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Granit White

Granit is a value-priced white portion snus with a pronounced medium body tobacco taste.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 17.6Nicotine (%): 1.0
Portions / Can: 22Available Since: 2003
Portionsstorlek: RegularShipping Weight (g): 37
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Bergamot, Herbs
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 500), Licorice, Salmiac, Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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Granit is a value-priced white portion snus with a pronounced medium body tobacco taste.  All all the snus we sell at, our Granit White Portion Snus is a fresh as can be.



Tastes Robust

At least it's robust for my taste. I don't like to be overpowered, as the pouch ends up becoming bitter and unpleasant. Try this. You might be overpaying for your snus. At $2.55/can it's worth a try, especially if you like the taste of pure tobacco. There are no frilly flavors to mask the tobacco taste, which is just as good as some of the pricier offerings. Good luck and God bless.

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Found My Everyday Snus

After years of General, and trying 10 or 20 other things, this is the one I've settled on. Clean tobacco taste, lasts for an hour or more. If you like an obvious bit of citrus or bergamot, this will not be for you. If you just want to taste tobacco, it's perfect.


    No Frills Solid Snus

    Its a bargain price, and its got a good solid flavor. It can be an all day snus as it will pair with any drink, and it is worth picking up.


      Granit deserves more praise

      Granit is Fiedler & Lundgrens value line. This is how you do a value line. So much more than Swedish Match's Kaliber, which to me tastes cheap and doesn't hold up.

      Granit does not taste cheap and it does hold up. The smell is a 50/50 split of salmiak and citrus. Sometimes there is a strong ammonia, not always. If you dislike ammonia in your snuff or snus, you won't like this. I love it because I'm a big fan of South African snuff, which is super ammonia-y. In any event the ammonia here is limited to the tin smell, you won't taste it in the snus. While the smell is an even split of salmiak and citrus, the flavor is predominantly citrus. Not as citrus-y as General. I think the salmiak does a nice job of presenting a different profile even though you don't taste it specifically. The tobacco body is very good and holds up over time. These are good for an hour plus.

      I felt this way about their Stark Vit, and now that I've gone down to regular strength I'm happy that Granit Vit is just like its strong cousin. Granit is a regular in my rotation, along with Grov, Lundgren Skane Vit, General Vit, and whatever salmiak snus I find to replace Xrange Salmiak. The low price is just a bonus, I'd pay more for Granit because it's good snus.

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      Very nice snus

      I enjoyed this snus very much. It has a pleasing, pure-tobacco-like flavor that all fans of that type of taste will enjoy. Will buy again!

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      Granit White

      Granit White

      Granit is a value-priced white portion snus with a pronounced medium body tobacco taste.

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      US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

      Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
      is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

      If you are NOT an American, the below doesn't apply to you