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Ettan Original

Originally manufactured by well known snus producer Ljunglöf in 1822, Ettan Snus is one of the oldest snus brands in Sweden. Launched in a portion snus version in 1990, Ettan Portion snus is a classic snus flavored with the pure taste of tobacco and subtle hints of chocolate.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 24Nicotine (%): 0.8
Available Since: 2003Shipping Weight (g): 40
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, SmokeFlavor Group: Classic
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 500), Salt, Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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Every snuser must try Ettan snus at least once.  It is the benchmark against which all other snuses are compared to.  This is a regular strength nicotine snus.  You'll always find Ettan Original Portion snus fresh at the legendary Snus Shop.  I, Moe Unz, guarantee it!



My favourite!

I ordered a can of this in a mixed batch of 10 cans, I waited until about halfway through to try it. I was left wondering why I waited! So good, notes of chocolate and tobacco, I immediately ordered two more cans and a can of loose. Might become a lifelong love affair with this great taste and drip.

I accidentally marked my review 3/5 at first but it's totally a 5/5 product!

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Very nice

There was an aroma I found familiar when I opened the can that I didn’t immediately place. Then I remembered: Drum Halfzware Shag tobacco before Americans got a hold of the company and ruined it. The old Drum tobacco. The flavor is rich and deep. It’s probably what Copenhagen was trying to be but not genuinely willing to do so for various reasons. I did not detect a smell or taste of chocolate as some have. It just smells like old school Drum and tastes like good quality tobacco. If that’s your gig, then this you’ll dig.


    Deep delicious chocolate notes

    So I tried the white portion. I tried many of them. While the flavor wasn’t terrible i really didn’t get the chocolate notes in the white portions. But now I do. The chocolate dominates this portion without subduing the natural tobacco flavor at all. The Ettan OP will forever remain in my

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    loved these

    Definitely going to be adding this to my daily rotation.

    Perfect portions, size and drip.
    Excellent delivery of flavor (chocolate and tobacco) tastes like high quality chocolate and high quality tobacco.

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    Good day to day snus

    This snus tastes great! It has a chocolate taste, good tobacco flavor, and a slight earthy taste. This snus will definitely be in my rotations

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    Amazing snus

    Smells like chocolate but has a nice straight tobacco flavor. This is what got me to enjoy something other than general mint. I love that it’s not a salt bomb.

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    Johnny smith Ettan original great snus

    Just got my first roll of ettan original very fast shipping open up first can outstanding smell taste was just what iv been looking for im knew to snus recent smoker 2. 1/2 pac aday marlboro reds havent smoked in month now since started snus when first started thought i needed all the high nicotine snus to help me not want ciggs tried thunder ulta skruf extra odens extreme ect. Mad me feel yuck at work tired think to much nic. And taste was good at first but shortly taste real bitter but have had ettan in for bout 1 hour now still great taste feel great nut yuck and nic hit think just right think maybe little stronger than the 8 mg per gram but great snus think i found my every day all day snus thanks snus central

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    Solid snus but.........

    It isn't a bad product. The flavor is initially rich tobacco and mild fudge. More so tobacco than fudge. Decent amount of nicotine all together satisfying but not quite legendary. Not disappointed with this snus but also not blown away. Probably won't re order this one but then again I've only had a few portions and not everyone's taste is the same. So if you're curious about it go on and try it out. I personally didn't find it excellent but also didn't hate it

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    My go-to

    Love this stuff... kicking myself for not picking any up on my last order.

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    This product is a true masterpiece.

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    History in the making!

    This snus has a flavor profile of a rich dark tobacco with slight chocolate undertones. I typically alternate between General Original Portion an the classic Ettan when I need a break from bergamot. Ettan has found a permanent home in my rotation, awesome stuff!

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    Great stuff

    I was really excited to try this snus because the history of it and it definitely didn't disappoint! I really don't have any complaints it's just a nice straight forward tobacco flavor with some hints of dark chocolate. Great with morning coffee and throughout the day. Definitely worth a shot if you haven't tried it!

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    I bought a roll

    This was my first ever Swedish snus i ordered. After reading reviews, i was hoping the chocolate would be a little more prominent. It definitely smells of dark chocolate, but the chocolate taste rarely came through for me. It is a nice, earthy tobacco flavor, and it definitely blows american snus away... But it just wasnt quite what i had hoped. Might order a can again later down the road, but i dont think I'll be ordering multiple cans any time soon.

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    Nuts and cocoa

    Very interesting snus. The first snus I have tried that tastes better longer in the mouth. At first the chocolate nutty flavor overwhelms the tobacco but after twenty min the tobacco really comes through or it all just evens out to provide top satisfaction. Three stars due to the length of time it takes to get the taste I like.

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    Greatest portion snus ever?

