The NEW Snus and Nicotine Pouch eStore is Here!

The NEW Snus and Nicotine Pouch eStore is Here!

Welcome to the NEWEST Snus Shop!  I am your host and proprietor, the legendary Swedish Snus Lord Moe Unz.

 If you know anything about Swedish snus at all, then you are no doubt familiar with the Unz family.  Our Snus dynasty dates back almost 1000 years and played critical roles in the creation of your favorite brands of snus.

 For example, it was Lars Unz who invented modern Swedish snus in the late 1600's; almost 250 years before the creation of Ettan Snus!

 In 2009, V2 Tobacco created a very limited and rare snus to commemorate the role of the Unz family in snus history.  It was appropriately named Thunder Unz. 

 I, Moe Unz, will bring you more Unz family snus dynasty history in future blog posts.

 Since we opened our virtual doors to you all the way back in 2008, our mission has centered around four time-tested principles:

- ALWAYS Fresh Snus
- ALWAYS Great Prices
- ALWAYS Incredibly Fast Shipping
- ALWAYS Providing the Best Customer Service

Thanks to all our wonderful customers and of course me, Moe Unz, the Snus Shop has grown to be one of the largest snus eStores on the planet.

This has involved some pain as we kept outgrowing our websites and warehouses.  But no worries!  Now we are even bigger and better than ever with the launch of this incredible new 3rd version of the eStore. We also moved into a gigantic new warehouse in Uppsala to complement our Lidköping facility.

Our first snus store opened in 1077 and did not do well.  Edvin Unz was a true visionary and built a very beautiful snus store.  He filled it with rows of jars and pouches to hold his snus inventory.

Unfortunately, Edvin didn't have a snus inventory since snus would not be invented for another 500 years (the Unz historical version) or 700 years (if you use inaccurate Swedish textbooks).

His neighbors laughed at him and smashed the beautiful snus jars with their swords for amusement.  Edvin Unz and his family were forced to leave town and later settled in what is now Gothenburg.

Today, as you can see from our latest snus shop, we have learned much!  In truth, I, Moe Unz, have forgotten more about snus than I used to know before I began binge drinking whisky.  What I do remember is much more than people other than Snus Lords know, so fear not; you are in very good hands.

Again, thanks for joining us. Enjoy the celebration and enjoy your NEW SnusCENTRAL’s enhanced shopping experience!    We still remember your names and are always here to help (unless we are sleeping or on holiday)!

Vänliga hälsningar/Best regards/Med venlig hilsen,

Snus Legend and Manager
The Snus Shop at