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General Wintergreen White

White Portion

Taste Profile




Nicotine Content

8 mg/g

Net Weight

24 g

General Wintergreen White Portion Snus has a crisp and refreshing Wintergreen flavor. Pleasing & relaxing. Flavorful & enjoying. If you like Wintergreen, you're going to want to try this puppy....sorry; snus.

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General Wintergreen White is a General Snus from the manufacturer Swedish Match! It has the peppery and nuanced tobacco blend that General is famous for, this time around it has been infused with a minty dash of wintergreen. The surfaces of its well-filled and white portions are a bit drier compared to original portions. This means that they drip less and therefore offer a longer lasting release of flavor and nicotine. For those dip and chew users, especially if you are doing Wintergreen dip now, this is going to be a snus you will want to try.

Brands General
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Taste Profile Fresh
Strength Normal
Nicotine per Portion 8 mg/Port
Nicotine Content 8 mg/g
Net Weight 24 g
Portions 24