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Islay Whisky Original

Islay Whiskey Snus - Finest snus with a luxury flavor of whisky.This snus is made of pure tobacco which guarantees highest quality and best flavor experience. The tobacco is stored in whisky barrels and seasoned with whisky from the Scottish island of Islay.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 20Nicotine (%): (strong)
Portions / Can: 20Available Since: 2013
Portionsstorlek: NormalShipping Weight (g): 70
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, WhiskyFlavor Group: Spicy
Ingredients: Islay Whisky, Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)

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Islay Whiskey Snus - Finest snus with a luxury flavor of whisky.This snus is made of pure tobacco which guarantees highest quality and best flavor experience. The tobacco is stored in whisky barrels and seasoned with whisky from the Scottish island of Islay.


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I don't like whisky, but I love this snus.

I think I like this one because of the tobacco taste. It's not overpowering in the whisky department, and has a nice tobacco/oak flavor. It's a good all day snus!


    Wont be ordering again

    I'm partial to portions, but wanted to dry loose, and am a huge scotch fan. This is good in theory but that's it. I've found less is more with this one. With a small pinch I can taste a subtle whiskey flavor but not enough as well as can't feel any sort of nic hit. With larger pinches the flavor seems less, and ends up just making a mess in my mouth. Perhaps with time I could use it with out having black teeth, but the flavor and feel just aren't enough to try. Won't be purchasing this again. I would however give a juicy regular portion a try, I think it has potential.

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    I was disappointed with this snus. I thought it would be a lovely mesh of tobacco flavor with a fairly prominent flavor of whisky but I was wrong. I tasted pepper, tobacco, and an overwhelming salty taste which wasn't pleasant. I won't be ordering anymore of this snus.

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    First Time Trying

    I have to first say I've not ever strayed from General Snus as I am from the United States and the stuff camel and Marlboro puts out is crap. This is the first I've tried something different. I can't say I really taste the whisky flavoring, for me its more of a natural flavor. The can is very nice as its metal. I enjoy the buzz from this and I noticed no drip. Overall I don't really notice the flavor unless it touches my tongue.

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    I'm a mint person but this is my favorite snus

    I switched to snus about 3 months ago after trying camel frost and looking for something better to help quit smoking. I'm absolutely a mint snus kind of guy but this is absolutely amazing. It is smooth, salty, smokey but with a nice hint of whiskey. I was going to throw away all my tobacco flavored snus but this helped me adjust to something that wasn't mint flavored. I notice a small drip but it's very pleasant and easy on the throat, while tasting great! I usually keep a portion of mint snus in for about 30-40 minutes before the drip irritates my throat too much but with this I can keep one in for close to two hours. Yes it's more expensive but I actually change portions less frequently and save money while it being more enjoyable plus it has a very pleasant amount of nicotine. I would recommend this to anyone. I will absolutely buy an entire roll on my next purchase in a week or two provided they aren't sold out. It is a must try in my opinion.

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    It's changed! :(

    Recent batches are terrible! It used to be smooth and delicious tobacco flavor with a hint of whiskey. New batches are like briny peaty gasoline. Very disappointing.

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    Excited to try this

    When I got this in the mail, it was the first thing I tried in my order of Snus. I let three of the guys I work with try it also and we all came to the agreement that we weren't to impressed by it. I will order it later on down the line sometime. But for now it is not my go to Snus at the moment.

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    High expectations, bit dissapointed.

    I'd been looking forward to trying this snus for a long time, and descriptions of the flavor profile made me think it would be right up my alley. Unfortunately, I never could appreciate this product. I dipped Skoal wintergreen for two years before switching to snus, and to me the background tobacco taste in this is very similar to Skoal. This may be partially mental since I was aware that is a fire-cured snus, but I never liked swallowing with this snus. The whisky flavor wasn't much to speak of. For comparison's sake: I like General White portion, G.3 white extra strong, GR white, and Thunder ultra strong.

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    Really good

    Just put the first pouch's great!

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    My new favorite snus. Great tobacco flavor which made me swear off any American dip/snuff I was using. Light whiskey flavor with some saltyness, the flavor lasts longer than most. The unique tin is a great plus too once you wipe off the coating which sometimes becomes sticky. Will use for other portions for durability in a working mans pocket.

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    Better than Copenhagen!