    The best portion I've ever had. Quite possibly the best portion snus ever made. If you haven't had this one pick up at least 5 cans.

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    This is how tobacco should taste

    Pure no-nonsense snus, made of high-quality tobacco with subtle hints of something that I can't really identify, but very pleasant.

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    Very good snus

    I use ettan Los and this is the first time I used the portion version and OMG if you could get this flavor in the Los version all the wars in the world would stop

    Anyways you open the can and too me it doesn't smell like chocolate,it smells like ettan Los,but the flavor is like a salty dark chocolate in the mildest form and it's just amazing ,good thing I ordered 10cans along with 10 cans of the Los version!!

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    Intoxicating earthy tobacco flavor

    Delicious earthy tobacco with a hint of peat and smoke. Chocolatey notes and a mild salt balance that does not offend and is a perfect snus anytime. Only issue is that the portions dry out easily.

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    Like cigars? You'll love this!

    The first thing that comes to mind is that is like drawing on a freshly cut, unlit cigar.

    Smooth and unobtrusive on the gums, just the right amount of salt, earthy, and a very very light fruit sweetness that has only showed up a couple times. Also some cedary notes here and there.

    For me, the smoothness likely owes itself to not having a bergamot/herb flavor that ive been accustomed to. This really allows you to taste the pure tobacco and pick up on its complexity.

    Drip was less than my normal standby (General Original) but the portions were certainly not dry.

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    Great snus.

    The first time I tried this snus I was blown away how good it was. Dark rich chocolate and earthy deep tobacco would be the main of it. I have received a whole roll of this stuff and it was dried out drastically more than the first time I got it and it seriously degraded the snus flavor and nicotine levels. Not sure what happened to all 10 of the cans, but it was very disappointing and I feel like I was ripped off a bit especially for the price. Great when it comes in still moist though.

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    This is hands down my favorite snus. It's an all day, everyday type snus.

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    To much chocolate

    I've gone through 2 cans and I just can't get past the chocolate flavor. To me it lasts about 20 minutes. After, it balances out to a nice natural tobacco flavor. I see why a lot of people like it though

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    Open the can, and the smell is distinctly chocolate-y. This is a little weird when I find los Ettan to be more a more earthy, and complex snus. For what it is though, I grew to love this snus. You can explore all the flavors snus has to offer, but return to this one and feel a sense of comfort from the natural flavor. Rather than simply say it tastes like chocolate, that's how I choose to describe this snus.

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    never again

    i ordered ettan because all the reviews of it were great, but after using more than half of the can i have come to realize that it's not getting any better. to me i get a very mild tobacco taste, but mostly it tastes of cardboard. do yourself a favor and avoid this snus and go with general if you want a really good regular strength snus.i'll never buy this snus again.

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    Smells like chocolate

    This stuff absolutely billows a dark chocolate smell. DARK being the keyword here. Taste it's kind of neutral, reminiscent of how it smells but mildly salty. The los definitly is milder in terms of smell.

    All in all its great stuff. Not bad in the slightest. Probably my favorite non mint snus.

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    When I started using Snus a few months ago, I exclusively used the flavored products (General Mint being a favorite). However, as my taste has "matured", I find myself being drawn more and more to the more classic "straight" Snus. On my last order, I bought a roll of Ettan and a roll of Grov. Love them both. The Ettan, as previously mentioned in other reviews, has a hint of Chocolate that lasts pretty well. This is definitely now one of my favorites. As far as the classic arguement over Grov vs Ettan I say "Why argue?". I rotate them and usually have a can of each on me at all times. Great product and gets a five star rating!

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    I've been using snus for about 6 months, my first two cans were General Snus Original and General Snus White Mint. I found the General Snus Original to be just too salty and to much bergamot. For the next few months because of my dislike of General Original I only purchased flavored snus, I have tried quite a few now and even though I initially like the flavor after while I end up becoming tired of it and start to notice other not so pleasant tastes. After reading good reviews about Ettan I decided to give it ago even though its an unflavored Snus. I wasn't expecting much but this Snus is the best by far. it is a mellow straight up tobacco flavor with some faint chocolate flavor to it, this is not cigarette tobacco but a nice interesting pipe tobacco flavor. So if like me you first tastings of unflavored Snus put you off don't let that stand in your way. This is the taste I've been looking for all along!

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    Got a can with my 1st order in my "Bag-O-Snus". Very high quality, straight tobacco flavor. I prefer Ettan over the Grovsnus portion but it is a matter of personal taste. Strongest flavor that comes through for me is chocolate.
    Give Ettan a try for your regular portion straight.

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    Probably the best pure tobacco snus out there.excellent snus

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    I am new to snus and being a girl I thought I was going to be stuck with flavored snus. but I actually found the perfect snus. everything is in perfect balance. not to salty or sweet or bitter or peppery. I admit the first snus I tried was the oversweetened camel. this is the flavor I was expecting but did not get.

