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GAMMAL - Oden's Cold White Dry

Odens Cold White Dry Portion snus is a white portion snus which runs slower than regular portions but the flavor tends to last longer.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 10Nicotine (%): 0.9
Portions / Can: 12 - 14Available Since: 2013
Portionsstorlek: RegularShipping Weight (g): 26
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Spearmint
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)

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Odens Cold White Dry Portion snus is a white portion snus which runs slower than regular portions. The "Cold" flavor is also a little muted from a comparable regular portion but white portions generally last longer in your mouth because of the dry pouches.

Someone at GN Tobacco really likes the "Cold" recipe as they make original portion, extreme portions, white portions, dry white portions...pretty much every version of portion snus you can think of with this base recipe.

Fortunately for GNT, many snusers agree with them and Odens Cold in all its different forms is very popular.



Exceptionally good - Coming from General Mint

I wanted to stop suning General Mint because of the artificial sweeteners they put in there. Plus that shit was like candy I would have a snus in my mouth 18 hrs a day and go through almost an entire can a day! I was out of control.

This stuff though... Whew. I can cerntainly not back-to-back these bad boys. Even though it's only a %0.01 diff in nicotine from General Mint, it feels much stronger for some reason. No sweetness, very cold and dry. Flavor is great, hit is great, price is GREAT! New every day snus right here.


    Good Snus For the Price

    I wasn't sure how this would pan out as I am not too big of a fan of dry portions, they always tear up my gums! But this was a good snus, the nicotine did not hit me as I thought it would but that just might be me. Worth a try.



      Just cracked this can, smells great, tastes great, tobacco no sweetness. Just hints of spearmint. Decent nic! Bout to order a roll. Do it do it. Wish there was more in them, but I guess little over 2.00 is still not bad!


        Not bad, smells like spearmint however can't really notice it taste wise. Very cold feeling indeed against your lip. Bought a 15 pack on sale and for the price I paid I'm glad I did. Nicotine hit is definitely there and stronger than general white, but wont buckle your knees. Had a fun mellow time playing hold em in the casino and very relaxing indeed with these bad boys leeching into my system. Should also note zero sweetness mainly tastes like tobacco. Mild drip but not irritating on your throat at all. If you want an everyday snus at a steal of a price this may be it. Knocked of a star due to taste not being out of the park but certainly not bad in the slightest.


          This is the first Odens product I've ever tried. Based on reviews of other products, I was expecting potency beyond measure. Much to my surprise, this is incredibly smooth, almost creamy, and not an overpowering mint. There's a nice nic hit but not overwhelming. I can leave this in for a long time with no drip. I am very impressed with it and think my next purchase will have more of these in it.

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          Not bad, really. The mint flavor is nice, and the tobacco drip is minimal. However I only got about 14 portions in my can.


            Skruf slim used to be my favorite mint snus,not anymore.this and the white dry extreme version have become not only my favorite mint snuses,but my favorite any type snus.its weird,because the original cold versions I just can't get into,but these white dry versions are the best flavored snuses I have yet to try.its not overly sweet,but just right.this version is a perfect compliment to the extreme version,as it has less nicotine,but essentially the same taste. Only wish they had more portions per can,but at the current price per can,its still a great deal.love this version as an all day snus,but especially after a big meal. Even if you are not into mint,this is one you should try at least once,it has a very unique mint flavor without being candy sweet,and a nice burn. Five stars imho.

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            GAMMAL - Oden's Cold White Dry

            GAMMAL - Oden's Cold White Dry

            Odens Cold White Dry Portion snus is a white portion snus which runs slower than regular portions but the flavor tends to last longer.

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