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Jakobssons Melon Original

Jakobssons Melon Original Portion Snus was designed for the American market. If you are into a sweeter flavored snus, you should give this non-traditional snus a try.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 20Portions / Can: 20
Available Since: 2012Pouch Size: Normal
Shipping Weight (g): 40Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Melon
Flavor Group: Fruity
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Flavors, Humectant (E1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E500), Sweetener (E954)

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Jakobssons Melon Original Portion Snus was designed for the American market. If you are into sweet and flavored snus, you should give this non-traditional snus a try.


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"designed for the American market"

I'd say so!

My lady "hates" snus but occasionally partakes in nicotine pouches. Upon opening this she perked up and said "what's that smell" followed by "uhhh, can i try one" and has taken a few more when offered when other methods of nicotine intake were inconvenient.

I do find the flavor obvious but not overwhelming, but I also vape and tend to cut store bought vape juice down to 10% or less as I find those flavors too strong.

This will be a regular 10 pack on future orders.

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Good for what it is

I got burned out on this snus after ordering a roll of this and another flavor from the same company a few years ago. A little goes a long way. It has a very strong odor when opening the can that others nearby will notice, so keep that in mind.


    Mmm tasty

    This is such a delicious flavor. It's very sweet and mixes VERY well with the tobacco. I'm not usually a fan of artificial melon but there's something about this that just SLAPS. Used this snus in 2011 and the formula seems a LITTLE different in that it isn't as strong (maybe it's my tolerance...idk) but the flavor is just as I remember it. The flavor also lasts SO long, too. I had it in for about two hours before I noticed the flavor dwindling. This snus would be good for someone just starting out who enjoys fruity stuff and needs that extra kick without falling on their butt. I can't say I'd want it as an all-day snus because of how strong the flavor it, but I can see throwing it in once or twice a day. It makes for a GREAT after dinner snus.



      That good ole bubblegum chew with that melony-honeydew.
      A little candied sweet, although not overtly so. Surprisingly addictive/enjoyable.

      This unquestionably serves as the perfect complement to, well, anything.

      Overall: Nice sweetness, good presence of flavor, and in general just a fun change of pace.

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      Just a whole tin of YES!

      Watermelon bubblegum. And not the crappy kind either. It’s just an amazing candy watermelons. I can’t really comment on the nicotine hit since my tolerance is quite high. 2 pouches at a time and the flavor strength is perfect...still no nic buzz for me though.


        Too artificial

        I like the level of sweetness but the melon flavoring tastes like I took a swig from a bottle of artificial melon extract. Bleh. I'm also not a fan of the bitterness.


          Relaxing Snus

          I love the entire Jakobsson's line and they deserve to be on the shelves in the US. Other brand like Thunder need to take the back seat. Great Job Gotland!!!

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          Too Sweet for My Taste

          I grabbed a couple cans of this in my first order. I don't like the taste/smell of American dip (it makes me gag), so this was one that came highly recommended to me.

          The first couple portions were great - decent nic hit, strong flavor, etc. - however, after a little while, the sugary sweetness became a bit overbearing for me and I got a bit burned out on it.

          I will say that it's definitely worth trying, but I don't think it serves well as an all-day snus in my humble opinion. YMMV

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          Very good

          Definitely worth a try if you're in to the sweeter snus. I'm normally not, but thought I would try it after reading reviews. Give it a shot.

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          My favorite flavored snus

          A can of Jakobsson's Melon was in my first-ever snus order, a "let's try one of everything" affair in early 2012. I was immediately hooked. The flavor is great and the nicotine strength is right where I like it. This is what got me to give up American snuff (Kodiak Wintergreen was my daily dipper) for good.

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          This stuff is great!

          I'm on my second order and this was the most bubbliciously delicious snus I've had to date. The flavor seeps in like a slow acting melon flavored gum, almost like a starburst. It's like candy, and It's absolutely delightful!

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          One of My Favorite Non Traditional Snus'

          If you want something different but has a good kick to it, try this! I really like how strong the flavor is, very melon forward. Note though, if you put this anywhere near another can or pouch while open, it will smell and taste like this! I learned the hard way when I first started snusing and put a few pouches together under one lid to have variety through the day. I spent the entire day going "okay this one is the melon I can taste it!". Still not sure which was it.