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    I'm still relatively new to snusing, but I think I have already found my favorite all around. This portion both smells and tastes like a perfectly aromatic and fresh batch of tobacco. I mainly get tobacco flavoring with hints of chocolate in the background. I think the chocolate described comes from the tobacco itself (I could be wrong). I could chain these all day long. They aren't as salty as a rapé or general white portion which I like.

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    Look no further for an "everyday" snus. Ettan portion is the best if you're looking for a perfectly balanced portion snus. It has an amazing aroma of unsweetened cocoa when you first open the can. The flavor has a perfect balance of sweetness, salt, and bitterness. The portions don't go stale in flavor after keeping them in for a while. The flavor just mildly sets and keeps delivering for a while. It goes perfect with morning coffee. The nicotine hit is just right. The sterk portions from other brands sacrifice flavor for nicotine. I think 8 mg is all you really need once you start getting used to snus. There are no lingering flavors the throw off its balance. I find that fellow brands like General and GR are too complicated in flavor compared to Ettan. You eventually get tired of the citrus and bergamot once you use it throughout the day. Ettan's flavor combination is just right. Many prefer the loose to the portions, I like the portions better than the loose. Don't pass on this one. Forget the strong and flavored portions, Ettan is all you need...

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    Straight tobacco with hints that almost remind you of unsweetened cocoa. Very, very smooth character. Moderate tobacco flavor, moderate drip, solid nicotine and long lasting flavor. Reminds me of a slightly milder and straighter version of Grovsnus. If you want your snus unspoiled with fruity flavors, it is certainly worth a try.

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    Reviewing it ten years later.

    I reviewed Ettan ten years ago, and I need to review it again. Something has changed. I used Ettan for many years, and loved it. If you could see my order history, you'd see how many rolls I ordered over the years. To relive old times, I ordered a can a year ago. I wasn't impressed. I figured maybe I got a bad can. So I ordered 5 cans last week. Nope, not a bad can, just a bad snus. The flavor is just not there. Tastes like cardboard. Bland and makes me want to retch. I hate to leave a bad review of any snus, but this one just isn't the same anymore. I hate to throw five cans of snus away, because Ettan is expensive. But I can't use it, it makes me ill. I've found budget snus that are way better than Ettan OP. I'm disappointed in you, Swedish Match.

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    This snus was a surprise to me. It comes with a decent nicotine hit and sits very comfortably in the lip. Flavor, tobacco only, lasts for about an hour and is very mild.

    One of my faves and in regular rotation.

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    For me, this one just did not do the trick. It wasn't horrible and I finished the can but as I try more and more Snus, I just don't think I will be going back to this one anytime soon. I did taste the chocolate type flavor in it which was pleasant. I do want to make clear that it is not a sweet chocolate taste and is just a slight hint as in the same manner the smell of dark chocolate brings. The flavor just did not last long enough in my opinion and was a little bit on the mild side for me. On the upside I did enjoy the fact that it had a pure tobacco flavor but just wish it had a little bit more punch and lasted a bit longer.

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    One of my favorite pure taste profiles. This one is simple but effective. The tobacco has a more robust "old" smell/taste to it. This flavor is what I picture old men would use as a staple but don't let that run you off its still very good.

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    Tobacco. Plain and simple. For Americans new to snus, it is not the Copenhagen sweet kind of flavor. It is, quite literally, pure tobacco flavor. Initially I noted a bit of salt but it does not linger. The tobacco comes in nicely. Personally, I think it has a chocolate-ish undertone, but it is just noticeable and that is all. Ettan original portion pairs very well with coffee in the morning, in my opinion. If you don't want flowers, fruit, licorice, lemon, etc., this is a good place to look. Let me add that it may take a couple of tries to really appreciate it; it did for me. This is probably most pertinent for Americans used to sweet tobacco flavors...Ettan is a great snus.

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    Ettan is the only snus i have bought rolls of. It is my everyday snus. It is a pure tobacco taste with NO lemon, which is why i love it. the tobacco is on the mild side but the taste does last for about an hour or more. i end up messing with the portion quite a bit trying to get more flavor out of it, which is not a bad thing. Some people get a hint of chocolate out of Ettan but i have never tasted that, just the straight up tobacco goodness.

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    Pure tobacco flavor with smoke. This snus is a good choice for ex snuffers who enjoyed cope. No sugary, sweet, minty flavors here. Just rich tobacco with a slight smoke flavor.

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    Ettan Original

    Ettan Original

    Originally manufactured by well known snus producer Ljunglöf in 1822, Ettan Snus is one of the oldest snus brands in Sweden. Launched in a portion snus version in 1990, Ettan Portion snus is a classic snus flavored with the pure taste of tobacco and subtle hints of chocolate.

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