Velo Breezy Mango

Nicotine Pouches

Taste Profile




Nicotine Content

8.6 mg/g

Net Weight

14 g

Velo Breezy Mango is a tobacco-free regular strength nicotine slim portion nicotine pouch. They are flavored with a blend of Passion Fruit, Mango, and Mandarin Orange making them perfect for summer...or any time of year! If you enjoy fruit flavors and nicotine (and who doesn't?) order some Velo Breezy Mango!  Comes 20 portions per can; 6 mg/portion nicotine.

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Velo is made by BAT and it will replace their LYFT branded nicotine pouches.  Velo delivers the same refreshing flavors, satisfying nicotine kicks, but now with flashy new graphics and under a new name that doesn't sound like a car service.

If the description of Velo Breezy Mango sounds familiar it’s because it was formerly named Velo Tropic Breeze Slim. Same flavor and strength, but now with a new name and design!
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Brands Velo
Taste Profile Fruity
Strength Normal
Nicotine per Portion 6.02 mg/Port
Nicotine Content 8.6 mg/g
Net Weight 14 g
Portions 20