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Catch Spearmint Mini White

Catch  Spearmint White Mini Portion Snus is back by popular demand!  Formerly a snus which rotated in Swedish Match's Catch Collection as LAFAYETTE STREET, this mini portion user favorite is now back as a production snus.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 10Nicotine (%): 0.8
Portions / Can: 18Available Since: 2013
Portionsstorlek: MiniShipping Weight (g): 21
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Spearmint, PeppermintFlavor Group: Fresh
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Salt, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjusters (E 500, E 504), Sweetener (E 950), Flavors

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Catch Spearmint Mini Portion Snus has a great spearmint and tobacco flavor packed in a very comfortable and discreet white mini portion pouch.



My favorite mint snus

This is by far the most pleasant mint snus (or mint tobacco/nicotine product of any kind) I've tried. While the price/weight ratio is poor, this is an excellent snus for discretion, as the pouches are small and comfortable, the entire package is small, the snus is flavorful and lasting, and it doesn't funk up your breath. You could also call this a "dessert snus". It's comparatively mild and sweet compared to a lot of mint snus, though not over-sweet.

I much prefer spearmint to peppermint, for the same reason I prefer New Mexico green chile and jalapeño peppers over serranos and habañeros: you get a richer flavor and some bite, instead of just a bunch of sharp burning for its own sake.

As mint snus goes, these are more tasty than assertive, and they have a natural flavor instead of the American-style (Skoal, etc.) artificial "flavor assault" as if they're trying to be mouthwash. You can actually taste the tobacco in this, as with (more so than) General Mint, but it's simply much nicer in your mouth than General Mint, which seems to have menthol added and can thus be gum-irritating.

People who have fallen for the "super-mega-extra-strong snus" marketing b.s., and have escalated to where they need 20+mg per pouch, will be disappointed in these. (It's a bandwagon you should get off of anyway, just like if you have to slam an pint of whisky to even catch a buzz, you need to consider that you've gone too far down the drinking-problem path.) It should have enough nicotine for most, including North Americans switching from "dip". If not, they're small enough you can double up.

Probably the only mint snus I would want again almost as much as this one is that apparently discontinued Mocca one, also in a tiny form-factor, that had a mint+chocolate flavor. (Might have been their original; they now seem to only put out a licorice thing, and that's a taste I've never cared for.)

Catch Spearmint has never been my main thing, but it has been good as first and last of the day, and also as a palate cleanser (like mints they give you at restaurants). I especially use it for that after trying some funky snus that just did not work for me but left a lingering aftertaste. Catch to the rescue!

Speaking of which, I prefer this over all other Catch products, but a wide margin.


    Good stuff

    Spearmint is my favorite of the mint variety(including wintergreen), and this is spot on. Just what I was looking for, just wish they came in the larger portion.


      Good stuff.

      I'm a new snuser, so bare with me. The portions are soft and smaller -- low profile enough, but not so small you want to put 2 in. The buzz, compared to something like General Mint, is fairly small, but it is regulatory to where you don't feel the urge to put more in. It's good for when you just want to
      regulate your intake, or if you wanted to cut back. The only reason this has 4 stars and not 5 is because the flavor is not very strong. It feels more like you took a light amount of toothpaste and smeared it on your gums than a full on piece of spearmint gum in your mouth. Regardless, the flavor is great, just wish it was stronger. Other than that, absolutely zero complaints, will likely buy again.

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      Smooth, mellow, lasting

      One thing that gets me about certain mint snus is the burn. I mean, the nic is already laying an assault sometimes, so I always appreciate when the mint doesn't add fuel to the fire. Catch Spearmint is such a snus, lending a refreshing spearmint flavor without totally frying my gums.

      Alluring aroma of soft spearmint, much like the chewing gum.

      Portions are just right and feel great under the lip. Minimal if any drip, and you can easily forget it's there because it's so tiny.

      Spearmint notes dominate the flavor profile, smooth and mellow without the ubiquitous burn in many other mints. Salt is on the lower side, thankfully, which allows the sweetness to come forward and carry the spearmint into a cooling place.

      Longevity is excellent. I've kept these in for over and hour with its flavor still trucking along.

      Nicotine hits gently, and needless to say, it's not a heavy hitter. I find these to be a perfect morning snus, after brushing my teeth, and not ready for a huge nicotine jolt to my system.

      Overall, highly recommend snagging some of this (especially if it's on special). Kinda bummed Catch discontinued the regular sized portions, but I'll forgive 'em since they spared these minis from the chopping block.

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      My second experience with authentic Swedish Snus. I found this mini portion to be just about right. The Mini Mint seems to have a specific taste that requires getting used to. This was a more traditional mint that most Americans will probably enjoy without it tasting artificial at all. I am very happy that this was included in my bag o snus.

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      Catch Spearmint Mini White

      Catch Spearmint Mini White

      Catch  Spearmint White Mini Portion Snus is back by popular demand!  Formerly a snus which rotated in Swedish Match's Catch Collection as LAFAYETTE STREET, this mini portion user favorite is now back as a production snus.

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      US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

      Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
      is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

      If you are NOT an American, the below doesn't apply to you