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Wisby Snus is the first new band of snus Gotlandssnus has released since their purchase by Swedish Match and its a winner!

Gotlandssnus AB has always been very proud of their heritage in Gotland.  Even after being purchased by Big Snus Giant Swedish Match, they have clung to their roots.  Proof of this is the first post-sale new brand of snus called Wisby. 

If you try to find Wisby on a map of Gotland, try Visby which is the actual name of the walled city.

Getting to Visby is an experience to say the least; actually getting to Gotland is quite a journey. In Visby you will find old and genuinely well preserved, narrow alleys inside the City Wall. Many people have a relationship with the city and memories from here, regardless of the season.

I, Moe Unz, also have a special relationship with Visby, especially with their pubs and the local drunk tank where I ended up more than once.

The snus Wisby is Gotlandssnus's tribute to the Visby gate to Gotland.

The names of the new Wisby snus brand; Norderport and Söderport have been inspired by the City Wall and the flavors were inspired from the Gotland flora. The first flavors released are rose and elderflower.

I don't know if the Visby police will ever let me back into the city, but fortunately for me (and you), Wisby snus is available fresh at the fabled Snus Shop!  As to whisky, it is also readily available as the snus in my home town of Lidköping.


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