Swedish Match Snus News for June 2015

Swedish Match Snus News for June 2015

As we move into the holiday season in Sweden, getting product news has become more difficult; even for me, Moe Unz!

Fortunately, I ran into Peter Hagberg on a beach in Spain over Midsummer and was able to pick up a few tidbits for you.

Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice snus is no more

Personally, I liked the Small Batch Licorice snus quite a lot.  I can understand why Swedish Match chose licorice as the flavor of their first Nick and Johnny Small Batch snus.  I, Moe Unz, personally advised against it, but I understand their reasoning.

In addition to traditional flavored and mint snuses, the Nick & Johnny brand has quite a lot of unconventionally flavored snuses.  One flavor this brand was missing was traditional licorice and so Small Batch Licorice.

The thing is, licorice flavored snus makes up a small percentage of worldwide Swedish snus sales.  The sales numbers for Small Batch Licorice were not impressive enough for Swedish Match to make more; now or apparently in the future.

Will other Nick and Johnny Small Batch flavors appear in the future?  That remains to be seen although there will be some new releases in September.

XRANGE Explodes in Sweden a new Svenskt Snus Store

In the completely opposite case, the new XRANGE line of snuses Swedish Match introduced earlier this year are proving to be a very huge success! 

Larry Waters wrote an excellent article, Swedish Match XRANGE Snuses Released and Why?, which explains why SMAB was betting so heavily on the success of XRANGE.  I'm hearing it has sale beat expectations and everyone at Swedish Match is dancing wildly.

I would not be surprised to see new XRANGE snuses released in the fall.

Our friend Marcus Carlsson is the driving force behind the Swedish Match retail snus shops in Stockholm and Strömstad.  As of this Friday, they will be joined by a third Svenskt Snus Store in Gothenburg!

The Svenskt Snus stores are more than just a place to buy snus.  They have hands-on classes to teach you how to make your own snus.  Originally, this was only loose snus but by now I'm betting their small-scale portion making machine is now in place as well.

Even in Sweden, portion and white portion snus has become much more popular than loose snus.

They also have an excellent coffee bar, offer some snus history, and sell snus souvenirs....none of which are available for sale by the SnusCentral Snus Shop because of stupid tobacco-branded advertising laws around the world.

SnusCentral Snus News

We here at SnusCentral.com are using the summer holiday season to complete a number of projects we have underway.  We have increased the size of our facility and capabilities in order to maintain our same business day shipping policy.

Annika and I will also be reviewing our catalog and will be adding some new products in the fall.  One which I, Moe Unz, came across will cause your lips to swell with joy if it comes to be.  I only mention it now so that I can take full credit later.

Enjoy your summer and of course, enjoy your REAL snus!


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