    This is a 5 star snus for me personally. I dipped Copenhagen for years, it was my top choice. While I like snus overall better, I never did find anything that could scratch that Copenhagen itch. Everything I tried that was supposedly similar always had an after taste of citrus or wasn't salty enough. This Islay Whiskey snus has that same bite as a dip of Cope but adds a lot extra with the light Whiskey flavor. The salt is just right and overall it's my top pick right now. It's a little drippy but really not bad. The Tin is freakin sweeeet, my friends that do not snus absolutely love the tin. This one is a winner, A+
    If you like Copenhagen, you will like this even better!

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    I ordered this snus with my very first snus order. I've had my eye on it for a while, and I absolutely had to try it. The smell is heavenly. It's a very complex tobacco aroma with light hints of single malt scotch. Very good if you like tobacco flavors. The taste was something I totally wasn't expecting. The first notes are a lovely smokey tobacco. Very lightly salty; nothing like the saltiness of thunder. After a few moments the scotch breaks through and blends very well with the tobacco. The nic hit is very strong, however. I'm fairly used to thunder strong portions, but this was strong enough to burn my nostrils. If you can handle it, this is a wonderful snus! I will be ordering again!

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    Have never poured whiskey into dip, so I've no reference point in that regard, but I do love me the heck out of some Probe Whiskey Snus- which is less subtle and significantly sweeter than Islay Whisky. Probe is 8mg and Islay is 12, though I don't notice a huge difference there. If anything, Islay seems to come on slower, lighter, and last longer. Flavor itself is great; very nice scotchy tones compliment the nicely rounded well tuned symphony of 'bacco. Smells utterly fantastic in the can which is very nice, if a little dandy looking for my taste. Painted tin w/ a matte paper-like feel. I don't often employ used portion compartments, but this one seems less than ideal, as your unused portions are somewhat exposed to your used portions. Overall am impressed, but will still stick with Probe Whiskey.


      I really went into this with high expectations, as I really love Islay Scotch. Unfortunately, for me, I didn't get a lot of that flavor It's not a terrible snus, don't get me wrong, but it didn't really do it for me.


        Delightful, once a day after dinner snus. Tried one can and just got five more!


          This snus tastes just like Copenhagen Black I liked it but like the
          Reviewer below I am concerned about the fire cure and fermentation
          Really nice metal can with rubberized feel lid

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          Flavor is great, 5 Stars for that but I have 2 concerns. One being that this is fire cured, the same process that by which American dip is made and is said to have much more carcinogens. I could be wrong here. Secondly, unless there is a typo, this snus has 12 mg of nicotine which should classify it as at least a strong, possibly even an extra strong (Some if nick and Johnny's ES have 12 mg). Either way, thats way more than a regular portion would have, so take note of that if you're not wanting an extra strong or strong snus.

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          Amazing! Wonderful!

          This stuff is amazing with a full bodied flavor profile that is out of this world. Mr Andersson, you and your staff have out done your selves.

          The flavor starts off with a strong tobacco flavor, then settles into a perfectly balanced mix of light salt and mild whisky flavor. It takes about 15 min for the flavor to fully develop, and stays strong as long as you keep it tucked in.

          The can is a very nice metal can, that will not slip from the pocket and has a nice design, and a unique catch lid.

          I will be saving all the cans for durable storage when my Icetool can is full.

          This is good enough to be an everyday use, but I can assure you that you will want to stock pile it for treats and special occasions.

          I already have a second order planned in the immediate future.

          Mr Andersson and his staff stand behind their product, and take a personal interest in comments. When I sent an email direct to the manufacturer it got returned with kind words!

          Thank you for the encouragement in my ongoing personal snus making, and thank you and all your staff for an absolutely amazing snus experience. Please keep making this product!

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          Pure awesome. I am a recent snus convert. I used to chew copenhagen original and copenhagen black. Other whiskey flavored chew products have been a nice novelty but always dissapoint. I read the back story on conny anderson and decided to give this a go. He hit the nail on the head. This stuff is so smooth. Its a smooth tobacco, with a hint of something else, which later turns to an even smoother whiskey flavor. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet or obnoxious, and when I took it out of my lip and kicked it around on my tounge a bit, it tasted like a faint whisper of well balanced scotch. Infact I wish the flavor was a little more pronounced.

          Daddy likes. I ordered 5 different brands my first order, with this being the only can that I baught a duplicate of, and I'm glad I did. Its easily my secod favorite out of the batch with the first being general's onyx.

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          Islay Whisky Original

          Islay Whisky Original

          Islay Whiskey Snus - Finest snus with a luxury flavor of whisky.This snus is made of pure tobacco which guarantees highest quality and best flavor experience. The tobacco is stored in whisky barrels and seasoned with whisky from the Scottish island of Islay.

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