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Jakobssons Wintergreen Original

Jakobsson's Wintergreen Strong Portion Snus is a sweeter wintergreen snus designed for the American market flavor profile.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 20Nicotine (%): 1.4
Portions / Can: 20Available Since: 2010
Pouch Size: NormalShipping Weight (g): 40
Flavor Group: Fresh
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Flavors, Humectant (E1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E500), Sweetener (E954)

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Jakobsson's Wintergreen Strong Portion Snus is the sweetest of the popular wintergreen snuses available today.  It has a higher nicotine level than regular snus.

If you like wintergreen snus (I don't personally) Jakobssons Wintergreen Strong Portion Snus is one of the three top wintergreen strong/extra strong snuses you should try.


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10+ years and counting

I've been using Jakobssons Wintergreen for over 10 years now. I've tried a few other brands and flavors, but always come back to this one. Love the strength and the burn. The flavor is unmatched, in my opinion. JWG for life!

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My daily snus. Absolutely love it

If you’ve used and liked General Wintergreen or wintergreen dip then you’ll like this one. The wintergreen flavor is balanced well and the portions have a nice burn.
I’ve been through probably 150 cans of this since switching from General and I’m still not tired of it. The portions are good quality and I’ve never had one break on me. It does definitely degrade quickly after its expiration date so only order enough to get you through.

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Ups star loss

This snus on its own should get 5 stars. Great snus. Snuscentral uses ups to deliver to the states and honestly they have never got one to me when they said they would. Doesn’t sound like a big problem except it’s a signature required package and I have to have someone their to sign. The closest ups distribution center to me is over an hour away and I’ve had to go pick up 4 out of 5 shipment from their just because they can’t get me a package when they say they will. Sorry snuscentral but if I have to keep fighting ups to get the snus I bought I’ll just go back to something els.

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This is awesome. If you like American wintergreen dip you’ll lik

Great tobacco and wintergreen flavor. If you like dip I’d highly recommend trying this. Solid nicotine hit too.


    Similar to Skoal/Cope/Grizzly WG

    Nice if you like that flavor.

    Not into so much anymore but definitely scratched that itch. I was disappointed I only ordered one can but snus central threw another one in randomly.



      Very good.

      Full disclosure: as a little girl I reached for wintergreen gum over other treats, and this has only reignited my love affair. It’s hands down my favorite snus for a variety of reasons: The nicotine hit is just right and seems moderately paced in its release. The flavor also just keeps going long after the nic is gone (to the point where I have to remind myself to spit it out, sometimes hours later.) Compared to General, the flavor is stronger and a little more on the sweet side, although not sickeningly so. I personally find Jakobsson’s portions to be more satisfying, but of course they are stronger so that’s a matter of preference. The tobacco flavor comes through after a while and balances nicely with the wintergreen. Jakobsson’s always seems to deliver high quality and robust flavor at a good value. I would definitely try it if you’re interested in wintergreen or something a little refreshing.

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      Best WG snus

      I’ve only had general wintergreen and now this one
      And if I had to write this for a fellow American who dips I can tell you that this WG flavor is more like Copenhagen’s WG
      While general has more of a skoal WG flavor

      This snus is good but I wish it had a loose version or more of a burn with the portion

      This is a regular portion btw,so it’s not dry like generals. Which I find better
      If someone at general or Jacobson’s reads this
      Just know that you made WG snus for us Americans
      So why not bring loose for us or more of a stinging feeling?
      With dip we throw it in and right away we get the sensation of the burn with snus it just sits there and slowly releases the flavor

      It’s not only the nic we’re addicted too
      Or at least that’s my hardest thing to curve while trying to stay quit from dip

      I need the burn!!!!!!

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      Wintergreen for the win

      If you like Wintergreen and strong snus you can't go wrong with this one. Great flavor and a good nicotine hit all in one. This is one of my favorite snus.

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      Excellent flavor and quality!

      This is now my go to snus. The flavor is just great, perfect balance of wintergreen and strength. Very high quality. This snus closely resembles general wintergreen the most. You won't be disappointed!

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      Good Flavor, One of The Best Wintergreens

      Found this to be a bit too sweet at first with almost too much wintergreen flavor however in comparison to similar products, it is one of the best. If you like wintergreen, you can't go wrong here.

