Rave Reviews for the new SnusCENTRAL Custom Black Aluminum Snus Can by DUS

Published : 12/21/2018 21:45:49

Since the SnusCENTRAL Custom Black Aluminum Snus Can was personally commissioned by me, Moe Unz, from US defense contractor DUS, it is fitting that I write the first review of it. My review will be completely unbiased, I assure you.  No, really!

Using beer keg quality aluminum, this luxurious aluminum snus can has a baked-on black coating like that used on stealth aircraft, a tight-fitting used snus compartment, and submarine-grade rubber seals to keep your snus fresh.  

Most noteworthy, the catch lid is painstakingly hand engraved by machine with the famous SnusCENTRAL logo!  The can has also been approved for interplanetary space travel.

While the same size in diameter, the can is slimmer than most conventional snus cans and fits well in a pocket or purse.

The stylish SnusCENTRAL Black Aluminum Snus Can by DUS....classy!Vigorously tested personally by me, Moe Unz at pubs and wet bars throughout Sweden, the SnusCENTRAL Snus Can could be the most bar-worthy snus can ever created!  This is truly the snus can of Snus Lords like you, and me Moe Unz!

What?  Oh I see.  According to our lawyers, I must add a few clarifications to the Custom Black Aluminum SnusCENTRAL Snus Can description above. 

The design details behind the SnusCENTRAL Snus Can are a trade secret of DUS so I've actually never seen the manufacturing process or schematics .  They would not even allow me to visit the manufacturing plant out of fear my well-known drunken clumsiness would cause an industrial accident.

Speaking of DUS, it turns out they are not a US defense contractor.  DUS stands for Decapo Silver AB. They were founded right here in Lidköping in 1986 by Gunnar and Inger Cardell together with Willi and Siv Daudistel.

Since its inception, Dacapo has been a leading supplier of gift items, corpus and cutlery to the goldsmith industry.  Today, the company is run by Jonas and Stefan Cardell, sons of Gunnar and Inger, none of whom seem to be associated with any defense contractor or arms manufacturer.  Too bad; my version had more mystery and intrigue.

Regarding the the black coating on the can looking to be the same material used on stealth fighter jets, it looks like it to me but in honesty I can not swear to it.  I must also confess I am not an expert on war planes.

Likewise, I have never been on a submarine but the rubber seals look like those I saw in the 1990 movie "Hunt for Red October".  The movie was pre-High Definition so the picture wasn't great; my copy being a boot-leg DVD probably didn't help either.

As for being "approved for space travel", this means I sent a SnusCENTRAL Snus Can to Elon Musk and he didn't send it back.  That must mean he would use it in his space ships, correct?

I, Moe Unz, DO know beer kegs though!  If this can isn't beer keg quality or greater, it should be!

This is the only series of SnusCENTRAL Snus Cans ever released, that much is undisputed fact.  Slap this down on the bar and your snus-loving friends will burn with envy...and potential sexual partners will marvel at your incredibly good taste and style. 

I can't promise anything will come of that for you, but at worst you may get some free drinks....anything is possible!

Enjoy your snus and treat yourself to a SnusCENTRAL Custom Aluminum Portion Snus Can while they are still available!

God Jul och ett Gott Nytt Snus År! 

Legendary Swedish Snus Lord and Manager;
The Snus Shop at SnusCentral.com

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