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General Mint White

General Mint Large White Portion Snus is one of the all time favorite snus products, especially in the US market for which they were designed. Swedish Match decided to spice up the labels back in 2018 so they will be easier to see when buried on a US convenience store shelf.... not that you should care since you are buying your General Mint snus here at the Snus eShop!
1 Can
10 12 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 24Portions / Can: 24
Available Since: 2010Pouch Size: Normal
Shipping Weight (g): 40Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Mint
Flavor Group: Fresh
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Salt, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjusters (E 500, E 504), Flavors, Sweetener (E 950)

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   General Mint Large White Portion Snus:  created 10 years ago by popular request.  Now one of the top selling mint snuses on the planet! You asked for it and Swedish Match does listen to its customers!

   General White Mint Portion is also a bargain; 24 portions per can with 8mg/g of nicotine each...and these are real one gram portions!  You don't see many of those today.



Articles about this product


One of the finest

For me and I'm sure many Americans, this was our first love when it comes to snus. It got me into it and despite taking some breaks from it here I am 4 years later and it tastes better than ever. Perfect amount of minty sweetness while still maintaining a certain unique tobacco flavor that American mint dip can't replicate. Just an absolute joy of a snus


    This Snus Is a piece of my soul.

    I hate mint snus....or at least I thought I did. When I picked up general mint for the first time 5 years ago, it was out of desperation. The store was out of General White and OP. I didn't feel like messing with busted portions so I skipped WG and got Mint. I fell in love at first smell. The taste of this portion was like foreplay with my overly sweetened American pallet. If I'm awake, this snus is in my mouth.


      A favorite

      This snus is minty and sweet, and pairs well with coffee. I love it and plan to have this one as my main daily snus. The portions are soft and super comfortable and I often forget I have one in. Glad I can find it here, as I cannot find any snus locally.

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      My go-to snus.

      I love General Mint. It's cheap, it's consistent, it's sweet, and it's delicious. It satisfies my cravings without being overpowering.

      While I buy the occasional log of other flavours, 75% of the time the pouch in my lip is General Mint.

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      My everyday snus

      I started using odens melon and no.3. my first snus order was 26 cans of odens. I HATED it. I thought snus was so horrible. Then I tried general mint and WOW. What a great snus. I use this as my regular everuday snus and use cryo/g3 wire as my strong. This stuff here is amazing sweet minty rich sweedish match tobacco taste. you can tell the tobacco is high quality unlike odens. I love this stuff. lots of portions and all 1 gram. Amazing stuff

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      The best

      Started with these, have tried a bunch of other brands and flavors but nothing has that perfect balance of everything like general mint

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      Ol' Faithful

      This snus has a great taste and usually lasts me maybe 45-60 minutes. I first tried this 2 years ago and I enjoyed it for about 7 months before I first ordered snus online. Though I've enjoyed many different brands and flavors since then, for some reason I just want to enjoy a portion or 2 every now and then of General mint. I would definitely recommend buying 3-5 cans of this to someone who is a first time buyer here on Snuscentral. I work at a gas station here in Arizona and I recommend this to people who buy Skoal "Snus" and Camel "Snus."

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      Way too sweet!

      While traveling recently, I ran out of my regular mint snus and had to resort to tracking down a can of General Mint at a smoke shop. While it was a tolerable substitute for my mint snus, I found the sweetness of the flavoring to be more like chewing gum than the mint snus I use (Kapten, Odens Cold, SISU, Offroad Frosted...). It's even sweeter than N&J Crushed Ice, which I do enjoy, but still find too sweet to be a regular.

      I tried mixing the rest of the pouches in with some of my regular mint snus when I got back home, in the hopes of taming the sweetness by spreading it around, but that didn't work for me either. I ended up throwing away the rest of the pouches.

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      Very good snus

      I don't know if I'm the only one who dose this but if you throw in a ettan original portion in while using general mint,the flavor combo is really good

      Anyways yes general mint it a good snus

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      Initially liked then didn't like

      One of the first Swedish Snus flavors and brands I tried. I enjoyed it the first time I tried it. Very minty and sweet. I found it too sweet and the mint taste over-powering after using more tobacco oriented Snus over a period of time.

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      My daily snus

      I'm relatively new to Swedish snus and like many newcomers, I very much enjoy a good mint flavored snus. Of all that I've tried, General white mint portion is the gold standard when it comes to flavor.
      I would *really* love to see General mint available in a slim white portion with a bit more nicotine. Then I can finally stop searching for my ideal snus.

