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General Onyx Silver Portion

General Onyx Silver Portion is the flagship of the General Snus family and the only super- premium production snus available.  ONYX is a portion snus with pure tobacco flavor and elements of Roasted Lemon, Black pepper and salt.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 21.6Nicotine (%): 1.2
Portions / Can: 24Available Since: 2006
Pouch Size: NormalShipping Weight (g): 40
Flavor Descr: TraditionalFlavor Group: Classic
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 500), Salt, Salmiac, Licorice, Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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The white portion-style pouches, which are somewhat flatter than normal and easier to have under the lip, are packed in the trademark Swedish Match "Star" pattern. General Onyx Silver Portion contains about 35% more nicotine than General Portion.



Always liked Onyx

I’ve enjoyed Onyx for 10 years. I’ve always enjoyed the citrus of bergamot. Reminds me of EarlGrey tea. I just miss the black cans that it used come in.


    Not the Best

    Was not at all a fan of this snus. To me, this tasted like salted acetone. I'm still fairly new to snus (a few months use consistently), but this is not at all my favorite.

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    CRACKED Tobacco

    First off, after months of freezing, these portions remain rather moist. More so than any other portion I've come across.

    Secondly, the portion material sets the standard for comfort.

    As other reviews have alluded, the flavor profile is that of roasted lemon and black pepper. The tobacco body is medium-dark and slightly salted.

    IMO this is what Ettan or Grov dreams to be but is too one-dimensional to achieve.

    Best in class for a tobacco centric snus.

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    A great standard

    The portion material is soft on the gums, the flavor may only last an hour or less but man does this have a flavor punch accurate to the description. I wouldn't start with this as new user, seemed to burn more than others until you get numb to it.

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    Amazing flavor profile, but with some issues

    The good:
    This is an AMAZING recipe, very similar to general original, but with less salt, and lemon and pepper added in, the tobacco flavor become more forward after 45mins, I absolutely love the taste

    The can design, with the black portions LOOKS classy and very distinctive, the presentation exudes luxury

    The bad:
    -1 Star: the fill on the portions, these always seem under filled, several cans used so far and the portions are thin, this is odd coming from Swedish Match as normally their portions are perfect in every way

    -1 star: THIS PORTION MATERIAL it looks amazing, it feels nice to the touch, but in the lip... it feels like a piece of folded tissue paper, which is very uncomfortable, I know these once where in the regular white format, and I would love to see that return or even make a Lös , but I doubt I'd order this again because of the material being so uncomfortable

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    Doesn't taste the same

    Not sure if I got a bad batch or if they changed something. Taste like a lower quality snus now.

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    Not for me

    Not for me

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    New everyday

    Finally i found something i like as much as Persika! I hate when i get stuck on an everyday snus that’s limited edition. I just couldn’t find anything that compared to Persika. Figured I’d buy a couple rolls of onyx after reading reviews and wow...the pouches are nice and moist with a super long lasting flavor. Very multidimensional, tons of natural citrus that lasts and lasts. The unique black pouches look fantastic in an ice tool.

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    Best tasting snus I've ever had

    General ONYX is the best tasting SNUS I've ever tried. Hands down. It is completely unique. This isn't just bergamot. It's totally balanced, and the salt, citrus, pepper and hint of sweetness is unimaginable without tasting it. The nic is sufficient. ONYX will be my main from here on.

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    End of the day treat

    I use this one right at night just before bed, if you like the tobacco flavor then your gonna love this one.

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    One of my favorites

    This is an excellent snus. Superb tones of peppery goodness. Great compliment of tobacco with a salt and pepper flavor.

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    General Onyx - A Luxurious Treat

    The can design for General Onyx is very luxurious. Upon opening the can you find a beautiful display of jet black pouches arranged in Swedish Match's trademark star pattern. The aroma matches the dark presentation of this snus exactly. It's quite peppery with intense notes of earth and rich citrus. The pouches are well filled and are soft and quite dry to the touch. This pouch feels ever so slightly larger (plumper) in my lip than other General regular portions. It took a relatively long time to develop any flavor, more like a dry portion. Drip is essentially non-existent. As the flavor finally comes on, it is intense with tobacco and strong citrus, more like lemon rather than the bergamot General is so well known for. This lasts quite a while, certainly over an hour in my case. The nicotine seemed notably stronger than General original, yet not unpleasantly so. I also note that this portion does not come off as salty as some others, which I appreciate. This snus wins me over in the luxury of its dark, exotic presentation and nature. I can see this becoming a treat when I want something a little more exciting than my go-to snus.

