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  • Kronan

    Kronan Snus was launched as a brand by Swedish Match in 2005 and has a unique flavor all its own.

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  • Kurbits

    Kurbits is a rather mysterious new snus brand ... and manufacturer ... or maybe it is just a brand;  as I said, very mysterious.  Read the full story under the Manufacturers tab > Kurbit Snus AB.

    Their current products include Kurbits Fäbod White Portion Snus in both large and slim portion versions; and Kurbits Morgondagg White Portion snus, also in both large and slim portion versions.

    All the Kurbits snus offerings are an excellent bargain with a taste that punches well above its weight!

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  • LD Snus

    LD today is made by Nordic Snus AB, the snus division of JTI.  LD is a very well made snus which could sell for a lot more than it does.  The goal was have an assortment of affordable quality snus that you can count on.

    Nordic Snus carefully selects the best tobacco to process in their snus factory in Vårgårda Kvarn. As JTI puts it, "Anyone can make a cheap snus, the art is making a really good snus for a really good price."

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  • Lundgrens Snus

    Lundgrens Snus comes from one of the oldest names in Swedish snus:  Fiedler & Lundgren.  Three hundred years ago, the name was Fiedler, Lundgren, & Unz but that is a story for another time. 

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  • LYFT

    LYFT All White Tobacco Free Nicotine pouches are the tobacco free off-shoot of Epok White Tobacco snus.  While Epok is still sold in Norway stores, tobacco free LYFT; looking and tasting identical to Epok right down to the can ... which of course is labelled LYFT instead of Epok, LYFT is the nicotine pouch product sold world-wide. 

    With both, the pouch is completely white, both inside and out, before and after use. The feeling under the lip is very comfortable with virtually no burn.  The nicotine strength runs the gamut from low to extra strong.  LYFT comes in a spectrum of flavors to satisfy anyone's taste buds! 

    The big plus with All White products is that they will not discolor your teeth!  If you are like me, Moe Unz, and often sleep with a portion in your mouth, this means no staining of your pillow either.

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  • Milia Corporation

    The people at Milia Corporation fidget a lot.  I, Moe Unz, don''t know why but I don't stand too close to them.  They also like snus cans.  Put the two together and you get the SpinCan:  a metal snus can and a fidget spinner all built into one!  Comes in a variety of colors and available at the legendary Snus eStore!

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  • Mocca

    Mocca Snus products are mild mini portion snuses seasoned with natural flavorings. Mocca Snus is one of the few remaining brands to use metal snus cans.

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  • Mustang

    New for 2015, Mustang Snus is a value-priced brand which comes in portion, white portion, and loose.  The nicotine level tops 1% and Mustang has a dark and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of dried fruits and citrus. There are also hints of rosehip and licorice.

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  • Nick & Johnny

    Nick & Johnny Snus was originally designed for the Norwegian market and is characterized by untraditional flavors and high nicotine.

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  • NICO

    The all-white, non-staining NICO pouches are filled with the finest Swiss ingredients. With the purest nicotine salts and fresh Swiss flavorings, NICO is an eye-opening delight for your mouth!  (This is not to say your eye is in your mouth or that opening your eyes also opens your mouth.  It is just one of my famous play on words.)

    SaltLabs AG describes the NICO All White Nicotine Pouch Experience as "The Pure Experience".  They define this as Freshness, Menthol, Sensation, Precision, Fascination, The Force of Nature, Freedom, Vertigo.

    Vertigo is something I, Moe Unz, experience after drinking too much whisky.  I think they are referring to a high nicotine rush, although that is only speculation on my part.

    If you are a fan of All White nicotine pouches, especially mint ones, NICO is a brand you need to try!

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  • Nordic Spirit

    The Nordic Spirit Snus brand is tobacco-free but contains nicotine.  These are all-white portions, inside and out.

    They are used the same way tobacco-based snus is; under the upper lip with no spitting needed.

    Nordic Spirit is manufactured by Nordic Snus AB of JTI who joins other Swedish snus makers in releasing all-white snus offerings. 

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  • Odens Snus

    About 10 years ago, Oden's Snus by GN Tobacco was created on the premise that a snus user can never have too much nicotine.  Both Norway and the USA were the initial target markets for Odens Snus and their high nicotine snus was embraced by both countries.

    Odens Snus is primarily known for it's high nicotine EXTREME line but offers snus with extra strong and regular nicotine levels as well.  These come in a large variety of flavors for every taste.

    Buy your Odens Snus; EXTREME or otherwise, at the fabled Snus Shop where the snus is always fresh, the service spectacular, and speed of delivery from Sweden to your door is so fast it would impress even the old gods!

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  • Offroad

    Offroad Snus is a value price brand produced by V2 Tobacco. Offroad offers a wide variety of both flavored and traditional snuses at bargain prices.

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  • Olde Ving

    Olde Ving Snus is a value brand snus made by GN Tobacco. It concentrates on unconventional flavors like coffee and chocolate, to name two.

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  • OMNI

    OMNI, a very close cousin to ZYN, is a mix between cellulose fibers and a lesser share of tobacco than in traditional tobacco products and food grade approved additives.  It comes in two flavors, each with 2 nicotine strengths.

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  • on!

    on! is one of the original tobacco free all white smokeless nicotine pouch products.  on! comes in a plethora of flavors and nicotine strengths and is packaged in a small plastic tic-tack-like box.

    These are dry portions, similiar to the ZYN dry nicotine pouch products.  This is not surprising as they both share the same patent!

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  • ONE

      Sometimes things are better the 2nd time around.  That is the case with the Swedish Match ONE series.  

      The re-released ONE brand is much more than a simple can design. The launch begins with five different flavors. Each taste has its own character and signature in a color-coded can to help me, Moe Unz, tell them apart.  The colors that also tells you something about its origin and flavor profile....


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  • Phantom

    Phantom Snus was one of the original snuses produced by V2 Tobacco and is still available today.

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  • PUCK

    New for 2020, PUCK is a rich tobacco blend portion snus flavored with the finest swiss ingredients and made the Swedish way by The SnusFactory in Östgötaland Sweden.

    Clean, fresh flavors and an extremely superior nicotine experience are common to all PUCK snus products.  The can is designed to resemble a hockey puck, all of which leads to the PUCK tagline, "Kicks like a Slapshot!"

    I, Moe Unz, have taken a few slapshots to the head in my time.  They were not nearly as pleasurable as PUCK Snus is!

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  • RITE Snus

    Snus the RITE way.  

    We are here for you. Everything you see and experience here has but one purpose.

    To make your day better. RITE now.

    Life is too short for bad flavor. Life is too short for tacky style. Life is too short for excess details.

    We made it with you in mind. The uncompromising quality. The original craft. The best ingredients. The maximum strength.

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  • Röda Lacket

    Röda Lacket Snus is the second oldest brand of Swedish snus still produced with a history as a radical socialist activist.

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  • Shiro

      Shiro is an all white nicotine pouch product which is also tobacco free.  The filler is plant fibers washed white in color (also known as waterboarding) which provides an effective nicotine experience and a long lasting pure flavor.

       The pouches are all white and made in a slim format having a balanced moisture, which makes the pouch discreet and comfortable in the mouth.

       Shiro is Japanese for White. Pure flavor for you.  I, Moe Unz, confess to not understanding why AG Snus would use the Japanese word for White instead of the Danish (since they are a Danish Company) but I am not a marketing professional.

    Currently, two mint flavors of Shiro with two different nicotine strengths are available.  Look for more in the coming years......

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US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

If you are NOT an American, the below doesn't apply to you