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General White Wintergreen

Originally made for the American market, General Wintergreen White Portion Snus has a crisp and refreshing Wintergreen flavor. Pleasing & relaxing. Flavorful & enjoying. If you like Wintergreen, you're going to want to try this puppy....sorry; snus.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 24Nicotine (%): (medium)
Portions / Can: 24Available Since: 2007
Pouch Size: NormalShipping Weight (g): 40
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, WintergreenFlavor Group: Fresh
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Salt, Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 500), Sweetener (E 950)

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Originally made for the American market, General Wintergreen White Portion Snus has a crisp and refreshing Wintergreen flavor. Pleasing & relaxing. Flavorful & enjoying. If you like Wintergreen, you're going to want to try this puppy....sorry; snus.

For those dip and chew users, especially if you are doing Wintergreen dip now, this is going to a snus you will want to try.



The Best

One of my top three so far, just opening the can makes me happy! General for the win. Try it, dont listen to the haters.

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Good substitute for transition

If you're coming over from dipping to snus, this is a very solid replacement for Grizzly, Skoal, or Copehagen Wintergreen. Very similar flavor. Nicotine is pretty weak, so you gotta double up on the pouches if you want the same effect.

Flavor lasts about 2-3hrs before it's just a pouch in your mouth .

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Its great if it's all you can get

If you like flavoring with your Snus and General is all you can get, this is a fantastic Snus. The wintergreen isn't too overwhelming and as all General it retains a good rich tobacco taste. Nicotine is light, so enough to scratch the itch but not enough to feel.

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Great Wintergreen Snis

I am a fan of Wintergreen Snus. This is a good everyday snus. I wish General would make an original portion Wintergreen Snus bit you can't go wrong with this snus if you enjoy Wintergreen flavored tobacco.

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This was the first real Swedish Snus I tried. I used to dip Kodiak wintergreen. The first can I did enjoy. Like my review of the General Mint I find the sweeter used is too overpowering after using other brands and flavors of Snus where the salt is present for the first few minutes and then the flavors kick in. The wintergreen flavor is good, not the constant blast of sweetener.

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Not a lie, for us 'Muricans

I'm am, or was, an avid Beechnut Wintergreen chewer and it tastes very similar. This would be rated higher for me except, like others mentioned, the bags like to come open while fluffing.


    My Go To

    I am from the United States, I've found General is superior to anything offered by Camel or Marlboro. I love the way it is packaged and the stores keep it cold at purchase. I have not experienced the opening of portions other users describe. The one issue I ever had was a label misprint which I informed them of and was immediately sent a butt load of coupons. I enjoy the flavor, however since I have no experienced Snus from this site other than General I have to say there is drip. If you can handle that then this is the wintergreen for you.


      Portion Quality

      Used to dip Grizzly years ago. This brings back memories to me. Great flavor if you like wintergreen dip. One drawback...almost a fatal flaw. The portions do rip easily. I have ripped every single portion so far. Quality drops this rating but flavor saves it from a one star. This is the only General with quality control issues.

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      Same problem

      I've had a few cans of wintergreen. If you get a couple in the can where one of the ends don't open up, you're lucky. I enjoyed the taste, just aren't constructed well. For this I wouldn't recommend.


        Feel the Burn!

        When I'm craving it, nothing else satisfies. I always keep a can of this around. If I'm looking for an in my face astringent wintergreen, I reach into my fridge to grab one of these. Agree with the rest though, these portions are quite delicate and can rupture if you aren't gentle with them.

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        bad taste

        not a fan of the wintergreen flavor, might be for some. portions made well tho

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        Spot on flavor but a HUGE flaw

        I cant believe more people have not commented on this enormous flaw. The flavor and smell is amazing. I have tried a few other brands of wintergreen and this is the only one that hits home. HOWEVER.

        These flippin bags keep falling apart. I like to mess/flick my portions a little bit to break up the tobacco. I find it allows the moisture to spread evenly creating a more satisfying nic hit, and stronger flavor. But the second you mess with these bags in the slightest and they fall apart. One of the ends almost always tears open, or the seems come undone. No other general portions do this, and the snus itself is very compact inside the portions. I cant in good conscious recommend this snus. Its a real shame, it would be a winner, but its a huge downside that discourages me from buying it

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        You will love it or hate it if you like skoal wintergreen you will love it if not you will hate it personally I love it somtimes otherwise its odens for me

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        Reminds me of skoal wintergreen. I love it.long lasting flavor.

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        I don't get the bad reviews on this one. I enjoy the salty and minty balance, great fresh sensation. Highly recommended!

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        I didn't like these very much. In General's defense I don't really like wintergreen but the nordic mint variety they make was rather good so I gave these a try. I've had other wintergreen snus and it was okay but these have a STRONG wintergreen flavor so if you do not like wintergreen these are NOT for you. If you do like wintergreen flavor this might not be the best effort out there. Hard to explain but kind of a hard/warm wintergreen rush that just did not agree with my tastebuds.


