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Grov Loose Snus

Grov loose snus is a robust and well-rounded snus with a strong tobacco flavor and a subtle smokiness.  Grovsnus is considered the standard for a tobacco-centric tasting snus.  If you love the taste of premium tobacco without a lot of other flavorings but with great nicotine satisfaction, Grov is the snus for you!
1 Can
10 12 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 42Nicotine (%): 0.8
Available Since: 2003Shipping Weight (g): 60
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, HerbsFlavor Group: Classic
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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Like all our snus, you will always find FRESH Grov Loose Snus at; YOUR home for Swedish snus!



Similar to ettan and general

Ive had snus before but not in a while.

This taste similar to ettan or general loose. bergamot and tobacco primary flavors.

I would say the Mackmyra reminds me more of copenhagen.


    Finally, after 6 years.......

    I can say that my taste buds are back and at 100% effectiveness. They were probably about 60% after 1 year of not smoking but it really took 5 years for them to get all the way back to "normal". That's why I've decided that now was a good time to get back together with all the Los Snus I used to enjoy so much in the beginning. I have to say that GROV Los was pretty good back in my early Snusing days. And it still is! Very tobacco centric. Salty in a good way, not too much. Grov has a nice tobacco/smoke flavor without the frills of Bergamot and herbs getting in the way of the tobacco taste like General Los has. And while that is all wonderful, the course grind of Grov's tobacco might be a deal breaker for a few of you. Grov Los is drier than most which makes it a little harder to bake a prilla. Comparing it to baking one with Prima Fint, Grov is downright difficult. And be warned, those little pieces of tobacco that get loose from your Grov prilla will get ALL OVER your mouth and, they may just drive you crazy when they do it. I still recommend you try a tin or two as the taste is great but, enjoy your Grov Los OUTSIDE if it's your first time as you just might want to spit out those small boulders of tobacco! ;-)

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    If you don’t like strictly tobacco don’t try

    I have no idea how this snus doesn’t have a 5 star rating...if you’re looking for a no non-sense straight tobacco flavored’re in the right a former American dipper... this snus is a thousand times better tasting than cophengan snuff or straight... if you are switching from American dip and that’s you’re dip of choice... don’t be shy and order a roll... you won’t be disappointed... this snus is a course ground snus... in my opinion the coursest ground loose snus out there... so unless you’re messing with your prilla or maybe not experienced with loose snus... it will not mudslide on you. Unlike what a previous reviewer said... I find this snus to have a great moisture content and the flavor definitely lasts as long as any other loose out there... overall it’s fantastic



      I'm gonna write this to where an American Dipper would understand this snus,the grind is like Copenhagen snuff when compared to other loose snus and what I mean by that is if you had general loose or goteborgs rape,or even ettan..That the grind ISINT as a powder..It packs like a dip in the upper lip (but not a long cut dip),it smells like Copenhagen black!! The yearly bourbon dip that comes out every fall,but just has a awesome tobacco taste..My only regret is I only got one can. Ettan was my favorite but I think this took it's place

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      It's alright

      The flavor isn't bad. Can be a little over powering though. Very tobacco-ish flavor. It's nice on certain occasions. What I didn't like was the grind. Compare to ettan, skurf, and the others, it felt really grainy. Hand baking it was basically only choice you have and still tends to fall a part quickly. Even with added water, just didn't wanna stay moist. Overall, not bad. Just not for me. Maybe a can or two every other order


        Not everyone likes Grov, which means not everyone likes tobacco. Folks, this is tobacco flavor. Sure I like bergamot or the occasional drop of rose oil, but what i like most is tobacco. This is the real deal, and a must for smokers who enjoy maduro cigars and English blend pipe tobaccos. My desert island snus, and nothing better complements strong coffee, good craft beer, or a quality single malt. A comfortable three gram prilla keeps me happy for two or three hours. The stark portions are also great! Plus, Mikkey from Motorhead/King Diamond uses Grov, and legend has it he was using it when recording "Abigail". There is no better endorsement!

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        Decent product. As mentioned below by a reviewer, however, this does seem to be an attempt at giving a 'cigarette' flavor to a snus. I can't really see the appeal, but I guess others might. Another reviewer mentioned that it is very similar to Copenhagen Snuff; I've never tried that product, but the same principle applies, imo. Why try to emulate something already done? The comparison to Ettan, I find egregiously misleading. They're both snus - I guess that's a similarity, but it ends there. This is grittier than Ettan, so perhaps the Snuff remark is closer to the truth. It's not as moist as I'm used to from any snus - my can arrived fairly dried out. I've never had a can of Ettan this dried out... It was within date, however, so I am assuming it was meant to be so. The product loses flavor in about an hour; usually I can still enjoy the flavor of Ettan/General for around twice that, even if it's not still supplying a nic hit... Overall, I find this a tired imitation, trying to be too much, and failing to excel in anything. It's adequate, but at this price, one would expect more.

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        I bought the "Ice Tool special" with 20 cans of loose. I first and to look over the "Ice Tool" I though this looks extremely to use. So I tried it on the only loose Snus I haven't tried before "Grovsnus Loose Snus"
        Whoa!!!! What a shock! It's extremely smooth and packs very easily with the "Ice Tool"
        My Biggest surprise was the taste Fresh, Smooth, a very true Tobacco taste and very easy mouth feel. I found myself enjoying this Grovsnus very much!
        I shall never go without it. I found room in my Humidor. I will always have roll of this very special Snus in my collection! Simply enjoying!

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        Very good stuff. The closest thing to cigarette tobacco flavor. Very smokey and present tobacco taste. Juices even burn the throat a bit when you swallow. It's almost as if they took cigarette tobacco and made it into a snus. No distinctive flavors that become present as you continue to taste it. It's a purely more harsh tobacco flavor that stays strong throughout its usage. I love this snus, it's a more flavorful and stronger taste than Ettan. Definitely a snus that can be used on a daily basis that leaves you satisfied. If you're looking stay away from the flavored stuff and want in your face tobacco flavor, Grov is you best bet.

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        If I had to pick one snus for the rest of my life, this would probably be it. The portions are also wonderful.

        This is a very simple, strong (in flavor) snus. Coarse-ground tobacco, salt, water. That is the flavor - lots of salt, lots of tobacco. Beginners may not like this.

        It's similar to Ettan, but just a bit different, and in my opinion, a tad better.

        The grind is almost exactly Copenhagen Snuff grind. This is probably my #1 snus, especially if you love to drink coffee!! I cannot rate it high enough. =D

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        Grov Loose Snus

        Grov Loose Snus

        Grov loose snus is a robust and well-rounded snus with a strong tobacco flavor and a subtle smokiness.  Grovsnus is considered the standard for a tobacco-centric tasting snus.  If you love the taste of premium tobacco without a lot of other flavorings but with great nicotine satisfaction, Grov is the snus for you!

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        US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

        Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
        is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

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