Epok White Snus arrives at the SnusCentral.com Snus Shop

Epok White Snus arrives at the SnusCentral.com Snus Shop

Each year, the Unz family performs a comprehensive review the catalog of products available at the SnusCentral.com Snus Store.  It is during this review process that decisions to add or remove snus brands, accessories, and rarest of all, snus manufacturers, are made.

Locked away deep within Castle Unz, this laborious process continues for weeks.  Much snus, food, and whisky is consumed, especially by me, Moe Unz.

So far during this conclave, the only new manufacturer added to the SnusCentral Snus Shop catalog is Winnington AB of Hökerum, Västra Götaland, Sweden and their latest brand of snus; Epok White Tobacco Snus.

Epok; a snus of a different color

The leaves of tobacco plants are green; brown once they have been cured.  There are ancient Viking drinking songs alluding to a long trip to North America where a field of albino tobacco with white leaves and stems had been discovered.

No doubt inspired by these tales of yore, the snus scientists at Wellington AB decided to recreate their own version of white tobacco using modern scientific methods.  The result are the seven (as of this date) flavors of Epok White Tobacco snuses.

The current seven flavor versions of Epok Snus, all of which SnusCentral.com will initially carry, include Licorice, Juniper, Mint, Blueberry, Lime, Melon, and Coffee.

As most science is completely over my head, I present the Winnington's explanation of what their "white tobacco" actually is.

White tobacco is made through a patented and environment friendly production process which carefully purifies and refines brown tobacco. In the process, unwanted substances such as heavy metals and nitrosamines are eliminated. The first white tobacco product, the portion snus Epok, is completely white both before and after use. The feeling under the lip, the nicotine strength and the smell and taste are the same as with ordinary brown portion snus – but the snus won’t run or discolor your teeth.
In this spirit of dental friendliness, Epok joins snus from other manufacturers in converting to the artificial sweetener Xylitol. 

Xylitol has a delicious, sweet taste, and no unpleasant aftertaste! Xylitol has about a third the calories as table sugar, and is a healthy alternative for diabetics. Not only does it make an excellent sugar substitute, but it aids in the prevention of dental caries, and reduces plaque formation; this from the unbiased Xylitol.org Official Website.

One note of caution:  Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs, even in small amounts.  Dispose of your used portions of Epok very carefully.

In the experience of me, Moe Unz, the Epok slim portions are extremely comfortable with absolutely no burn.  These are regular strength snuses in terms of nicotine; clocking in around 8.5%.

Share your thoughts on Epok White Snus with us!  Is it a brand you really like or one you could do without?  We take your input very seriously.

Enjoy your Swedish snus, white tobacco or traditional brown. and join me in welcoming Winnington AB to the SnusCentral family!

Snus Legend and Manager
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