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    Thank God you ship back to US

    Onx has a been my everyday sinus from the start and what happens they stop shipping to US only the Oynx that is. I was devastated. I tried So many other suns then my Oynx was back.
    It has a great lemon and pepper flavor that doesn’t over power the tobacco taste. The flavor does last a long time.

    Give it a try.

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    The king

    I've had a lot of general original and white since it came to America. I thought nothing could be better. I've tried all the big names too, Goteborgs, skruf, and others. But this stuff stands alone. This is my all day, every day snus now. Just ordered 15 cans, I'd order 100 if I had the money. The balance of flavors in this is a real treat, the wrapper is soft like silk, and the nicotine is stronger than general original. It's classy in appearance too, the black wrapper is a nice touch. I've thrown out a few 5 star reviews before, but this is the kind of stuff that will make you second guess yourself. This is 5☆+

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    This stuff is excellent. Great, long lasting flavor, the portions have a good mouthfeel as well. I bought the General classic as my first foray into snus but this will be my go to product from now on, I think. Plus it looks pretty swanky in my Icetool can!

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    Simply wonderful. My favorite snus by far. Feels stronger than 1.2%. Pouch material is comfortable, flavor lasts a long time, and the blend of flavors is probably the most balanced profile I have ever had. Some citrus, pepper, and a touch of salt. Well done General!

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    amazing flavor

    this flavor is excellent, but the strength is lacking... i will buy it again but it wont be often bc of the strength, if this was stronger it would be everday

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    Always a Solid Choice.

    It's been years since I last ordered some real snus (The general white portion you can occasionally find here in the States just doesn't cut it for me) General Onyx has always been a personal favorite of mine and I have to say, years of over glorification did not damage the experience one bit. As always, Onyx delivered. There is a slight citrus taste, but what I really appreciate about the Onyx (aside from the classy packaging) is the balance of salt and pepper in the flavor. The portions will last you for awhile, and if you're like me and you occasionally like a treat with two pouches, the size is perfect.

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    ONYX... Best General Product.

    Instant flavor release, lasts over an hour. Strong notes of great lemon flavor (much different than bergamot) and slight notes of sweet licorice and spicy pepper in the background. Strong nicotine sensation, seems higher than 1.2. Overall great flavor, a must have if you enjoy General.

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    One of the best

    I have tried many many many snus products & this one is still one of my favorites. It is almost halfway between white & moist, the strength is just at that right spot, the flavor of citrus and tobacco is pretty awesome, and the pouches are black. I have ordered more of this than anything else.

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    There is no way to go wrong with this. This is the best by far... Been ordering it for several years. Perfect blend of I don't even know how to describe it. It's legit. Get some.

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    Didn't live up to the hype.

    After reading how similar this was to canada's titanium flavour (my favourite) i decided to try a tin. Onyx was a huge letdown. Very little flavour that lasts a very short amount of time. Pouches are smaller than the titanium pouches. Overall Onyx is good, but original General is better. Titanium is the best general product made in my opinion.

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    best snus ever

    This is one of the best snus i have had. Just bought a few rolls for the freezer!!


      glad this was a gift

      nope these are awful unless you like liccorice stay away not even the red liccorice it's the worst of them the black though puches are comfortable so giving it a 2 star but taste go -3 stars.

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      A few years ago, I got my hands on a few cans of Grovsnus Black, which I really enjoyed. Recently I tried to buy more, but they seemed to be no longer for sale.

      I happened to buy the General Onyx 4-pack on this site. They arrived today, and this snus is exactly the Grovsnus Black. Both Grovsnus and General are Swedish Match brands, so it makes sense to me.

      I'm not that good at describing a snus experience, but I enjoy this snus, and I'm happy that the product is still available, despite being under a different name.

