VID Cola Sour

Nicotine Pouches

Taste Profile




Nicotine Content

10.8 mg/g

Net Weight

10 g

VID Cola Sour nicotine pouches have a sweet and Cola Sour taste.  Nicotine level is a regular 8 mg/portion; 18 portions per can.  Tobacco-free!  Great with all cola drinks; alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  The flavor is very refreshing!  Worth comparing against your current cola snus or nicopod (if you have one).  Always Fresh at the legendary eShop!

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VID Cola Sour is a regular nicotine strength nicopod as described by Joe Kurbits of Kurbits Snus AB in Sweden where the product is produced: One of the absolute favorite flavors when it comes to sweets, soft drinks or for various alcoholic beverages which must have a Cola Sour taste. We wanted to take this classic to a new level by building a reasonably sweet, wonderfully fresh and enjoyable good cola aroma for those who really like goodies. This is not a product for those who are looking for the strength and impact that can otherwise be found in our products, but it is for those who want something that is genuinely good. . Tell us what YOU think of VID Cola Sour nicotine pouches in the REVIEWS Section below:  

Brands VID
Manufacturer Kurbits Snus
Taste Profile Sweet
Strength Normal
Nicotine per Portion 6 mg/Port
Nicotine Content 10.8 mg/g
Net Weight 10 g
Portions 18