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      Clean and Pure

      Clean, crisp, fresh-these are the three words that come to mind when I put this portion in. This is a great "anytime" snus and lends a very nice flavor most anything you may combine it with (say, Skruf Stark White).

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      Keep comming back....

      I have tried and tried to find a different snus that might somehow be better than this one and I have found Zero that compare.

      The flavor is fantastic however the sweetness does need a non sweet rotation once in a while, but aside from that its a solid 10.

      Full 1 gram portions, but perfect size for being discreet. Smooth mint burn that is more of a cooling sensation than anything. Fair price point that doesnt break the bank. This is definitely my everyday snus.

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      The only snus I use these days

      I’ve tried basically every snus on snuscentral loose, portion, strong, extra strong, regular, white, dry, and all the brands. I’ve been snusing since 2013. I’ve finally stopped messing around and I just fill my freezer with this. Perfect taste, perfect strength, and a nice little sting that drives me wild.

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      my first Swedish Snus

      Helped me quit smoking Swedish Match I will always be grateful to for that cause in my area it's either them or camel or marlboro snus. Mint is great tasting not too weak not too strong perfect beginer snus if you like spearmint. Definetly recomend I see this in my rotation for sometime to come.

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      sweet flavor

      The mint is very sweet. I like it but for some of my friends they say its too sweet. Its not overpowering in my opinion its perfect.

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      Camel Killer

      So glad I discovered Swedish snus. Ex smoker been using Camel mint snus 2 years before I ordered a strong portion sampler. About done with that and ready to order again and discovered my local American gas station had a little General snus cooler back behind the counter! No strong portions available but I grabbed a can of this General mint and like all the other Swedish snus I've tried it puts Camel to shame. I tried a Camel after two weeks of real snus and it was so nasty I can't believe I used it for so long. This General mint is super clean and fresh with no bad aftertaste whatsoever like the American poison. Only wish they would offer it in a strong portion as well.

      • 5 out of 5 people found this review useful.

      LOVE it. Never been much of a fan of mint anything until I tired this heavenly ambrosia.. If General was trying to tailor this flavor for US tastebuds, they definitely succeeded with this American. I\'ve seen Thunder X Strong Frosted compared to Wrigley Spearmint gum, but this stuff tastes way more like it to me. I only wish they offered it in 12mg, but no biggie.

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      I've used these General mint snus a lot and as with most people, tend to really enjoy them. The mint flavor is quite strong and's a great tasting mint flavor that just makes you want to smile when you put it in. It's a tad sweet with a sophisticated, pleasant tobacco flavor that works well with the mint. Fortunately, this particular snus is readily available state side and is often something I'll pick up locally when my overseas supply is running a bit low and I haven't been ready to put in a new order. Overall, I do prefer other snus more so for my regular supply, but this has been a consistent and lovely fallback snus for me. Out of all the General snus, this and Onyx are my hands down favorites...but when ordering, do still throw in a can of General something or other because they're a good snus brand overall.

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      This is my favorite mint Snus that I have tried, and I believe I have tried most of them available on SnusCentral. I do wish that it was stronger. It has the best flavor and no bad aftertaste. It also can last for a couple hours, which I find to be true of most General products. Like others here, I don't use primarily use mint portions anymore (mostly Onyx now), but I always like to have mint portions on hand, and use a couple a day. I keep trying to find stronger mint portions that taste as good as Gen Mint, but I have not been able to. Your best bet is to try to find a place locally that sells these to try them out, and then order bulk online if you like them.

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      General Mint is probably the first Snus I tried several months ago as it is available from my Cigar dealer here in the U.S. I think that long lasting, slightly strong mint flavor is wonderful. While my tastes have progressed to the more classic, straight tobacco's (i.e. Ettan, Grov and General Classic), I will always have several cans in the fridge for variety. Moderate drip and nicotine hit. Flavor is immediate, unlike some white portions. Excellent product that you cannot go wrong with.

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      Okay, a lot of people here are complaining that the mint flavor of General Mint White Portion is to strong. It is not. In fact, it is one of the smoothest mint flavored snus I have tried. Compared to the nordic frost general, these are much much better (and I love nordic frost) The portion size is perfect, and the mint has a slight tingle - but nothing in comparison to its American competitors (camel frost, skoal mint) The snus is very fluffy and moist in the portion bags. The flavor is just perfect. I am a novice snus user - but I know this is the real deal. If your looking for non-flavored snus then stick to that. For anyone who likes flavored snus, this is the best one that is readily available in American tobacco shops. I find it for under 4 dollars a tin in Pennsylvania and that lasts me 2 days, you really cant beat it. I turned my back on cigarettes with no problem thanks to General. This is a great product - lets face it, we love tobacco. Why not go with the very best and freshest product available. General Mint is divine and I give it a 5 out of 5.

      • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

      I have used General Mint Large Portions for over 2 years. It helped me to quite smoking and I love it. It is all about taste and the others dont have it for me. I have not found another one that I like.


        good snus,but I am not crazy about spearmint flavor,much prefer more a peppermint style mint like skruf slim fresh.none the less,still a good snus

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        I'ts a good snus. I just don't like mint snus anymore. When I first started I liked it. After buying a couple of bag o snus specials, I've discovered I like other snus better.

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        Simply the best mint flavored tobacco product I have had. The taste is refreshing while not being overly sweet. Burns a tad when you first put it in. I tend to like that, some may not. I hope they keep this one on the market because it's one of my three favorite white portions along with GR and General Sterk white. I would love to see come out in strong portions.


          I got to try this as part of the test market, and found it to be a decent snus. The nicotine delivery is a little weaker than I would expect for 8mg, and the mint flavor is surely strong, but it is a reasonable starter snus, or even a change up snus for people who like something different once in a while. Not likely a daily snus for experienced users.


            This one is STRONG, much stronger than I like. I'm not a big fan of the mint burn that these have, and i find myself repositioning it several times to avoid its burn. It's not a bad snus, it is just much more than I expected or wanted. I might try something in the way of a mini mint, since mint is something that I don't care a whole lot for anyway. I hate only giving it two stars, but I am really not into this one at all.


              As a newbie at the snus, this snus is Excellent in every way and helped me quit 38 years of smoking the 1st day I used it. Great spearmint flavor that easily lasts an hour and a decent nicotine hit that satisfies your craving. Tried several others and decided to order a roll of this as a part of my daily rotation. Really good snus.


                General Mint is by FAR the best Snus I've tried. I've been snusing off and on for about a year trying to use snus to quit smoking, but I couldn't find the product that was really going to replace that pleasure both in nicotine (which all regular snus have plenty of), but also in taste. I've tried almost all of the Catch flavors-but not enough nicotine for me, as well as Skruf Cranberry (good), Kronan (ok), Lab 01 (good), Whiskey Probe (not so good yet, still trying it), General White mini (very good), Thunder snus (not bad) and a ton of others in that time...but still nothing hit the spot. General mint is AMAZING and has not only become my everyday snus, it has replaced smoking for me - 3 months smoke-free and no cravings...I don't miss it. General Mint has a sublte mint flavor - nothing overpowering, that allows you to enjoy the nicotine and not absolutley have to have a drink in your hand (as with many other snus), because the flavor that you do get is good and doesn't make you think of American snuff. If your American and trying to quit smoking-try this won't be sorry.

                • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

                What can I say but EXCELLENT. I am a newer Snus user, having started smoking again after a 6 year hiatus. I was looking for an alternative and picked up some Camel Frost. Then, naturally I started doing some research. My first order included COZY Catch Collection Cardamom/Cinnamon and General Mint Large White Portion Snus. The General Mint is excellent in flavor and lasts a very long time. Though a little large for use at work, it is my at home favorite!!


                  Excellent. Grwat flavor, long lasting. Highly recommend.


                    This blows all American snus away. Just a perfect blend that taste so good and flavor last for a long time,


                      I really enjoy this snus. But!! if you enjoy american camel frost im not sure you can hack this. Its diferent then american camel and better. American camel has started to put a ton more mint in it i believe because last i bought of it all i could taste was mint. With General mint you can tatse more then just mint and it seems to last longer then camel. General mint is just a great snus and i will probably from now on out make it my main snus.


                        I have used Triumph for almost 2 yrs and absolutely, loved the Product. Unfortunately, Lorrilard and Swedish Match have decided to part ways and discontinue the item. I met a Swedish Match Rep in a retail store in Ga and he gave me a sample pouch of the General Mint and It is even better than the Triumph, that I have come to enjoy.... So, if you liked Triumph, feel safe to buy this item and unlike the Frost sold by Camel, which tasted horrible, it truly is the best......

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                          General Mint White

                          General Mint White

                          General Mint Large White Portion Snus is one of the all time favorite snus products, especially in the US market for which they were designed. Swedish Match decided to spice up the labels back in 2018 so they will be easier to see when buried on a US convenience store shelf.... not that you should care since you are buying your General Mint snus here at the Snus eShop!

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                          US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

                          Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
                          is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

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