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General White Dry Mini Mint

Here it is folks: the Camel Frost Killer specifically designed by Swedish Match for the American Market. If you're using Camel Frost now and like it, this will change your mind in a hurry!

1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 6Nicotine (%): (medium)
Portions / Can: 20Available Since: 2009
Portionsstorlek: MiniShipping Weight (g): 21
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Mint
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, pH Adjuster (E 500), Sweetener (E 950)

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The taste is refreshing spearmint, but natural. You'll see how artificial Camel Frost tastes after you try one of these babies!

For those of you already using Swedish/Scandinavian snus who enjoy mini portions, this is a very refreshing snus which doesn't compromise on great taste just to kick dirt into RJ Reynolds face. If you like mini's and you like mint, you're going to like General Mini Mint.



Honda Civic of Snus

These seem to be popular in the states for exactly what they say, "Camel Frost Killer". However it's just as sweet and weak as frost, though it's still General so the tobacco flavor is more rich and has a better quality. Too sweet, too small and too few to justify the price. However if your new snus and have only liked frost or similar these are for you.


    Ms Cathy R

    This is the most perfect snys of all the minis. Ive tried them all and have several I like. But this one is my #1 favorite. Please don't change the size or anything unless it was out in a smaller can. But I used it to stop dipping Copenhagen snuff for 30 years. I would've change sooner had I know about snus. In fact, Chad from snubie is the person that helped me out when I switched over. I can not get it around here. I have to order it from here. Please don't ever change the size or the taste, it's perfect. Especially if I'm willing to pay alot to have it shipped to in a very rural area of NC. I think all you can find around here is that camel, which I tried but made me sick it was so sweet. I only use mini, and being female it's so descret that no one know I have one in my mouth, plus when I originally ordered I thought I'd continue to spit... that wasn't the reason I changed from Copenhagen snuff to snus... it was because it was nasty and really bad...i didn't even like the taste of it anymore but was hooked. I had no problem going from a can a day of Copenhagen snuff to this general white mini mint. I don't know how much nicotine was in Copenhagen, but it was an easy transition for me... I haven t dipped since I 1st started snus about 2 years ago. Good size for me being female too. Love, love it.

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    I'm the minority

    I didn't like this one much at all. Granted the first mint Snus I tried was Skruf Mynta so I was expecting something similar. I found this one to have a strong artificial taste and unable to keep it in for more then a couple minutes.


      I need mini snus' for work, since we have a zero tolerance policy. I was out of lafayette street and union square (which are both fantastic btw). So I wandered into a shop here in seattle where I know they have a small fridge full of general products. Much to my shagrin they had these mini mints. They did the trick. They were almost offensively minty and sweet, and the pouches feel a little light even compared to other minis. But who cares, they worked! Not my favorite, but still very good. If you are a fan of minty, sweet, flavored snus... this is your guy.


        These were being sold locally - but I guess I was the only one buying them as the stocks have dried up. Not bad at all - although you have to shape the pouch for a good fit. The minty flavor is at times a bit much - and for a white portion it drips fairly fast. It's good, but there are better ones out there.


          I'm giving this 5 stars but it is not an "all day" snus for me. It fits PERFECT for right after a large meal. The mint is STRONG and tastes like candy. I would take this over a piece of candy any day. Since I generally like my snus to have a little more tobacco flavor, be a little stronger and have a little larger portion size to it I just couldn't use something like this throughout my work day but as an after dinner treat it is just what I need! I give it a perfect rating for stated above and thing any snus user should have a tin of these for that occasional sweet craving we all get.

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          I had to update my review on this. After 2 cans I realized this is much better then I thought. I can't wait to try the large portions. My favorite flavor out of the 15 or so that I have tried so far!


            It's good but....I found it to be an interesting flavor that will probably require some time to get used to. I preferred the Lafayette Street over this one. Good flavor but for me didn't last very long, may be user error here.


              This in a regular portion, with a little more nic., would be the perfect snus.

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              What can I say but EXCELLENT. I am a newer Snus user, having started smoking again after a 6 year hiatus. I was looking for an alternative and picked up some Camel Frost. Then, naturally i started doing some research. My first order included COZY Catch Collection Cardamom/Cinnamon and General Mint Large White Portion Snus. I received the General Mini Mint in a free sample and it is amazing!! Perfect size and the flavor is terrific. I have found my new favorite!!


                Excellent snus. I was a dedicated Camel Frost user mainly because of the availability of it (you can get it everywhere around here), and this stuff definitely blows it out of the water flavor wise. My only complaint (and everyone else's for that matter) is the portion size... Make a pouch with this flavor that is similar in size (and punch) to either Camel or even a regular portion and market it like Camel does, and Camel will be out of the snus world for everyone.


                  Great snus. Really good mint flavor, and assuming you are coming from Camel's version of mint (frost), there is no comparison. Not as strong but definitely a better taste. Lasts a fairly decent amount of time but the flavor didn't really fade for me, and I keep my portions in for at least an hour.


                    I ordered the sampler from General, and a sample of this snus was in the pack. Being a smoker of menthol cigarettes, I had started with Camel Frost. This one is less sweet and has more menthol than Frost (kicks Frost in the butt!). It's size makes it a perfect snus to have at working, particularly when in meetings. I will continue to use this one!


                      One of the best tasting you can get. It taste so good its hard not play with it an squeeze all the flavoring out of it as fast as you can. If they made a regular size portion for this I think it would probably be my favorite snus of all time.


                        My favorite portion snus by far. Lots of taste and lasts long. Tried alot of others, but keep coming back to this. great taste of mint.


                          Goodbye Camel Frost! This simply blows it away. Make it in larger portions and it will take over the USA market. Nice work, General!


                            My only complaint about this snus is the strength. Great long lasting flavor.

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                            This is a delicious snus. Unfortunetly, it's just not strong enough to satisfy me. I would love to be able to buy this snus in a larger or sterk portion. Excellent flavor.


                              I used the Camel Frost at first, but then I ordered a sample pack that had this flavor in it. I love the fact that it is easier to 'lip' and tastes way better and lasts way longer then the aforementioned brand. As of now, thin is my Snus of choice. I'll still try other flavors, but I'll be ordering this in the meantime. Thanks guys!


                                This is my favorite flavor in the General snus. I'd prefer if it came in regular portions, as opposed to the mini, though. It has a great natural--not sugary--mintiness, pleasant aroma, and lasts a good, long time.


                                  I was a Camel snus Frost user before but not after i tried General Mini Mint the quality of Mini mint is so much better flavor wise and "buzz" wise. This product is so much better.

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                                    General White Dry Mini Mint

                                    General White Dry Mini Mint

                                    Here it is folks: the Camel Frost Killer specifically designed by Swedish Match for the American Market. If you're using Camel Frost now and like it, this will change your mind in a hurry!

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