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  • Siberia Snus

    Uncovered by a team of explorers from GN Tobacco searching the frozen plains of Siberia, the most popular brand of high nicotine snus is Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY Strong!

    Towering over other extra strong snuses, the initial Siberia Snus offering; Siberia Extremely Strong White Dry Spearmint Portion Snus contains 43mg/g of nicotine!

    Today, Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY Strong, also known to newcomers as Siberia Dip, comes in white dry portions, regular portions, and slim portions.  There are varying nicotine levels now too but rest assured the Siberia Red Can version is still 43mg/g tobacco snus. 

    Possibly violating the Geneva Snus Convention of 1923, GNT has escalated the nicotine Cold War to new levels. Bury your snus fallout shelter deep and use Siberia snus with care.

    In the world of Swedish Snus, GN Tobacco is now a nuclear power.

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  • SISU

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  • Skruf

    Skruf Snus is enormously popular in both Sweden and Norway as well as by internet snus store customers worldwide.

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  • Soldat

    Soldat is a snus brand as mysterious as it's sister brand, Kurbit.  Made by as new manufacturer whose name is as mysterious as their snus (with some unwitting assistance from me, Moe Unz), it is fortunate that I find Soldat a very tasty snus with an interesting twist.  Otherwise, I would ramble on about fantasy writers creating product and brand descriptions.

    If you want to read my thoughts on fantasy writers creating product and brand descriptions, click the MORE button and I'll enlighten you.  Otherwise, buy some Soldat and judge it for yourself!  Soldat has become part of my Unz Snus Rotation.

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  • The LAB

    The LAB series of snus was a triumph of science, genius, inspiration, and enormous consumer input.

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  • Thunder

    Thunder Snus is highly innovative, high nicotine line of snus with a variety of unique flavors available.

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  • Tre Ankare

    Tre Ankare Snus was introduced in 1977 as the first portion style Swedish snus.

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  • U Sample

    U Sample by AG Snus, Denmark. Outstanding Extra Strong smokeless tobacco in White Portions. Choose between different flavorings!

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  • White Fox

      The White Fox All White portion pouch brand was introduced in 2019 by GN Tobacco of Sweden.  Until then, GNT had a number of tobacco snus products in its brand portfolio and was best best known for its Oden's Extremely High Nicotine offerings.

      As the all white tobacco-free nicotine pouch market continued to explode, especially in the EU where tobacco snus is banned, GNT decided to introduce a new brand specific to these products.  Thus the White Fox brand was born......

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  • Wisby

    Wisby Snus is the first new band of snus Gotlandssnus has released since their purchase by Swedish Match and its a winner!

    Gotlandssnus AB has always been very proud of their heritage in Gotland.  Even after being purchased by Big Snus Giant Swedish Match, they have clung to their roots.  Proof of this is the first post-sale new brand of snus called Wisby. 

    If you try to find Wisby on a map of Gotland, try Visby which is the actual name of the walled city.

    Getting to Visby is an experience to say the least; actually getting to Gotland is quite a journey. In Visby you will find old and genuinely well preserved, narrow alleys inside the City Wall. Many people have a relationship with the city and memories from here, regardless of the season.

    I, Moe Unz, also have a special relationship with Visby, especially with their pubs and the local drunk tank where I ended up more than once.

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  • WOW!

    WOW! Snus is an SPT brand snus designed for value-minded snus users looking for something different.  SPT is now owned by GN Tobacco so the WOW! offerings are exciting new flavorful snuses reflective of GN flavor and nicotine innovation.

    WOW! Snus products are available in a variety of flavors with nicotine strengths going from regular to EXTREMELY strong.

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    Swedish Match's most popular brands in slim portions for an even better snus experience.

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  • ZYN

    ZYN is a discreet solution to your nicotine needs.  It offers all the advantages of traditional snus plus is tobacco free and comes in all white pouches so no teeth staining!  It comes in a variety of flavors with more to come.  Enjoy your ZYN!

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US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

If you are NOT an American, the below doesn't apply to you