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      I purchased 30 random cans with the bag'o'snus sampler and I am going to say that this is probably one of the best I've had so far with it.. I used to smoke/chew wintergreen grizzly and this is probaly as close as it'll get for me.. I still have 25 different kinds to try but ugh... next order, this is gonna be a big part of it. Seems to last extra long, and it's also very consistent.. You will not be disappointed.


        Not bad at all. Nicotine is definitely there and mild sting to the gums but nothing major. A little on the sweet side but nothing like American snus sweet. I'm surprised the nicotine doesn't hit harder given the stats on it, but indeed noticeable. Wish there was more of a minty aspect to this one but its purely a sweet wintergreen. I can see why some would make this an everyday choice.


          This is probably my top wintergreen snus, great nic hit and flavour. I think its similar to General wintergreen but better nic hit and a little more natural taste it seems. It lasts for at least an hour for me, which i find to be perfect. if you like wintergreen you wont be disappointed.


            This snus has been a long time favorite of mine. When I was first getting into snus, I didn't care for this one too much...I simply found my tastes satisfied elsewhere and maybe found it a bit on the strong side. Fast forward, my tastes and preferences changed a bit and this one really started to appeal to me. Now days, I usually order at least two rolls of this and usually another roll of Jakobssons (mint or melon) to fill things out a bit. Overall, it is a sweeter wintergreen than others I've tried, but it's not sickly sweet by any means. I find the wintergreen flavor quite pleasant, it's probably my favorite WG snus of the many I've tried. Overall, it's just a perfect balance of tobacco, salt and wintergreen. I also find these last a lot longer when frozen than many other snus out there, a must because I'm a slow snuser and tend to order in bulk. The can is great, probably one of the more characteristic of all that I've seen. Overall, I think it's well worth a taste...for me, it's an every day thing and largely the reason I order my snus overseas.

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            My go to is general wintergreen. This is less expensive & has a good nicotine hit. The flavor is different from general wintergreen slightly sweeter but still quite good. This may become my new everyday snus.


              This is my go to snus along with Jakobssons Classic Strong. Both are wonderful. Wintergreen is very close to american wintergreen flavors. This has just the right amount of nicotine for me, a former smoker, without the harsh drip that other snus' like thunder can cause. The customer service at snuscentral is great too! Always fresh and always fast to arrive. I suspect I will be a long time customer of Jakobssons and Snus Central. Thanks!


                My only snus. I have tried over 50 varieties of loose and portion. This one is above all my favourite and now (for the last year) the only one I ever use. Good smell, wintergreen taste, not sweet, tobacco flavour comes through nicely after 20-30 mins. I leave them in 45-75 minutes. Good smooth nic hit. Simply tastes of US wintergreen without the sugary sweetness. I have found I can enjoy this with beer - almost all kinds of beer. Note - with IPA high IBU this is intolerable. 6 stars!!!!!!


                  Excellent snus early morning with coffee and after evening meals. Great long lasting flavor with a hearty nicotine hit. Unlike some of the other stronger snus which made hiccup and kinda gag, this one is smooth and fulfilling with a beverage. Literally helped me quit 38 years of smoking with no withdrawal symptoms the very 1st day.


                    Jakobssons Wintergreen, Strong Portion Snus is the best snus product that i have tried. The different between the camel brands and the Swedish brand is the dryness that the Camel causes in the throat. Very irritating! I have tried other snus products from Sweden, but did not enjoy the taste of the leaves. This is a superior product. Thanks


                      This stuff is great. Very quick nic hit, but not overpowering at all. Very light wintergreen flavor at first followed by an even lighter wintergreen and nice tobacco flavor after about 30 minutes. Lasts a long time and even tho the pouches are a little wider they are very comfortable and mold nice to your gum. Also doesn't produce a large lump in your lip as some large portions do. This was my 1rst can I opened of my 1rst Swedish snus order, and I love it. I hope the other 10 various cans I received can hold up to this. Definitely think this will be part of my regular rotation. Also I was a Camel Large Wintergreen user before I received my order...now I understand the difference between the American and Swedish Snus!

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                      Jakobssons Wintergreen Original

                      Jakobssons Wintergreen Original

                      Jakobsson's Wintergreen Strong Portion Snus is a sweeter wintergreen snus designed for the American market flavor profile.

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