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          Fist time snubie

          I started dipping because there is a no tobacco policy at my job and we can’t leave at break, therefor 10 hrs without nicotine was a no go. But even when dipping it is a little obvious so I have to hide it. Then I thought about trying American snus. I found the snubie channel and decided to try Swedish snus. I just got my order the other day and was surprised. I got this snus in a ten pack along with one mini can, onyx, nick and Johnny Americana and general classic white mini. From the reviews by snubie I had a certain expectation in mind. I wasn’t aware of the burn from swallowing snus so I still spit and the flavors are very strong. I am used to Copenhagen wintergreen pouches but when I tried this melon flavor I was hooked. I also enjoyed the others but it has taken a few days to adjust to the new flavor experience. I still smoke a couple of cigs a day but Swedish snus is going to be in my life for quite some time. The general flavors tasted more like natural American dip but with hints of citrus and bergamot. And the onyx flavor had more of a citrus bite which works well with the tobacco flavor. All in all I’m very pleased. If you spent the time reading this thank you and I hope you enjoy the Swedish snus experience

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          my other favorite snus!

          next to Thunder Ultra Very Raspy, this is my second favorite for sure! great cantaloupe flavor and sweetness


            Smoking to Snus

            First time Snus user and I'll be ordering more.
            If you try to side lip it like a can of snuff, the flavor is overpowering, and for me personally so was the amount of nicotine. Within seconds I knew it was too much. However using the "traditional" method of placing it behind the center of the upper lip the ingredients seem to release more slowly and you get a nice sensation of the flavor of melons. Still - I need a break from a fresh pouch within a matter of minutes, set it aside in the provided area in the can and get back to it within the next 10-20 minutes or so. I'm not a fan of the American snuff found in the stores local to me.. and coming off a 2 pack a day habit found myself still wanting to smoke even while using it. Jakkobson's Melon however? The nicotine hits me pretty hard and quick. The flavor has a pleasant and lasting flow when placed behind the upper lip, and because it's in a pouch I don't mind setting it aside for 10-30 minutes and re-using when I've had my fill of nicotine for the time being. I will be ordering more.

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            Excellent Flavor

            I am usually a Wintergreen fan and I love the Jakobssons Wintergreen strong. This was a nice surprise. It tastes like a combination between watermelon and Cantelope. It is delicious. I will be buying a whole roll next order. A definite must try. Not too sweet and just enough flavor to make it like candy.


              It's bubblicious!

              I was happily surprised I liked this product. It is sweet, however the melon flavor is very present and everything is balanced and not overpowering. The flavor reminds me of bubblicious watermelon wave gum.


                Big Melons

                WAY too sweet for my taste.

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                Get your hands on these Melons.

                Listen, I'm a man. I'm a real deal American hairy chested man. I don't need my snus candy coated and sprinkled with fairy dust. I'll take a can of Odens Extreme Original and a 5th of Jim Beam and love life. But when I want to feel like I'm 12 and I rode my bike 1mile to the corner store in my neighborhood and spent my money on Juicy Fruit Gum... Jakobson Mellon is like a time machine. I'm 12 and I'm riding a rusty Huffy BMX and my mouth is full of fruity freedom. If you want to skip this and be a snus purest punk.. Go ahead. But if you want the occasional melon memory motherload.. Buy a tin. My name is Justin Thomas Jones. Believe dat.

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                This stuff is so good

                I just got my order of Jakobsson's melon strong today. I have never tried it before but i went ahead and got a whole roll cuz of the reviews and i must say this stuff is good. It smells just like candy. Would order again.



                  This stuff is sweet I mean too sweet but hey I bought some nick and johnnys Cactus green that by itself was yuck so i put one melon and one cactus and whammo perfect blend together


                    Great flavor

                    I just purchased a "bag of snus" this was in it, I put off trying it because I wasn't sure about a mellon flavor. When I did get to it I was in love with it. Not too sweet to me and a great mellon flavor. I will buy more on my next order!!!



                      First, Snus Central did an outstanding job in processing my order and delivering extremely fast and as a new, first time order customer I was highly impressed. The product? TERRIBLE....my go to snus has always been Jakobsson's Classic Strong and I was looking for a strong snus with some flavor just to change things up a bit. Well, the melon flavor is extremely sweet and overwhelming that it completely destroys any enjoyment of the product. I'm still wanting a good strong snus with some flavor, so am now looking at Oden's Extreme Vanilla and would love to hear any suggestions or feedback anyone may have.

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                      Jakobsson's Melon Strong

                      Jakobsson's Melon Strong is my first Melon type Snus and wow this stuff is pretty amazing, its got a nice tasty melon taste and the nicotine is there and comes on fast. Portions and really well made, soft and fit in the lip nicely. If you like melon and need a desert type Snus I can highly recommend Jakobsson's Melon Strong - High quality and great tasting product!

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                      wonderful and strong

                      Amazing melon taste. Sweet and pleasant. You can smell it from the other room when the can is opened and it'll make your mouth water just smelling it. The nic hit is strong but not overpowering which is a plus. Order it you won't regret it.


                        I got this in a mixed set, and thought I probably wouldn't like it, so opened it first to get it over with. You know, try one, throw that can away....Well, I ended up really liking it, enough that I would order it on purpose.

