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General Classic Loose Extra Strong

The strongest loose snus in the General brand, General Extra Strong or as it is called in Norway, General Ekstra Sterk, is the loose snus for those who want a strong tobacco flavor and much more nicotine.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 42Nicotine (%): 1.2
Available Since: 2009Shipping Weight (g): 58
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Bergamot, HerbsFlavor Group: Classic
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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The strongest loose snus in the General brand, General Extra Strong or as it is called in Norway, General Ekstra Sterk, is the loose snus for those who want a strong tobacco flavor and much more nicotine.  

General Ekstra Sterk has the General brand's very distinct tobacco taste with hints of citrus and pepper.




Classic General

Excellent flavor! As with any lös it’s to be expected to have stronger flavor qualities since there’s more of the tobacco in your mouth (if you’re like me). Big citrus flavor with hints of pepper. A little bergamot as well, not as present as it is in General Classic. Nic kick is really good, best way to start off the day or end the evening. Easy to bake although Röda so far is the easiest to bake. Overall, great snus!


    My number one snus

    This is my evening treat snus, I bake a big prilla and just enjoy the flavor and nicotine hit. Its so easy to hand bake and the flavor is good old general but a bit more peppery. If you’re looking for a classic loose snus with a great nicotine hit buy this!


      Very good

      I find ES to be less salty, less citrusy, and a courser grind than the original. At first I thought that’d be a turn off and that it’d be too strong but after a few pinches I think I like it better. Less pruny for my lip than original since the grind seems larger and the salt toned down, but I’ll need to compare them side by side. I was concerned about the strength but it doesn’t knock me off too bad and I can just make smaller portions.

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      Loose newbie

      First can of los I've tried so my hand baking skills are far from great but I'm getting better. Overall pretty easy to hand bake. I usually make smaller prillas to prevent any mudslide while I'm still a newbie and it's been working out pretty well! The flavor is what you'd expect from general but less citrusy than the portions imo. Overall a great snus though. I prefer the extra citrus of the portions but I'll definitely be picking up a can of this from time to time for my los fix


        General Los to 11.

        Nice taste; easy to bake. This is the most nic from any General product I've tried. Basically a great General taste with the nicotine turned to 11.

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        General Loose Extra Strong

        This is my "go to" snus. I try others from time to time, but always end up back here. It has a good tobacco flavor that hasn't been overwhelmed by other flavorings. And, being extra strong, it takes less per dip to take care of the nicotine cravings.

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        very nice

        first snus i've tried and its great! recently quit smoking and took up dipping, i'm never going to use dip again! it's that good, much stronger too. love the tobacco and citrus taste with no sweetness like dip has. did i mention it was strong? i used a pinch half the size of the amount of copenhagen i dip and still got the hiccups. if you're a dipper who wants to try something new this stuff is great. be forewarned though, you can't put this stuff in your lower mouth, you will produce way too much saliva and the pinch will dissolve and get everywhere in your mouth. not having to spit is great too. so glad i found snuscentral!

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        This is a tough one. As a US snus user since '94, when I used it in the military quite regularly, this blend was not available. My longest used product is General Original Snus, and Ettan. There was not a whole lot available, guaranteed, no matter where I was stationed. This variation is, well, interesting. It's the same flavor, but a different consistency. It's easier to hand-bake, seeming to have a less moist consistency. Flavor-wise, I prefer the original, but the nic hit from this is quite a bit faster. I tend to use this after sleeping, and then put it back in the fridge, or when I am outside the house. I tried an ice-tool, and found that it packs much too tightly for my tastes, so I have reverted back to hand-bake. This hand-bakes easier. The taste is not more intense than Original, but rather grittier in the long term. You will get rid of it about 90 minutes sooner. It has its place.

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        I believe that los snus is the end all of snus. The pattern seems to always follow the same path for ex-cigarette smokers in the United States. You find a high nicotine heavily flavored portioned snus to help you quit, the next step is the gradual adaptation of your sense of taste, leading to darker more robust flavors, and eventually to a classically flavored los.

        This is the end of the pattern. It is the perfect los snus. I still use General Long Extra Strong when I don't feel comfortable getting my fingers dirty in public, or I don't know how long I'll have to keep the pris in, but this is my go to snus for everything else.

        The flavors seem to always be changing, from sweet to salty, from harsh to mild. The changes don't happen from can to can, but rather from the beginning to the end of one can, after some of moisture starts to burn off from being open.

        Once you get the feel for hand baking, its the easiest snus to bake. A pris takes me around 3 seconds to bake now, and they hold up for as long as you need them too (with some exception).

        The nicotine hit isn't overwhelming, and never struck me as being stronger than original los, but the flavor is a little more intense, rather than mild. In one word, perfect.

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        I got a couple of cans of this in trade with another user. I like the General product line and was eager to try the loose, as I have found the loose of other brands to be very satisfying. In a word, this one is STRONG. It has twice the wallop of General portions, and it will get your attention. The flavor doesn't come through right away, which I have found to be true with the other loose I've tried (and love), but when it does, you'd better be sitting down! Seriously though, if you are a fan of the General product line, and you know what the General flavors are like and you enjoy them, this will be a loose you can get used to. I usually bake my loose loads on the small side, and with this one, it was a good thing I did. It is strong, they are not bragging with the name at all. All in all, I like it, but I will use it on those days that I need a smack upside the head, which is what this snus is, but in a good way!

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        This is the strongest-flavored snus I've ever tried. Very salty, very citrusy, very General-y. If you love General, but find the original to be just too bland, this is the stuff for you. I had my boss (a life-long Copenhagen user) give this a shot and it brought tears to his eyes (and consequently he's never asked to try my snus again). For me, the General ES portions are much more palatable, but then I'm a Skruf fan.

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        On a scale of 1-10, this is about a 17!. While I don't use los much, this snus has become one of my absolute favorites. It bakes easily. It tastes so very good. It is pure General. Just in case you don't know what that means, it means you should stop reading and go buy some right now. It has a good salty citrus tobacco flavor. I am an ex-smoker so the nic hit is great. However, a word for would-be snusers and those not used to strong snus: even as an ex-smoker I found the nic hit to be strong (and it lasts, too!). It isn't unbearable or unpleasant, but if you aren't used to it, General ES will manhandle you and call you a sissy. It is, imho, simply one of the best out there. Try it!

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        General Classic Loose Extra Strong

        General Classic Loose Extra Strong

        The strongest loose snus in the General brand, General Extra Strong or as it is called in Norway, General Ekstra Sterk, is the loose snus for those who want a strong tobacco flavor and much more nicotine.

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        Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
        is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

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