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Velo Liquorice Strong Slim

Nicotine Pouches

Taste Profile




Nicotine Content

14.3 mg/g

Net Weight

14 g

VELO Liquorice Strong Slim All White portions are high nicotine flavorful licorice pouches.  Tobacco-free; washed fiber from eucalyptus and pine is used instead. Aside from the nicotine which is extracted from tobacco, this is an all white tobacco-free product.  20 portions per can.  If you enjoyed LYFT Licorice Strong Slim pouches, you will love the VELO version!

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Velo Liquorice Strong Slim changes name to Velo Lofty Liquorice Strong Slim. Same flavor and strength, but now with a new name and design!
VELO Strong Liquorice Strong Slim are a great licorice tobacco-free nicotine pouch.  I, Moe Unz, don't think I could top the manufacturer's product description when they proclaimed (translated into English)
"Experience how memories are brought to life with LYFT Liquorice Strong. Let the aroma and taste of pure licorice with hints of anise, licorice and caramel take you back in time. Feel the round and soft taste explode"....I, Moe Unz, have no idea what the this description means but I do find it strangely arousing.
 Tell us what YOU think of VELO Liquorice Strong Slim nicopods in the REVIEWS section below and don't explode on yourself!

Brands Velo
Taste Profile Sweet
Strength Strong
Nicotine per Portion 9.53 mg/Port
Nicotine Content 14.3 mg/g
Net Weight 14 g
Portions 21