                        The overall flavor is moderate in intensity, the tobacco flavor is light, without an obvious salty taste. It has a nice, natural flavor, kind of generic but that is the appeal, as it isn't too strong with any notes. The nicotine is fine, although it isn't particularly strong, just stronger than average. The flavor does last a long time and fades away instead of turning bitter. I can get 1-2 hours out of one. I throw a few of these in the ashtray of my regular snus, and use them as a mix up during the day. Not sure I would use them exclusively, but I never use the same flavor 3x in a row anyway. If you like natural flavors, you shouldn't be afraid to pick up a few cans and try this out. It is a refreshing change from the typical flavors.


                          I'm a fan of the Jakobsson's snus and they're generally my daily, be it the wintergreen, mint or melon here. You might be a little curious how melon fits into the snus world...and I'd tell you, wonderfully! It surprised me the first time I tried these melon snus how well the melon flavor works with tobacco. These definitely tend to be a sweeter snus than most, but that can be a good thing for some people like myself and even certain situations. I really enjoy popping one of these in the morning, but also sometimes after a meal to get a nice sweet experience that isn't a typical mint type flavor. To me, I'm rarely reminded of tobacco when I put one of these in...it's more about the flavor than it is the tobacco experience. These tend to last a really long time flavor-wise...at least an hour, sometimes two. Although they're probably not a daily, all the time thing for anyone...I definitely recommend trying them out if you're looking for something radically different to mix up your experience!


                            Just wow. This has been my favorite of the 6 cans I have ordered so far.(still have 2 more to try) Has the aroma of a weak watermelon and honey dew, but honestly it tastes like Juicy Fruit bubblegum to me. Great nicotine hit, great flavor, perfect pouch. This will be one that I buy again. GREAT snus.


                              Honestly, I tried this last of all the cans I bought because it just didn't seem too appealing to me. Boy was I wrong. If you like flavored Snus, buy this one! This ended up being my fav of all of them. If they sold this in the U.S. it would fly off the shelves.


                                This is one of my personal favorites and I now order it by the roll and pretty much use it as a daily snus. You can read my other reviews, I rarely hand out the 5 star ratings, I save it for the very best snus and this is one of them. Nic Hit is STRONG, the flavor is STRONG but good. You have to like flavored snus to like this one, it definetily tastes like melon. Tobacco taste is still in there of course and it's just the right amount for me, definetily my favorite from the Jakobssons line, light years better than Ice Fruit :) Can be "slightly" drippy on the ol teeth if your not careful so if concealment is an issue for you keep an eye on that, not bad at all though, I really have no gripes with this stuff, A++


                                  By far my favorite snus to date! Excellent sweet taste of watermelon that packs a wallop of a buzz. I'm gonna be ordering like 2 rolls of this!


                                    I received a can of this with my Bag O' Snus purchase and I enjoyed it very much. My only complaint is that the can is a bit difficult to open in comparison to many others, so I just used another can to store them during my day.


                                      This is an excellent flavored snus. I first tried it about a year or so ago, and now I always have a few cans on hand. The flavor is nothing like a fruit flavored American smokeless tobacco. Not overpowering.....just right. Give this one a try and you will always want to have some on hand.


                                        Have to admit,i am not huge fan of jaks snus,they all seem to a strange aftertaste,but i decided to try this a while back.it does not have thatt bitter or weird aftertaste most of their other brands do,has a great flavor,just a good all around snus with a decent nic hit.


                                          Wow! Just got this in today, thought I would give it a try and man am I glad I did! In a word....perfection. Something between a honey dew and watermelon, not too sweet, just right. It's like a little slice of Summer time in your mouth! GET IT NOW!

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                                          This is the way to get your honeydew melon with nicotine.I am not sure why it was created for the u.s. market,leaving out all my friends in so. america and Europe.My people were Vikings however and would approve of this snus.Drip is perfect and Nicotine is just right.I dont know how you will keep this in stock.You need to keep some set aside for your better customers.The shipping was great. I got to ruin another u.p.s.guy, gave him a can.HE was happy!I think he was Cuban,well it will be all over town now.They love quality products.So do I.5 stars for this one. P.S. I know the Vikings didn't have Snus. If they would have.This is one they would have taken.


                                            Not big on flavored anus, didn't care for coffee or cola anus (and. I love everything coffee) BUT this stuff is ridiculous!!! It tastes like watermelon candy tobacco in the best possible way!!!!

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                                            Jakobssons Melon Original

                                            Jakobssons Melon Original

                                            Jakobssons Melon Original Portion Snus was designed for the American market. If you are into a sweeter flavored snus, you should give this non-traditional snus a try.

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