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      Definitely a keeper

      Just received my first order from snus central and was excited to try out Onyx after reading about it. I'm in California and have been using General Snus but the local stores only sell White, Original and the other mint/ wintergreen flavors which I'm not a fan of. My favorite is General White but now that I've found General Onyx, I love it! The roasted lemon with salt and pepper hints really shine through after a few minutes. I normally keep Onyx in for an hour, sometimes up to 2 hours and it provides that rich flavor for the entire time. I've noticed with some Snus pouches after a while, my teeth are brown and stained until I rinse or brush my teeth. I don't get that issue as much with Onyx compared to Original. Only ordered 2 cans and will be placing another order really soon for more!!

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      A bit overrated!!

      I just tried this as I had ordered the gift promotion of 4 cans of Onyx in my recent order and since I've read this snus to be the "holy-grail" of snus, I had to give it a shot. The taste and flavor is VERY smokey, although nicely hinted with a lemon and pepper flavor. However, the overall combination of flavor is simply too strong and overbearing for my likes. Still, there's no such thing as a bad snus from General however I must say I was quite dissapointed in the Onyx and will stick to General and Skruf's strong and extra stark white portions.

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      One of my favorites

      The flavors listed here are spot on. What really comes through for me is the hay/grass flavor and the citrus, specifically lemon citrus for me. And hay/grass flavor might sound like a bad thing, but it's not, I promise. Reminds me of lemon-grass, a great ingredient in cuisine.
      That being said, with this snus the tobacco is the star. The other flavors are strong and persistent, but they simply synergize with the tobacco, they don't overwhelm it. And the flavor of this tobacco lasts a at least 2 hours for me, which is really cool.
      All around just a top-notch snus

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      Titanium is Onyx...but not exactly.

      The General Titanium product is the same snus as General Onyx but the portions are smaller. Since tobacco is taxed by weight in Canada and other countries, SM uses less snus to keep the per-can price affordable for over-the-counter sales. Check the tobacco weight on the Titanium can and compare it against Onyx.


        Titanium Red?

        In Canada Swedish General has begun to market snus in select tobacco stores under the brand name "Titanium". However, one of the flavours -- with a red stripe -- tastes suspiciously like General Onyx. So I think it is the same product with a different name. Depending upon the store you buy it in, the price is CDN$20.00 - CDN$24.00. However, ordering it from snuscentral, you can get it at a fraction of the cost (assuming that Customs doesn't catch it...if they do, then the price works out to be the same as in the store).

        Another difference: the product sold in tobacco stores here has an additional aluminum seal over the pouches once you open the top...and it is kept in a special humidifier, I think, at the tobacco store.

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        Not a huge fan. The smell and flavor of citrus, salt, and pepper is real tasty, but for some reason they always get all slippery under my lip and won't stay put. They're almost too soft.

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        My god this stuff is amazing! I'm relatively new to snus, but this is by far the best I've tried so far. Strong tobacco hit with great complimentary flavors. I stopped smoking cigars and this is just as satisfying as some of the best stogies ive ever burned...without the smoke. Fit for a king!

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        Was excited to find a site where I can order "real" snus so I have more variety than the Camel snus I have only used until now. After reading reviews, I decided to order onyx to give it a go. I opened the container and gave it a whif. To me it smells like a lemony soap. Got the pouch under my lip and was exited it didn't taste like soap, but in all honesty, I don't find it as remarkable as most people on here review it to be. It's not a bad taste, but it's not a good one either. It's tolerable. The worst part about it was when I removed the pouch. The tolerable and ok flavor was replace by a lemony soap aftertaste that I just couldn't get out of my mouth to save my life. Again, while the pouch is in this is not a bad tasting snus. Maybe I'm just used to "American" snus and I have to ween myself to "real" snus. My plan is to finish the can to see if I like the flavor in the end, but as of right now, this will be my only order of Onyx. I'm just one of the weird ones in the minority I guess.

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        This is my current favorite. The taste is fantastic, perfectly salty and smoky with a nice kick which lasts a while. The pouch is black and silky smooth against the gums. I cant believe I was using camel snus before I discovered Snus Central, what a difference! This stuff is awesome. During the day, I switch off between Onyx and Odin's extreme vanilla.


