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Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong

Nick And Johnny Americana Xtra Strong Portion Snus is an exciting snus with flavor inspiration from America's Rootbeer and Dr Pepper - a full-bodied tobacco character with clear tones of Cherry, wintergreen and cinnamon!
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 22Nicotine (%): 1.4
Portions / Can: 20Available Since: 2013
Pouch Size: NormalShipping Weight (g): 40
Flavor Descr: Cherry, Wintergreen, CinnamonFlavor Group: Fruity
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 500), Salt, Flavors, Sweetener (E 950)

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Nick And Johnny Americana Xtra Strong Portion Snus is an exciting snus with flavor inspiration from America's Rootbeer and Dr Pepper.  This snus has a full-bodied tobacco character with clear tones of Cherry, wintergreen and cinnamon.

Add the high nicotine content and saddle up, cowboy!  You're snusing with Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong Portion Snus.

NOTE:  Nick and Johnny are not cowboys.  We don't even know if they've been to the United States or have ridden a horse.  We've never met them and can't even confirm if they're still alive.  It's a snus mystery.



Taste is hard to describe but I like it

I’m normally a Jakobssons Wintergreen man but I always try to order something new each time also. Wasn’t too sure about a cherry flavor but I just tried it and I actually like it quite a lot. It’s a sort of cherry/vanilla/almond/DR Pepper taste as others have mentioned.
If you like the taste of cherry soda then you’ll probably like this. Not too sweet and has a nice nicotine kick. I think I’ll be adding this to the rotation permanently

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I had been toying with ordering this for the last year, finally did and received my shipment today! I love cherry, I love America, and I so wanted to love Nick & Johnny’s Americana....and I DO! From the moment I popped the top I was greeted by the smell of Dr. Pepper. The flavor develops quickly and does not fade! The nicotine is perfect to keep the cigarette cravings at bay, and the NOT TOO sweet flavors keep me wanting another one. I am so glad I finally ordered is EXACTLY what I was looking for. This one is a winner! I will definitely be ordering more when I get through these 10 cans.

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Like Dr. Pepper with nicotine instead of caffeine

Or maybe more like Mr. Pibb. It's not perfect, and I suppose there is a hint of cherry to it, but as a "dessert snus" this definite grew on me quickly. I would never use something like this as my go-to, but it is a nice break from all the bergamot.

I think this is getting negative reviews mainly because people thought the American reference meant it would be like American smokeless tobacco rather than like stuff that reminds Swedes of Americans (though I suppose we would not necessarily predict that to be Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper in particular).

Anyway, this is very tasty, and it has a pretty strong nic kick (or strong for a few years ago; the dosage escalation since around 2017 has been rather alarming, frankly, and could spell trouble later for anti-import regulations, etc.).

What I think mars Americana's flavor profile a bit is the wintergreen. While it is not strong (hardly distinctly identifiable, actually), it simply does not help at all, and kind of muddies the taste a bit. That said, it is certainly better than the cola-oriented ones that add mint or menthol. As everyone learns the hard way in early childhood, nothing mixes worse that cola and mint flavors (well, I guess lemon and milk - tr it, if you want to be grossed out by a bunch of white snot!).

I think this could be a bit better if the wintergreen were removed or at least halved, and a bit of vanilla were added. (For those not in the know: the classic cola flavor is a combination of vanilla, cinnamon, and citrus, and the main difference between colas is their ratio, though some also add additional smidgens of other flavorings).

I did not care for this snus the first time I tried it, as it seemed too sweet and too peppery and too cinnamon-clovey at the same time, after all day on General White.
But by the end of that first can, after more selective use (e.g. after a burger and fries and a cola, or after some cherry ice cream or some chocolate, or a rich coffee), it became a favorite in the class of strongly flavored, "lets go for something different" snuses, along with some fruit ones and some mint ones. Most big orders, I add at least one can of this.

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this snus is phenomenal and about as merica as it gets. Love the cherry tones with almond. Tastes like a cherry cola almost. Definitely adding this into my rotation more often.


