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Epok Melon Slim Ultra White

Epok Melon White Slim Portion Snus is described as having a clear, refreshing and distinct melon flavor.  This melds with the white tobacco's basic character, creating something entirely novel.
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Tobacco weight (g): 16.8Nicotine (%): 0.85
Portions / Can: 24Available Since: 2015
Portionsstorlek: SlimShipping Weight (g): 38
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Melon
Ingredients: Water, Stabilizer (E 460), Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor, Thickener (E 401), Sweetener Xylitol

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Epok Snus uses a proprietary "white tobacco". Snus made with this white tobacco boasts it doesn't run or discolor your teeth, needs no refrigeration, and has the same nicotine delivery as with traditional brown tobacco snus. Epok Snus also contains Xylitol, a dental-friendly artificial sweetner.


Articles about this product


Better then what most say...

I didn't like the smell... I have to get that right off the bat... Smells like fake melons, strong smell... Taste was very light and refreshing though. Lasted 15 20 minutes, then turns into a light salty taste. Portion felt uncomfortable at first but melded right into my lip Bottom line, I am willing to sacrifice some performance to keep my teeth nice and bright!

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A Deliciously Refreshing Snus

Has the delicious taste of cantaloupe with a bit of tobacco in the background. The only downside is that the flavor only lasts for 15-20 minutes.


    Decent but could use some more flavor

    Perhaps giving Epok Melon 4 Stars is a bit generous but overall it's pretty good.

    Initially Epok snus have an off, as others have described it, a chemical like taste. Likely because of the white tobacco. Not sure how many pouches it took but after maybe 5 you, rather I, don't notice it anymore. For whatever reason it's just something one has to get use to.

    The Melon flavor is great however it is rather weak and doesn't last long. Sucking on the pouch helps draw out the flavor but it's not a very long lasting pouch; in regards to flavor. I have to agree with others that Epok could really use more, longer lasting flavor in their snus. Personally if it had more, longer lasting flavor I would have easily rated this is a 5 star and be a heavy user of this and Lime.

    Because I like having something lighter when I wake up the Epok Melon and Lime have been perfect. Though because of the lack in flavor I'm more inclined to just stick with Lime but we'll see. With an order I placed today I decided to try some Jakobsson's slim white portion Melon since reviews seem to praise it's flavor. Pending my take on that I'm unsure what the future holds. I truly hope Epok can beef up their Melon flavor because I'd really like to continue using this. While I'd strongly recommend Lime I'd still suggest giving Melon a shot.


      my 50% Snus

      Why do I call this my 50% Snus? I call it that because one of these is every other pouch i put in my mouth. I have been enjoying Snus for over two years so I wouldn't say I'm new to it. I will say that I do not enjoy the flavor or aroma of Bergamot. I avoid Snus with that aroma and taste. I really appreciate that this company understands that many do not like the flavor of Bergamot. This is a pure melon only flavor, and I really like that about this product.

      Even though I usually use a "Stark" Snus these are still satisfying enough to use regularly. I do recommend them for people who are new as well as for people that need a palate cleansing after a strong, dark flavor. I also recommend these for late at night when it's possible that you will fall asleep with one in your mouth. Much easier to wake up with this still in your mouth.


        Bad Candy

        starting with the can. I love the design. clear bottom and futuristic font makes the can just pull your eyes to it.

        Once you open the the can you're greeted with a distinct cantaloupe scent that makes you crave the actual mellon itself. the portions packed full of the special white tobacco (that I'm not too crazy about). the large amount of tobacco stuffed into the comfortable slim portion makes distribution of the tobacco within the portion very even. not much room for it to all collect on one side like most other products out there.

        that's where the praise ends. the flavor of this snus was fairly disappointing. it does taste very much like cantaloupe, I'll give it that. but the flavor is so subtle you have to lick the portion to taste it. the salt in this snus is just as strong as the melon flavor making it even harder to detect the already extremely mild hint of melon.

        the nicotine was even more so disappointing. being a habitual user of extreme snus, I knew this portion wasn't going to hit me like I would like. most normal strength snus does work fine for me though. I found this one to be so week that I needed to throw two portions in just to make it feel like it had any nicotine at all. by the end of my twelve hour shift I found myself with four in at a time. one on either side both top and bottom. though doing this made the flavor seem acceptable having four portions in all the time would not be.

        would I recommend? maybe if you've never had nicotine before and want to give it a try. otherwise no. even with the slim choices of melon snus, there are several better options.

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        I agree with the other commenter.

        Very simple, with little to no tobacco flavor, and the flavor that's there, is pretty short lived. For me maybe 20 minutes.

        That being said, sometimes that's exactly what I'm in the mood for.

        Especially first thing in the morning or the last one of the evening. The flavor is very pleasant. I just wish it were more intense or longer lasting.

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        2.5 stars...

        Epok is my first experience with white snus. I understand that it undergoes additional processes which 'clean' the tobacco, presenting a white snus. That said, it seems that this cleansing also washes away a lot of the complexities in snus that I've come to appreciate and crave. Epok's white snus is, for lack of better explanation, simple. There are no complexities here. Just a straightforward, extremely mild flavor profile driven by its flavorings vs. the tobacco itself.

        Melon snus starts off with the barest hint of canteloupe, and extremely low salt. The tobacco itself tastes hushed and watered down, and reminds me somewhat of how Ettan tastes at the end of its life in my lip. Weak. The sweetness is also mild, and really has nothing to hold on to or embellish. Overall, Epok would fare well in increasing the flavors in this product, since it seems the tobacco itself offers little to my palate.

        The slim portion fits quite comfortably in my upper lip. Smooth and discreet, with a gentle nicotine burn that dissipates after about 30-45 minutes.

        Longevity is low to average for me. I find that I grow quite bored with this after 30-45 minutes, having to work it a bit in my mouth to coax out more flavor. The nicotine however has as much longevity as I would expect from this size portion.

        I imagine that the best target audience for Epok Melon White is for those new to snus and aren't yet ready to tackle the complexities and richness of "brown" snus. It's very unassuming and soft flavor makes it an easy transition into snusing. Also, it would fit those seeking a nicotine source but don't want the bolder, more complex flavors that come with brown tobacco (although I would still suggest that this type of person try Ettan or Roda Lacket vs. this). Lastly, the most obvious target audience, are those who are concerned about staining their teeth—in which case, I'd simply direct them to any number of teeth whitening products on the market and hand them a can of Göteborgs Rapé Lingon or Lime with a smile on my face. :)

        Recommended? Hmm, not entirely unless you fit one of the categories I'd just mentioned. If you're simply curious, as I was, about trying white snus, I suggest you start with their Lime offering—much more flavorful, intriguing, and lasting. While Epok Melon is not a 'bad' tasting snus, it is, in my opinion, not worth the price of admission for me personally.

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        Epok Melon Slim Ultra White

        Epok Melon Slim Ultra White

        Epok Melon White Slim Portion Snus is described as having a clear, refreshing and distinct melon flavor.  This melds with the white tobacco's basic character, creating something entirely novel.

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