          The post below sounded like it is now legal to ship and buy Onyx in the US. Is this a fact or did someone just get lucky and now have Onyx in the states? I've looked just about everywhere to find out and everyone says in is not available in the states. can someone shed some light on this?

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          I was so excited to try this and boy did it deliver. By far the best pure tobacco flavored snus

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          I am so glad I can finally get Onyx in the United States again. This is my favorite snus, and has been for about 3 years. This snus has a wonderful flavor, and is very satisfying.

          It was actually the first snus I every purchased. Since then I have tried just about everything in the General line, as well as choices from Grovsnus and most others. This will remain my favorite "go to" snus for many years.

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          What can I say that hasn't already been said? Perfection at its best!!!! The pepper taste hits hard then the lemon notes come in and it just melts away! This is not for the weak hearten snus user. This is the real deal! I bought 54 can side unseen cause I knew I would love it and when I got it I open up a can before sticking it in my special freezer for snus. I have a freezer for "WHITE" and a special seal packing system for my snus Humidor. Ok back on topic. I opened it up and looked inside and say nothing but black. I love that black on black ohhhh scary. It will kick like a Mule and calm down and when the lemon notes hit and then its the most smoothest white snus I've ever had! Tons of Nicotine and lasts forever!!!!

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          OK. So, I am not sure what I can add to the previous reviews other than to re-enforce what has already been said. Just got a couple of cans of Onyx in my last order and it was love at first taste! Spectacular flavor that is, as previous reviewers mention, peppery with some lemon undertones. The lemon is not as pronounced for me as for some of the others, but that is likely just the difference in palates. My one concern was the increase in nicotine as I typically stick to the more standard 8 mg, but it was no problem whatsoever. I probably missed this product on my prior orders because it does fall under the strong category. I have had poor experiences with some of the extra strong items, but this one hits the nicotine spot perfectly. Long lasting flavor, great looking discreet can, and a unique black pouch. If you have not tried this, you MUST try at least one can. This will be forever more in my rotation with Grov and Ettan. Well done, again, General!!!

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          I miss the black portion very much and hope that Swedish Match will re-release it for those of us who liked it more than the new white (no reason they couldn't produce both). To me, it's just not the same anymore. My opinion is that this new white portion makes it the same as any other slimy short lasting snus. Don't get me wrong, It's still good, but this icon has lost a touch of it's greatness. I will give Grov Black a try in attempt to find a new everyday portion.


            Please ignore my last post , Snus central made up for not sending me the special tube and they are great to buy from. This Snus is by far the best Snus I have tried so far. This will be my regular everyday Snus along with thunder coola and a change up because of the nice refreshing cola taste. I recommend that everyone include at least a tin of this in their next order. You won't be disappointed. If you like general white then you'll love this.


              This snus is definitely worth the extra money! I haven't had the disposable income to sample some of this delectable member of the Swedish Match family until recently. Everything about Onyx screams 'premium.' From the packaging, the flavor, even the portion material is a step up from the typical General snus. It is a bit different from normal whites portions. I feel like it only takes a few minutes to really get going and it's more comfortable in my lip than General White. What really does it for me is the great tobacco flavor. The citrus (lemon) is a bit more pronounced that other General offerings too. If you like General's flavor, do yourself a favor and get their Onyx. It's great.


                While this snus is indeed good, I don't think it's as good as people claim. The smell is like putting your nose into a bottle of lemon scented Pledge or Mr. Clean. It sort of puts you off if you ask me. The flavor is indeed good, all the elements in regular General are magnified in the Onyx. The quality of the portion material is also nice. The portions almost become slippery once you have them in. Nicotine hit is also nice, but sort of makes you feel a tad sick when coupled with the strong citrus notes. Overall, it's a good product. I wouldn't make it my everyday suns or buy a 10 can roll of it. It's more something you have to be in the mood for. In the end I don't see all the hype over this line. Maybe because the can is very cool...

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                I see that there are already quite a few reviews of this particular style of snus, but I thougth I'd give my two cents worth. I received a can of this from another snuser (snus user) in trade, and I tried it out as soon as it arrived.

