Crafted Snus Whisky by Conny Andersson - The Facts

Crafted Snus Whisky by Conny Andersson - The Facts

Snus Master Blender Conny Andersson and I, Moe Unz, have been drinking companions for longer than I can remember.  I first learned of the plan for the new Crafted Snus premium designer snus way back in January.

It has been a very long wait but finally, in collaboration with AG Snus, the first two snuses of the Crafted Snus brand is now in first generation release.

Crafted Snus Whisky Snus by Conny Andersson is being offered in both portion and white portion version. 

While whisky is a very popular flavor with Conny (and of course me), Crafted Snus Whisky is a very different snus experience than Andersson's previous creation, Islay Whisky Portion Snus; made by GN Tobacco.

While both have tobacco aged in whisky barrels, the whisky is quite different.  Whisky made on Islay Island has a very different character than the Scottish Highlands.

The manufacturing process is also very different; Islay Whisky Snus is fermented while Crafted Snus Whisky is pasteurized, for example.

Crafted Snus Whisky - The Snus

As with his other creations, the first carefully chosen components of the snus are the tobaccos to be used in the blend.

In the case of Crafted Snus Whisky, six different 100% Lamina tobaccos are used:

 - Indisk Kurnool Light Air Cured

 - Amerikansk Green River/One Sucker

 - Guatemala Light Air Cured

 - Spansk Air Cured

 - Mata Norte

 - Latakia

Fans of the old Swedish Match Kardus Superior Edition snuses will remember most of these from different past Kardus recipes.

The Mata Norte is a cigar tobacco from Brazil and is sweet tobacco with a lot of chocolate notes. 

Those of you in Sweden, or who have friends in Sweden, who were able to experience Mellgren's IPA Single Cut Lös Snus will recognize the Mata Norte Tobacco flavor in the blend. 

Conny Andersson also designed Mellgren's with the help of me, Moe Unz!  I helped by being out of town for 3 weeks.

Mata Norte and Latakia stays in used whisky barrels from Glenfarclas for two weeks, absorbing the aroma and character of the barrels. 

The Glenfarclas Distillery is a Speyside whisky distillery in Ballindalloch, Scotland.  I also enjoy whisky from the Scottish Highlands as well as Islay which no doubt played a role in Conny choosing Glenfarclas.

The flavour is Straight Glenfaclas; whisky with walnut leaves giving an almond tone to the snus.

The original portion of Craft Snus Whisky is perfect in my opinion.  Conny wants to add a little more moisture to the next batch of the white portion.  I have all the moisture I need by drinking whisky with this snus.

For those interested, the nicotine level in this introduction batch of Craft Snus is 1.1%.  Conny will be raising the nicotine a little to 1.3% in the next batch.

Both Original and White portion Craft Snus Whisky is of course available at our legendary Snus Shop.

I also thank Conny Andersson for giving me, Moe Unz, some insights into this wonderful snus. 

You may also have noticed that this post is more coherent than my usual writing.  This is thanks to the editing skills of  Larry Waters at  In truth, his version is much different than what I sent him. 

I don't know if that is a good thing or not but my name is going on this anyway!

Vänliga hälsningar/Best regards/Med venlig hilsen,

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