Lewa Liquorice Raspberries Slim

Nicotine free Snus

Taste Profile




Nicotine Content

0 mg/g

Net Weight

0 g

A tobacco free and nicotine free snus from Lewa with slim energy pouches that deliver a caffeine boost (50 mg/portion) together with a tasty licorice-raspberry flavor fusion!

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LEWA Liquorice & Raspberries is a nicotine-free snus option offering the unique taste of raspberries and licorice. These all-white pouches also come with added supplements like vitamins B12, D3, and minerals such as zinc and magnesium. The strength in these pouches comes from caffeine, with each containing 50 mg per portion, offering an alternative buzz to nicotine. Each can contains 18 portions in a standard size. This product is suitable for those looking to enjoy snus without nicotine, tobacco, or sugar, providing a flavorful and intense experience from the salty licorice combined with the sweet raspberries.

Brands Lewa
Manufacturer Lewa Of Sweden
Category Slim
Taste Profile Sweet
Strength N/A
Nicotine Content 0 mg/g
Net Weight 0 g
Portions 18