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Göteborgs Rapé Loose

Since the 18th Century, Goteborgs Rapé Loose Snus has that classic gentle tobacco taste with a slight sweetness and an element of fresh herbs and juniper berry.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 42Nicotine (%): 0.75
Available Since: 2003Shipping Weight (g): 60
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, JuniperberryFlavor Group: Fruity
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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Since the 18th Century, Goteborgs Rapé Loose Snus has that classic gentle tobacco taste with a slight sweetness and an element of fresh herbs and juniper berry.  GR loose snus is one of the first naturally flavored snuses ever made.



A familiar Home

Having started with original portions, the lös version amps presence of flavor to the nth. The grind is fine, the bakeability is adaptable; it's not the moist clay nature but approachable to most "generic" lös.

Base flavor of juniper berry stand out to a bold body of pepper, citrus and pine with a traditional berry feel -the mix with tobacco gives way to a very exotic and highly spiced nature providing a great depth of flavor. The tobacco here shows more light in character of richness than, say, Prima, Roda and certainly less than Grov, Ettan, Mustang lacking that more dark richness in favor of heavy handed herb/floral spruceness.

Overall: very unique and more subtle nuance in flavor range, slight salt provides balance to a very polarizing gin-feel, you either love it leave it. A true standout.


    First time buying this and I love it

    I have been using snus for about 6 months Roda has always been my go to, along with Ettan. This snus is fantastic you can smell the juniper the second you open the can, followed by herbs. It's a very complex flavor profile, nothing like I've ever tried. The juniper starts off on the sweeter side ( not not to sweet but you definitely get the berry profile if that makes sense) as the pris settles, you start to get herbs behind that juniper profile. I find that the longer I keep the pris in the more secondary the juniper becomes, which I truly enjoy.

    It's noted if you don't like gin you probably will not like this, seeing gin is distilled juniper if you like gin this is the snus for you. I hope this helps people find the right snus for their tastes


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    When opening the can the "juniper berry" too me,a American smells like women's perfume which was gross too me.When you first do this snus it's not the same,it's like having the forests floor in you're mouth(not a bad thing) but the best part of this snus is the salt flavor that comes out
    For that reason I think this snus was saved for me
    I know others love this snus but that's just the best part of this snus
    I would pick grov or ettan over this though

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    Exceptionally good

    Everyone is different, obviously. Reviews saying it's hard to handbake, others saying it's easy. Personally I find it quite easy to handbake a lasting pris that holds its shape for a long time. A couple hours for me. No mudslides unless I'm overly messing with it.

    Moist with a moderate grind, appears darkly delicious and well-packed in its can.

    Aromas of juniper, bergamot and fruity, rich tobacco. Very enticing.

    Thankfully the salt level in this is substantially lower than the portion versions (particularly the white portions). No gums irritation, just a pleasant tingling/burning sensation that dissipates fairly quickly.

    Holds its form very well. In fact, after falling asleep with one in (whoops), I discovered it had held together and was cleanly removed. Friggin' miracle, right? Thankfully my pillow was spared from a gnarly mud stain. (Note to self, no lös when napping...)

    Juniper takes a front seat initially, with a minor salt level unless I really suck on the juices. In which case the salt is accompanied by powerful white pepper note, with juniper and bergamot. No drip whatsoever, though I really like coaxing a little juice out. Done that way, the tobacco flavors come through first and the spices respectfully back it up. Juniper, bergamot, light pepper, a bit of dark fruits. Fantastic. I highly recommend leaving the pris alone as much as possible, only coaxing a bit of juice through the teeth once in awhile. Best flavor that way. Nuance vs onslaught, in other words.

    Longevity is great, at least a couple hours for me. It starts going bitter by then, or just tasting too off putting to leave in.

    No stomach irritation, to which I'm prone. Also easy on the throat and gums.

    If you've tried Gotebörgs Rapé but find it too salty, as I do, give the lös a try. Not the same experience and you might find it highly enjoyable, especially if you like juniper. Note, if lös isn't your thing, then wrap it in a cut-up tea bag, making it into a portion instead.

    For comparison, I'm also a fan of the lös versions of Roda Lacket, Ettan and Skruf, if it helps you decide. Grov lös I found to be a bit too astringent and harsh (gums, throat, stomach) though liked the taste.

    Highly recommended!

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    I wasn't sure what to expect with this one, but it turned out to be my favorite! Just smelling the can the juniper berry jumps out. The juniper berry and herbs carry over in terms of flavor, and is complemented nicely by the rich tobacco flavor.

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    Good stuff....BUT

    This stuff is great, the taste and smell is phenomenal. However it is very challenging to handbake, and it's pretty weak. Still, that's nothing a pris master and a bigger amount can't solve. Try it out

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    The camel of snus! (Flavor)

    Camel Turkish royal cigs was my every day smokes, and after quitting I needed something similar to satisfy the taste I liked. This is as close I think you can get. It has a small hint of sweetness and the taste of ole natural. Very high grade tasting tobacco. I try my best not order too much just so it can be somewhat of a treat but its hard to resist. Every order I make, this is the first on the list. Ease of baking is a plus as well. Was my first snus to try and its love at first pinch

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    Extremely easy to handbake, good for beginners. The taste runs dry after about 90 minutes, though. I'm not entirely sure who is the target audience for this product, though; it's a bit bland, to say the least, has an average nic hit, and seems to be overall just a generic product - nothing out of the ordinary, here. Weaker than General Ekstra Sterk, and sans the flavor of something like Probe Whiskey.

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    This is my first loose and love it. Taste is great and forming with prismaster isn't too bad. I love this snus and will buy again

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    The taste is Awesome! The texture is very nice. No stink at all and down right smooth! It's my second loose in my Snus stash that will always be one of my personal favorites. Whatever else can I say perfect

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    I was very impressed with the snus. The smell and taste is unlike any other, and a very refreshing change. It is both sweet and salty. It's the first loose that I've tried so far, my only complaint is that my prillas fall apart within 20-30 minutes and fall apart all on my upper teeth, this may be typical for loose, or I may just be making mine wrong. Try it!

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    I started with portion snus but found that the ones i tried did give the nicotine i wanted but seemed not to last long enough to my liking! This snus is my new favorite, great taste just like the portion snus but the flavor lasts much longer and stays strong throughout! Great taste as i mentioned similar to the portion if not exactly the same depending on the size of the pris you make!

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    Göteborgs Rapé Loose

    Göteborgs Rapé Loose

    Since the 18th Century, Goteborgs Rapé Loose Snus has that classic gentle tobacco taste with a slight sweetness and an element of fresh herbs and juniper berry.

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