                This is the best snus out there, hands down. Smooth, flavorful, a soft portion pouch and it lasts a long time. I've tried it both with coffee and Mountain Dew, and it complements each in its own way. This truly is the gold standard of snus, and while it might be too a bit rich for using all day long, I do enjoy it at least once a day. It is a nice way to reward yourself.

                I've been a snuser fro going on three months now, and I only wish I had found out about Swedish snus years ago. Compared to General ONYX, and all snus in general (no pun intended), smoking is a foul and disgusting habit, and I have no idea why more people don't throw their cigarettes away and become a snuser.

                If you get a chance to try General ONYX, don't pass it up. This one is worth every penny. I'd give it ten stars if I could, it is just that good!

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                Onyx is like General taken one step farther. Very similar taste but much stronger, particularly in the citrus. Think "lemon pepper" with moderate tobacco tones. Overall, the flavor has a significantly stronger punch, and moderately higher drip than the regular portions, even though it is a white(black) portion. Good flavor, just a lot of it. Long lasting, solid nicotine, comfortable portions, and pretty much what you would expect in a premium snus.


                  First off, I'm a young american adult, and to be honest, I'm a noob to snusing. I smoked 1+ packs a day of smokes before I got into snus. As many americans, I first learned about snus through camel and Marlb, which led me to try different mint varieties. However, once I tried Onyx I quickly learned to enjoy the wonderful natural flavor. I also (in my opinion) quickly realized that you can't consider these american brands real snus.
                  To all new snusers, Include a can of this in your order and give it a chance. After I quit smoking it took a week to really get my taste back and really enjoy this product.
                  I've tried about ten different varieties and this is my favorite. I will probably never smoke again.
                  And lastly, this snus last a long time. If I'm in need of nicotine I will probably go through 1 an hour. However, it's not uncommon for me to pop one in and forget about it for 2-3 hours(w/o cravings).

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                  I'm a newbie snuser and here's my take. I smoked for 38 years, a pack and a half a day, and literally quit completely my first day using snus. I didn't know what snus was until 2 weeks ago when I bought my last pack of Marlboro which had a coupon for a free pack of Marlboro Snus. So I googled snus and read about it and ordered Sweedish Snus. Wow! I have tried patches, gum, lozenges and hypnosis to quit smoking over the last 38 years....nothing worked. Yet, snus worked in 1 single day. I have zero cravings for a smoke. Love the Onyx. It has a very rich smooth long lasting flavor that is a nice contrast to my other favorites...the General Mint and Jakobsens Wintergreen. Now I'm not that discerning that I'm able to recognize lemon, oak, citrus and all those other flavors....I just know this stuff tastes great and is an excellent addition to a snus rotation. Also tried the Thunder brands and found them not too much to my liking, especially the frosted. The Thunder brand had a serious nicotine hit, but the flavors just didn't last that long or taste as good as my favorites. General Onyx is truly a premium first-class snus you'll enjoy.


                    the first thing i have to say is that i love this snus, and i mean looove it. it has a great flavor. strong bergamot notes, but not over powering. its more peppery than general original, but very well balanced. the mouth feel of it is also superior. the only thing i didnt like was that the portions need a little fluffing to be comfortable. they are wedge shaped to to the star pattern used in packaging, which is really cool by the way. i recomend it for the more experienced snus user. to a newbie it can be a little overpowering. and please do not smell it if you are not accustomed to snus. it has a very potent amonia smell when forst opened. i really do like it and fully intend on ordering it again.


                      The single best snus that they make. Perfectly well rounded in almost every aspect. It's not too strong, not too weak, deliciously flavored, and man, THE CAN! There is indeed a reason this is the premium snus made by General, which already makes some of the best snus on the market. That has to say something right there. As far as taste goes, it's like they took General original portion, ramped it up with more lemon/lime tastes, added a touch more pepper and salt, and made the portions ultra soft. It doesn't bother my gums at all. I have a friend that travels to Stockholm about once every two months, and when he brought this back, he let me try a portion. It was the first portion of snus I had ever tried. I was dipping, but thanks to the good General ONYX, I am away from that nasty habit. This right here is absolutely perfect for many types of people: Those trying to get away from American "dip" or "chew," those trying to venture into the stronger (aka "Sterk") varieties, and those who love the original General taste but want it revved up even more. 11/10, that's how good it is.


