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LD Salmiak

LD Salmiak Portion Snus combines the rich flavor of spicy tobacco, salt, with mild fruity licorice.  If you're a fan of black licorice, this is a value snus you have to try!
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 18Nicotine (%): (medium)
Portions / Can: 20Available Since: 2018
Pouch Size: NormalShipping Weight (g): 34
Flavor Descr: Licorice, SalmiacFlavor Group: Spicy
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Salt, pH Adjuster (E501), Licorice, Aromas including Smoke flavor

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LD Salmiak Portion Snus is currently crafted at JTI's Swedish snus factory in Vårgårda.



Best black licorice

Black licorice is my favorite flavor and i've tried about every brand on the market. This one is the best one still available and at at great price! If you are a fan of black licorice give it a try you wont be disappointed.


    Great Licorice

    Snus newbie here, reviewing to log my initial mass sampler order.

    Obvious comparison of what I've tried is catch licorice - both are very good, slightly different, beyond the obvious white/original one. Catch is saltier, I think .

    Big difference, rather than subtle, is price, LD is noticeably cheaper, about a third cheaper in fact. Hard to say no to the price.

    If you like black licorice, go for it. Love this LD Salmiak.

    100% re-order, surprised to edge out Catch when it was the first really delicious snus I tried.

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    Great Licorice Snus!

    This is my favorite so far, straight licorice. I've tried a few other licorice-flavor snus over the years and always was disappointed. The licorice always was too mild, or mixed with other flavors that were a distraction. That put me off from trying more.

    I bought a can of LD a while back and was delighted. this time I got a roll.

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    LD Salmiak.

    It has a great mild licorice flavor. It's not overpowering, not a lot of drip either which is nice if you're snusing undercover. I ordered a roll for my first time trying it, glad I did. The low price is actually pretty outrageous for what this snus offers. The taste of licorice mixes really well with tobacco, they were on point with this one.

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    Novel approach to licorice

    I thought I'd try this one, simply for something new. While I'm not a big fan of black licorice, I read another review which got me interested. So I bought one can. I opened it, smelled it, and was met with that familiar black licorice scent. Popped one in, and yup, it has a licorice flavor. It's not real strong, though, and the salt and tobacco help to mute the licorice. Salty licorice is strange to my American taste buds, but I like it. I like to use a snus as work that I can pop in and ignore. This one gives a nice drip and never really gets bitter. It doesn't go well with sweet drinks, but with water, it is perfect. I was surprised that a snus with such a low price could have such a great flavor. I used three pouches during my nine hour shift, and while I can't chain them, they do make for a nice change in my rotation. Next order, I will be ordering an entire roll. That my friends, is the best thumbs up I can give to a new flavor of snus.

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    The best snus I've ever had

    This snus tastes STRONGLY of licorice. If you are not a fan of licorice, do NOT buy this. That being said, I love the taste of licorice and this snus marries the taste of licorice with a bold and earth snus flavor to achieve a flavor profile that nothing else I've tried has come close to.

    When I made my first order on this site, I tried a bunch of different brands including this one, and boy I was really upset when I ran out of these cans. The portions seem to be slightly larger than what most people are used to which can be somewhat off-putting initially, but the flavor is strong and lasts a very long time because of this.

    Usually when people ask what I am snusing, I simply show the can and say what it is, but when I am snusing this can I can't help but tell everyone "here smell!" because just the smell of the snus alone is so amazing.

    So beware, if you don't like licorice, you will definitely not like this snus, but if you love licorice or are maybe on the fence, at least try this snus once. It's easily my favorite alongside Gotesborg.

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    Lovely flavor not to strong

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      LD Salmiak

      LD Salmiak

      LD Salmiak Portion Snus combines the rich flavor of spicy tobacco, salt, with mild fruity licorice.  If you're a fan of black licorice, this is a value snus you have to try!

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