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  • Catch

    Catch Snus was the first brand of snus launched as a portion snus only; there never was a loose snus version of Catch.

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  • Crafted Snus

    Crafted Snus is a premium brand designed by Tobacco Master Conny Andersson in association with AG Snus.

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  • Epok Snus

    Epok Snus is manufactured by Winnington AB of Sweden. It is differentiated from other Swedish snus products in that Epok uses a proprietary process to convert natural tobacco into what they call white tobacco.

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  • Ettan

    Ettan Snus is the first modern brand of Swedish snus ever produced beginning in 1822. It has remained a classic ever since and is available as in a loose, portion, and white portion version.

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  • General

    Created in 1866, General Snus is a perfectionist's blend of 22 different tobaccos and a drop of bergamot oil.

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  • Göteborgs Prima Fint

    One of the oldest brands on the market, Göteborgs Prima Fint (Prime Fine-ground) was launched in 1919.

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  • Göteborgs Rapé

    Goteborgs Rapé was the world's first white portion snus, an innovation that was quickly adopted by several other brands.

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  • Granit

    Granit Snus is a solid value priced brand for budget conscience snus consumers.

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  • Grov

    The Grov snus name was trademarked in 1872 although it was first marketed as Grovt in 1855.

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  • Islay Whisky

    Islay Whisky Snus is one of the finest whisky flavored Swedish snuses available today. It was designed by famous snus maker Conny Andersson.

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  • Jakobsson's

    Jakobsson's Snus is a brand manufactured by Gotlandssnus AB.

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  • Kaliber

    Kaliber snus is a value brand snus produced in accordance with Swedish Match's high quality standards and has a familiar tobacco taste with hints of citrus.

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  • Kapten

    Launched in 2016, the Kapten Snus Extra Strong Portion snus products are the newest additions to the KAPTEN Snus family. KAPTEN is a very affortable snus; high in nicotine and a great tasting value!

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  • Knox

    Knox Snus is a value brand of snus from the makers of Skruf Snus.

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  • Kronan

    Kronan Snus was launched as a brand by Swedish Match in 2005 and has a unique flavor all its own.

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  • Lundgrens Snus

    Lundgrens Snus comes from one of the oldest names in Swedish snus:  Fiedler & Lundgren.  Three hundred years ago, the name was Fiedler, Lundgren, & Unz but that is a story for another time. 

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  • Mocca

    Mocca Snus products are mild mini portion snuses seasoned with natural flavorings. Mocca Snus is one of the few remaining brands to use metal snus cans.

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  • Mustang

    New for 2015, Mustang Snus is a value-priced brand which comes in portion, white portion, and loose.  The nicotine level tops 1% and Mustang has a dark and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of dried fruits and citrus. There are also hints of rosehip and licorice.

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  • Nick & Johnny

    Nick & Johnny Snus was originally designed for the Norwegian market and is characterized by untraditional flavors and high nicotine.

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  • Oden's

    Oden's Snus is primarily known for it's high nicotine EXTREME line but offers snus with regular nicotine levels as well.

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  • Offroad

    Offroad Snus is a value price brand produced by V2 Tobacco. Offroad offers a wide variety of both flavored and traditional snuses at bargain prices.

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  • Olde Ving

    Olde Ving Snus is a value brand snus made by GN Tobacco. It concentrates on unconventional flavors like coffee and chocolate, to name two.

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  • OMNI

    OMNI, a very close cousin to ZYN, is a mix between cellulose fibers and a lesser share of tobacco than in traditional tobacco products and food grade approved additives.  It comes in two flavors, each with 2 nicotine strengths.

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US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

If you are NOT an American, the below doesn't apply to you