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GAMMAL - Olde Ving 99 Coffee

Olde Ving 99 Coffee Portion Snus is a value priced snus which tackles the age-old question "can any manufacturer make a great coffee flavored snus?"
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 18Nicotine (%): 0.9
Portions / Can: ~20Portionsstorlek: Regular
Shipping Weight (g): 35Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Coffee
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)

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Olde Ving 99 Coffee Portion Snus is a value priced snus which tackles the age-old question "can any manufacturer make a great coffee flavored snus?"  Other snus makers have tried and failed over the years.

As someone who survives on coffee and snus (OK, plus whisky and beer) I, Moe Unz, am in a unique position to evaluate coffee flavored snuses.

Olde Ving 99 Coffee Portion Snus is a very credible effort, especially for a value priced snus.  It has a tobacco-centric nature with clear tones of delicious coffee.  As I, Moe Unz, write this, Olde Ving 99 is the only coffee flavored snus which has been popular enough to still be manufactured.

If you are in search for a coffee snus, Olde Ving 99 is worth a try.  As always with GN Tobacco offerings, the number 99 has never been explained and I have no idea what it means, if anything.  If you find out, let me know....and enjoy your snus!



Its ok

Coffee flavor? Nope, but taste ok.


    Good, especially for the price.

    I usually will try anything for a little while before making an opinion but I have to say, after just 2 portions this isn't an all day or daily driver, but I will definitely buy 1 can on each order. I find this to be a pleasant change to the usual tobacco flavor(s). I get a strong cappuccino smell upon opening this, and taste to me is kind of mixed. Like another poster stated, it's more of a hazelnut/vanilla type vs a real coffee, but I do get a hint of coffee in the background that's evenly mixed with a faint tobacco which reminds me of cacao dusted truffles.

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    Smells HORRIBLE. Tastes worse. I had to lick my butt to get the taste out of my mouth.

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    This snus made me very sad.

    It tastes like used coffee grounds and mold... Actually, used coffee grounds might taste better.

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    Great Coffee Snus.

    First off I want to say that I did not experience any "burn" or whatever that another reviewer mentioned. In fact I find it quite mild.

    Great coffee flavor, reminds me alot of off-road coffee vanilla which i was looking for a replacement for.

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    not coffee

    Not a coffee flavor, more of a vanilla/hazelnut. Super artificial, like a flavored coffee creamer or a candy. I detect no coffee at all. Still, I'm not minding it, and it makes a nice change from traditional bergamot, or mint, or other dry flavors.

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    Old Ving? More like "Old Sting"...

    First, let me preface this by saying I love coffee, which prompted me to try Old Ving 99 Coffee. Many reviews made it sound promising... However I find myself not a member of its fab club, so much so that after three portions, the can met my garbage can.

    For original portions, these were extremely dry, as if they were actually white portions made of brown paper. I checked the expiration date to ensure they weren't simply old, but coming from SnusCentral, I would've been shocked if they were because everything I've gotten from here has been really fresh.

    Aroma is quite off-putting, and the second worst aspect of this snus. Coffee is present, but is like stale, dried-out coffee beans from two years ago, carried by an artificial sugar note. Needless to say, it didn't make me wanna pop one in. But in the spirit of snusing, in it went.

    And.... Ouch. 'Old Sting 99' wins the award for the most harsh snus I've had. My gums burned badly and actually got quite red & irritated. I moved the portion around several times to alleviate the issue, but the salt and ingredients kicked my gums' butt. I don't mind, and sometimes really enjoy, a snus that slightly tingles my gums. Tingles—not sprays with napalm. Okay okay I'm exaggerating. :) But seriously, ouch.

    Aside from that aspect, the portion itself felt a little too rough under the lip, likely worsened by its harshness.

