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Prismaster Snus Portioning Tool

The Prismaster is an inexpensive portioning tool for making a prilla out of loose-weight snus.

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The Prismaster is an inexpensive snus portioning tool for making a prilla out of loose-weight snus.  Considering the price, you get your money's worth.

 See How to use a Prismaster on SnusCENTRAL YouTube!



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Worked for me.

instructions unclear (and in Swedish)
put pris up nose
pls help

Okay, fine. After looking at the pictures a couple of times, I figured it out and it worked fine. My only real complaint is that there's no immediate indication (closed end, a flange, different texture, etc.) as to which end is the business end of the thing, so I ended up packing a fair bit of snus into the back of it and wondering why the pris didn't pack very well. Oops.

Still, can't expect too much for $3 - and I actually managed to use loose snus.


    Great Tool

    If you are new or returning to Los after a long break, this tool is a must. Can't beat the price!!


      It isnt bad but could be made a little more, narrower. I have to compact it a little more when I push my snus out but other than that, for $2 its much cleaner than using your hand


        Gets the job done easy for me. I'm totally new to loose and this makes it easy and enjoyable


          This thing works very well, keeps your hands clean, and keeps snus from moving around much in your mouth. As a user of American moist snuff (Copenhagen) this is so much easier and tidier than pinching a dip.

          I'll sometimes use this to "dip" a pellet of snus in my lower-rear jaw at work, and it stays put much better than Copenhagen did, even though snus is much finer ground, and it takes less effort.

          You won't get any points for skill with this because it takes none, but if you are more concerned with ease and control and a nice packed pris, you won't go wrong here. I regret not buying more of them for myself, to keep in different locations. I surely will on my next order.


            There are some in this world who just cannot handbake a pris to save their life. Me...well, I definitely am used to loose American tobacco, but Snus is a new ball game. You are definitely going to need a tool to get you started on loose. You may or may not like loose that much, so why drop $35 plus on it? I you are new to los snus, then the Prismaster is the single greatest deal on Earth for you. It allows you to fully enjoy and try los without having to drop a lot of your hard earned money on an Icetool. If you are seriously into los, then the Icetool is a good thing to have, but for 2 bucks, you can't go wrong here. It is extraordinarily effective. It may not be as flashy or as stylish as the Icetool, but this thing right here will help you get into the los scene. It may be cheaply made, but it holds up over time, does its job well, and is only $2 bucks! This right here is the best selling point of the product. I use it so I don't have to get my hands dirty and it works like a charm. 9/10!


              Good ol' Prismaster. It may not be as flashy as an Icetool, but it gets the job done for under $3.

              It's a good little tool to be honest. It held up just fine. I still have it sitting in my desk drawer. It's received plenty of attention, and has held up fine with no problems.

              Bottom line.. the Prismaster is the best "bang" for your buck. If you aren't familiar with hand baking, this will make sure you are able to pop in a nice pris of los no problem.

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                Prismaster Snus Portioning Tool

                Prismaster Snus Portioning Tool

                The Prismaster is an inexpensive portioning tool for making a prilla out of loose-weight snus.

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