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Oden's Original Extreme Loose Snus

Oden's Original Extreme loose snus is a value-priced classically flavored loose snus with the an impressive nicotine content of 22mg/g. Make sure you don't stuff your face with this snus! Odens Extreme is manufactured by GN Tobacco.

1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 40Nicotine (%): 2.2
Available Since: 2011Shipping Weight (g): 56
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Bergamot, Herbs
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)

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Along with it's portion snus version, Odens Original Extreme Loose Snus was the first of the super-high nicotine snuses introduced into the snus market back in 2011.  Classic Oden's Snus!



I don't like it.

It's got a taste somewhere between pimento loaf and ammonia. Can't argue with the nicotine tingle but the taste is a turn-off. I'll order General or Granit next time.


    Not the best flavour, but an ex smoker's best friend

    It tastes okay I guess. The smell is brutal, but sometimes brutal is what I need. When I get hit with a serious craving, like I just drank a cup of coffee to counteract a night of drinking, this is what I reach for...



      This taste like Rustica , No wonder it is strong. I have a rather high nicotine tolerance and use plenty of extra strong snus. Oden's brand I think I've explored the most. Out of what I have used I like the dry white best. I like the sting. Oden's Extreme Los as soon as you stick a pris in you can feel the nicotine surging into the blood stream and it can be overwhelming at first. Personally I don't enjoy the taste. So to use this monster of snus up I have been mixing it with some other favorite los snus at a 1:3 ratio toning down the flavor. I think I got this in a Bag O los. Will I buy it again, probably but a roll will take me a very long time to finish. Even at a 1:3 ratio it is still heavy on the Rustica taste. I use Röda Lacket Loose and for a minty taste; Thunder Extra Strong Frosted Loose. I've have yet tossed any snus and only gifted snus I loved. I still have to give the extra stark version a try. 4 stars for strength if it had a better flavor I'd give it 5


        Awesome can!

        I bought this just to keep the can since it's an awesome looking can. I also wanted to see just how strong this snus is. Opening the can, I noticed a fairly strong ammonia smell, which I guess shouldn't be a surprise given the strength of the tobacco. Even trying to use less than normal, this is strong stuff! I got a buzz for the first time in a long time, and even felt a little sick from this once. In terms of flavor, I can't say it tastes all that great. It has a sharp and almost acrid flavor that reminds me of trying whiskey for the first time. It's worth it though for the test of ones nicotine tolerance and just to have this awesome looking can.

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        Snus of the Gods

        Best snus out there.


          Not for me

          Personally I don't like it, but I am learning that loose in general isn't for me. However its entirely a personal thing and have no reason to rate it other than 5 stars.

          Taste wise its good, very spicy and almost chocolate like, but nothing like chocolate if that makes sense. The spicy taste is almost 100% due to the nicotine in this stuff. And having said that.

          .....if your goal is to get "high" off snus or your so helpless to nicotine addiction that you would smack your own mother for your next fix, this stuff is for you. After 10 min of a normal size prilla I had to spit it out least I vomited. Like others say you could probably save tons of money with its already low price and with smaller portions. Someone compared the buzz to his first time with Copenhagen but I am one of those who believes the feel of a snus buzz and american fire roasted feel distinctly different. Even at its strength its very clear headed compared to dip or chew that has a very earthy and foggy head feel. Still its insanely powerful and would seriously reconsider by dependence on nicotine if it were at a level where this was needed on the regular to get me to where I wanted to be.

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          Excellent snus. The flavor is excellent. It gently fades away over a long period of time. I find myself keeping them in forever. Relatively easy to form, but has a granular texture that I like better a lot than the super fine grind. Great for people giving up old school dip. Cans last forever because you put in such a small pris.

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          This seems to be the most pure tobacco flavor on the market. I can't really detect anything other than the flavor of a bit of pepper, though that 'sting' may be the high nic content. The benefit to this can is the price, and the nic content. You can bake yourself a pinch about half the size you would otherwise use. This would be great for a morning, after breakfast pinch, just to get you into the day, then pop in back in the fridge and go to your go-to brand. Overall, a great product, as I am a fan of high-hit, low frills snus'.

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          I am mostly a portion guy and I have really grown fond of Oden's Extreme portions. I decided to try some of this because I really like trying los of different portions that I already like. Extreme does taste a bit different in los form. This is more earthy that the portions and the peppery taste is toned down a bit. This is still extremely good and I enjoy that I can measure out how much of it. The portions do taste better, but I still enjoy Extreme los.


            I'm strictly a Swedish Snus guy ever since a business trip to Norway. I buy in bulk now and I always add a few single cans to my order so I can try out different brands without the risk of getting stuck with a full 10 roll. I tried a single can of Odens Extreme Loose and what a surprise. I'd been a Cope dipper for 30 years and I thought I would never again experience that rush I got my first time trying Cope. Well Odens brings the rush and how. At first I didn't make the connection to that dizzy buzz and the Odens. But eventually, I figured it out and cut back on the size of my plug. The taste is good too - rough and natural. I just ordered two rolls and some portions. I added a single of Odens cinnamon flavor and a Thunder fruit blend. Hope to get lucky again.

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            Oden's Original Extreme Loose Snus

            Oden's Original Extreme Loose Snus

            Oden's Original Extreme loose snus is a value-priced classically flavored loose snus with the an impressive nicotine content of 22mg/g. Make sure you don't stuff your face with this snus! Odens Extreme is manufactured by GN Tobacco.

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