Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion Snus Returns!

Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion Snus Returns!

In 1997, Swedish Match invented White Portion Snus and launched the world's first White Portion product in 1998: Göteborgs Rapé White.  What you may not have known is that before Göteborgs Rapé White, there was Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion snus.  Fortunately for you I, Moe Unz, have a degree in Swedish Snus History.

Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion coexisted with the new White Portion version until around 2000. 

It was delisted in favor of GR' White; no doubt falling victim to the Y2K just prior to the start of the 21st century.

Thus, no Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion snus was produced for the last 15 years.

That will change in September 2015 with the re-introduction of the wet large portion version of Göteborgs Rapé.  To no ones surprise, it will be called Göteborgs Rapé Original Large Portion Snus.

This is what the new GR' Original Large Portion cans will look like. 

Swedish Match wanted to keep this a secret until the first week of September but some nefarious individual leaked it on Instagram.

Swedish Match is not very happy about this and is actively investigating this leak and some others which occurred this year.

I would not want to be the leaker(s) when they are caught.  I wonder if Edward Snowden has some extra bedrooms in his Moscow flat?

Unofficially, your SnusCentral.com Snus Shop should have the new Göteborgs Rapé Original Large Portion Snus in stock around the second week of September, give or take a week.

I will let you know when it arrives.  I'm very curious to compare it against the white portion and see which emerges as my favorite.  Norwegians prefer white portions but Swedes have traditionally leaned towards wet portions.

I may be Swedish but when it comes to snus, my tastes are multi-national.  I can't wait to try them both at the same time!

Oh, and for those of you wondering, the graphic for this article on my blog's home page is a tip of the cap to the gratuitous sexy tobacco ads of years passed.  I hope you view it in that spirit.

Vänliga hälsningar/Best regards/Med venlig hilsen,

Legendary Swedish Snus Lord and Manager;
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