    Flavor-wise it was actually not bad and vastly better than its smell. Funny thing is, this snus has a stronger chocolate note than its sibling, Old Ving Fudge (which, incidentally, tastes more like coconut to me). Unsweetened cocoa dusted with very dry, old coffee, buried in a bit too much salt.

    Longevity I don't know, because I couldn't leave this in for longer than 20 minutes.

    If you like coffee as much as I do, Old Sting 99 might leave you unimpressed with very irritated gums. If you're even slightly sensitive to this, I advise steering clear. If you're a coffee aficionado, also steer clear because the coffee notes here are stale and weak.

    While not a coffee-flavored snus, I recommend trying Probe to satisfy cravings for dark, mildly sweet tobacco that pairs quite well with a robust cup of java. It's oak undertones and maduro-like character play well together, and it's friendly to the gums, throat and stomach.

    Overall, I don't recommend Old Ving 99 Coffee.

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    Best for the money

    'Savory' is a great word to describe this snus. Its one of my top favorites and use it in my daily rotation. The price is excellent too.

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    Better than it smells

    The first few portions were questionable. After i stopped trying to smell deeply the can before taking one, it got lots better. I ended up really liking this snus. The drip is minimal but good. I find that GN tobacco snus has done nice job making a normal portion that doesn't drop all over the place like some original portions. I agree with the previous review that this snus has got some undeserved review, or this snus has gotten better in recent years, which is possible. Not is a very comfortable portion that I can keep in for some time without getting overwhelmed by drip drip drip. Enjoy a can on your next order then two or three like I will on the order after.

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    Like it very much!

    I'm happy I ordered this. I can't understand the other reviews about not tasting the coffee, I think it is a nice mix. It starts off salty, but that settles quickly. This reminds me of an old snus (Rocker Coffee) that is no longer available, I couldn't find anything similar until this Olde Ving 99. I think Rocker was a tad bit sweeter, but this is not bad at all. I went ahead and ordered the Fudge - looking forward to trying it! :)

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    not bad...not great...decent

    i'd give this 2.5 stars out of 5. the flavor is subtle but definitely present. although i wouldn't really call it a coffee flavor, more like a chocolatey mocha type thing. if this had a more bitter/straight coffee taste it'd be waaay more appealing to me.

    it's decent overall, i'll probably buy it again sometime.

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    This snus had a subtle coffee flavor that wasn't overwhelming. I enjoyed this product and would recommend it to other snus users.


      Got a roll of ten based on forums and reviews. After the 2nd or third use I gave up on this. No coffee taste that I can detect. I feel the saltiness overwhelms all other flavors. The burn is pretty bad...and my go to snus is Thunder Frosted. V2 goes better drinking coffee in the morning than this does. The rest of this will have to go in the freezer.

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      Possibly the worst snus I ever had. I love coffee and thought a coffee snus might be good... WRONG! I would describe it as a weird bad coffee/bad alcohol (for some reason I taste an alcohol type flavor) hybrid.

      The only other person I know that snuses thought it was disgusting. Unfortunately, I bought a roll 5 on sale. Horrible decision.

      If you love coffee and think you might like this... do yourself a favor and buy a single can first.

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      To start off, I love coffee. I drink 3-4 cups of black coffee per day. In the past, I have not like any of the coffee flavored snus that I've tried. They just were not for me. However, Olde Ving 99 actually tastes pretty good. It hits all of the things that appeal to people about coffee without being bitter, so I think it may even find fans in those who do not drink coffee. It kind of takes the good out of smelling coffee and mixes it in with what coffee actually tastes like which creates this like gourmet coffee kind of taste. Again, I'm not big on flavored snus, so I may not be ordering rolls of this. I have to say though, the folks at GN really did this one up good.

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        GAMMAL - Olde Ving 99 Coffee

        GAMMAL - Olde Ving 99 Coffee

        Olde Ving 99 Coffee Portion Snus is a value priced snus which tackles the age-old question "can any manufacturer make a great coffee flavored snus?"

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