly, especially the 2015 one.  This insures that all the buyers will try all 5 snuses.

Step 2.  Wait a bit after the Limited Edition is sold out and release all 5 snuses individually by the roll/can.

Step 3.  Wait about 4 months, give or take, and take a look at the sales numbers for all 5 snuses.

Step 4.  If any of the snuses stand out as big sellers, make them a permanent part of the Thunder Snus catalog.  Ditch the rest.

The whole process is actually quite clever.  It does away with a long and costly series of consumer focus groups who may or may not be representative of the majority of Thunder Snus users.

At the same time, it lets the Thunder Snusers themselves choose with their wallets which flavors they think are the best.  It is what Americans call a Win/Win (I think).

So support your favorite new Thunder Snus Limited Edition 2015 flavors and bring them into the Thunder Snus family while you can!

Bra måndag morgon/Good Monday morning to you all and enjoy your fresh snus!

Legendary Swedish Snus Lord and Manager;
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