          This will be the first General product that I do not give 5 stars. I give it 4. Its still the awesome white portion General snus that we all love. But the flavor is just to reminiscent of American Snuff. On that note - if you are a snuff user, this might be a good place to start. The wintergreen flavor just doesn't do it for me. I am a General Mint user for the most part and I like to switch it up to General White Portion. I think this is an attempt to appeal to the American snuff user. It's definitely not a bad flavor. I just feel like wintergreen is not something that goes all that well with the delicious flavor General has to offer. Over one month no smokes - Snus away people - It changed my life.


            I like this for a change of pace. Other favorites are white portions of General Regular, Ettan, Roda Lacket, and Tre Ankare. Although I am an American I have no experience with the American stuff outside of Camel which is horrid in my opinion. I found the Jascobsen's wintergreen just too minty for me. This has a milder mint flavor that seems about right to me.


              Enjoying the General wintergreen. Been a skoal longcut and bandit chewer for years, but wanted to go with Swed option. Super-fast shipping and impressed with the quality of the snus. Also the large portion wintergreen jakobsen- and it has more kick - so really enjoy the option. I'l be back for more!


                I dipped Skoal wintergreen for quite some time, but didn't find myself enjoying this one much. It's not a bad product, I just enjoy snus because it is not like American dip. I think Swedish Match have to stop trying to conform to the tastes of potential American consumers with their products and start introducing products with flavor profiles that are true and tested. They did a great job with the mint, but I don't like their attempts at the wintergreen. A shame because General white portions are normally very good.


                  For me, no not for me and I do like the wintergreen flavored snus in the mornings with coffee. Ordered 5 cans of General Wintergreen after finishing a roll of Jackobsens Strong Wintergreen because I enjoy so many General varieties I decided to give it a shot. To me, Jackobsens Strong Wintergreen is simply in a better class than the General Wintergreen with a completely different flavor and a far better taste. Will not reorder General Wintergreen, just ordered more Jackobsens Strong Wintergreen for my rotation.

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                  BEST SNUS EVER! Being an American I have different expectations than my European cousins when it comes to how snus should taste. I dipped Skoal Wintergreen for years and was a bit worried about how snus would be. General Regular portions put me off as it was an odd combination of flavors for me digest. Pepper and citrus...odd. Anyways, I tried General Wintergreen and was instanly hooked. I have ventured out and found others I like, but this is my first snus love. Thank you Swedish Match!

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                  I was a Kodiak/Grizzly dipper before switching to snus. This snus reminded me of the wintergreen dip that I used to love so much.

                  It's the usual high quality General. I've found the quality to be very consistant. These pouches seem a bit more moist to me even for a white portion. The taste is really nice, and long lasting. Delicious wintergreen mint.

                  My snus tastes have since changed a bit. However, I'd never turn down a pouch of this snus. It's often in my rotation. The bottom line is, if you like wintergreen (taste simliar to dip) than give this a try. With the name General, you know you won't be let down with the quality.

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                  I went from two packs of non-menthol cigarettes a day to this, and never experienced a problem quitting smoking.

                  I never dipped before with any regularity.

                  I am now a devote snuser.

                  I really enjoy this wintergreen snus.


                    This was the first Swedish snus product I tried, given to me as part of a General sample pack that my local tobacconist had in the back. I thought it smelled great as soon as I ripped open the foil sample pack. I loved it just as much when I lipped it. I always hated menthol cigarettes when I was a smoker but these snus are a refreshing delight.


                      Stinks like Skoal Wintergreen. I almost gagged when I smelled it and started having flashbacks of using dip. It taste similar to Skoal Wintergreen but not as harsh. If you like Skoal and are transitioning to snus then this is great otherwise I would stay away from this.


                        One of two cans I was never able to finish in my entire history of using snus. Yuck. If you like wintergreen skoal this is for you.


                          While this snus is not a favorite of mine, I will agree that it does smell very similar to Skoal Wintergreen.

                          This would be an EXCELLENT choice to any serious dip user to try out.


                            Love wintergreen candy also but wintergreen tobacco is not my thing. However, if you like wintergreen skoal and you are new to snus this is your baby. Although i dont care for wintergreen tobacco the flavor is good and if I did like it I feel like this would be right on the mark. I'll give it 4 for that reason.


                              Smells just like Skoal wintergreen. Love wintergreen candy but not wintergreen tobacco. Burns the lip everytime. Not a fan of this snus at all. Will not order again.

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                                General White Wintergreen

                                General White Wintergreen

                                Originally made for the American market, General Wintergreen White Portion Snus has a crisp and refreshing Wintergreen flavor. Pleasing & relaxing. Flavorful & enjoying. If you like Wintergreen, you're going to want to try this puppy....sorry; snus.

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