                        I must write a new review about this snus. At the time i wrote that other review i was just starting to use snus and of course im in the U.S. and i started with american Camel Frost so i didnt know what i was doing at all. I have treid about 15 different Swedish Snus as of now and man, Onyx is awesome snus. It has the smell of some what Lemons and something other. when you pop it in the first taste is of Lemon. Then when it starts to release its juice it goes to peper then at the last it ends the pepper and goes to a nice salt witch seems to last forever. I love it!! I have coming 9 more different kinds of snus and if any of it can beat Onyx i will be surprised. If you are new to swedish snus you have to try it but you may not like it at first. If you dont enjoy it pop it in the frezer and keep trying it. Once you get use to it you'll understand why they call it the best!! Cheers!!


                          Think General flavor more refined with a stronger sweeter lemon taste. This is the brandy or scotch of snus. When I was quitting smoking anytime a regular portion did not feel like it was going to cut it onyx would save the day. I highly recommend this snus to anyone who like snus. Onyx is as good as it gets when it comes to flavor and presentation.


                            My first smell of onyx was that of soap. Then i put it in my mouth and it still reminded me of soap. But the longer i keep it in the more i enjoy it. What i really like about it is that its very mellow and i do mean mellow. Its not over powering as i thought it would be. Im rather new to snus. Ive tried around 8 kinds of Swedish Match plus the Camel Frost and mellow. Im from the US. I was able to stop smoking due to snus. Im all for trying everything and hope to be able to before i make my mind up with it all. If you enjoy plain snus rather unflavored im sure you would enjoy this. Im not to sure as of yet if i enjoy Plain Snus. I do know it has a lot of Nicotine in it. Im really getting a strong nic buzz right now off the Onyx. Thats not what im after though. Im only after something that taste rather well to me and to keep the ole cig temptation away. As of now i do know the Onyx will do great keeping the Cig cravings gone. May have to give some taste for strength. I will use this snus it will be in my taste collection.


                              This was one of the first Swedish Snuses I tried and it's spectacular. It has more of a lemony flavor than General Original portion and it's more attractive than the Original portion in every way, especially the can. The portions are in a star pattern which makes adds to the feeling of using a top quality snus. I recommend this for anyone, you just can't go wrong with it.


                                My favorite snus to date. The portion material feels like silk on the gums, the flavor lasts forever (several hours), and the nic hit kills my cravings everytime and provides a clean, amazing buzz. This is my morning, after meals, need a bit extra, break time, anytime but bedtime snus. Tastes exactly like general portion but the finer tobaccos and the fact that it is a white portion ensures that this snus one-ups the original. 5 stars.


                                  There is a reason that this is General's signature snus, it's fantastic! My favorite snus, and I use it all day long. The rich tobacco flavor is not accompanied by the bite of strong tobacco, but rather a very smooth citrus which I think is lime. It is a bit salty, but I personally like that in a snus, and I think the salt combined with the lime is perfect.

                                  The portion material feels like silk in your lip, very soft. This portion has the best mouth feel of any snus I've used to date. I also love that the portions are arranged in the star pattern in the can.

                                  This is one of the few portions that I can leave in for hours on end, the flavor just keeps going. This snus is a MUST try for all snus lovers, and those new to snus.


                                    Top notch Snus. One of my favorites like others it is peppery and a citrus undertone. I recommend to everyone.


                                      A top notch, quality snus. Tastes like a roasted lemon with hints of pepper in between. You cannot go wrong with this if you are new to Swedish snus.


                                        Buy it. This is the best snus I've tried. It's very smooth, much smoother than you'd expect a strong snus to be.

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                                        General Onyx Silver Portion

                                        General Onyx Silver Portion

                                        General Onyx Silver Portion is the flagship of the General Snus family and the only super- premium production snus available.  ONYX is a portion snus with pure tobacco flavor and elements of Roasted Lemon, Black pepper and salt.

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                                        US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

                                        Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
                                        is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

                                        If you are NOT an American, the below doesn't apply to you