    I’m a proud American

    I love Swedish Snus, but..... I’m confused is the flavor what the Swedes think of us? This tastes like toasted marshmallows. Which isn’t bad but calling it American is where I get confused. I figured if it was call American it would taste like Copenhagen or at minimum Skoal. But not marshmallow. If you like marshmallow then you will like it. I was just disappointed.

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    Trying Again

    This was of the first snus I tried to see if I could find a flavor snus. That was about five years ago. I recently tried it again and have to find that I am really enjoy it. Give it another try if you hated the first time around.



      George Washington's cherry tree meets Lady Liberty's pepper shaker. Confused? Me too. But I like it! It says right on the can: "Medium tobacco flavor with a taste of spicy cherry". They do not lie. The portions are a comfortable 1.1g each and not overly moist. They do drip heavy, but the happy nicotine hit is consistent, as well as the flavor for at least 30-40 minutes or more. Good with coffee and beer.

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      This snus tastes like freedom feels. If you want to feel the pride that a bald eagle feels as it soars across the sky, overlooking the Grand Canyon - this is about as close as it gets. You know that feeling you get when you see an American flag, majestically soaring in the breeze? That's how it feels when you put a portion in of Americana.

      Oh, the flavor. It tastes like a Cherry Dr. Pepper. It's fire.

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      Cherry skoal

      A little sweet really reminds me of Cherry skoal. I don't really get a dr pepper taste to it but it pairs wonderfully with coke.

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      Cherry Coke?

      I don’t get a lot of Dr. Pepper like people mentioned. It reminds me more of a Cherry Coke. The flavor is nice, but tends to drip excessively becoming too cloying after a while. It’s a good “dessert” option.


        I think I like it

        This seems to be a pretty polarizing product. Guys its not bad! Since I have an American palate, its a enjoyable flavor of tobacco with a cross between Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, or Cola. Cant really put my finger on it. Its somewhere in between. Good nic, a little sweet but give it a try, anything that is not mint is worth a try as far as Im concerned.

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        Not for me

        way to sweet didn't care for it at all

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        I tried to like it

        I really wanted to like this product and at first I did. I just Couldn't get past the weird flavor that it transformed into. It started out good with cherries and tobacco then it morphed into a half bitter half cough syrup flavor on every portion. It's pretty nasty. I like sweet so that was on point but the flavor was misleading. If it kept the initial flavor all the way through it would be a winner

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        Nick and Johnny American

        This is great its sweeter then typical swedish snus but not as sweet as American market options and this flavor is great ... my first portion of this an i can already tell you this is going to be a flavor I'll want to use often. For me I'm getting a big amount of cherry hints of doctor pepper and its hard to explain but if you like sweeter flavors you'll wanna try this one even if just for a after dinner thing

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        A good cherry snus

        Tastes just like a cherry Dr. Pepper with a subtle tobacco taste in the background. A personal favorite of mine as it satisfies my fruit flavor tastes.

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        It's great

        Smells and tastes like cherry Dr. Pepper, and the kick is strong but not super strong. Comes a little moist so expect sone drip but the flavor is really good. Pairs great with a soda drink

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        Swedish fish

        Snus hipsters will hate on this and write long diatribes about how this is an abomination but I like it. Nice swedish fish cherry flavor, and not overly sweet. Not getting the Dr pepper or root beer but definitely swedish fish.

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        Bubblegum Flavor

        I have to say that I've been very excited to try this snus but I really don't like it. Others have said it reminds them of Dr. Pepper, but I don't get that taste here. It reminds me of bubbles, either Mr. Bubble bubble bath, or a really cheap bubblegum. It tastes like a sweet artificial candy flavor but not one that I would enjoy.

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        Sweet Snus Lovers

        This Snus is for us sweet Snus lovers and I think that NJ did a good job with AMERICANA.

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        Yeah boy!

        I do believe that I've found another snus to add to my rotation. Up front I get a strong cherry flavor and something else in the background, probably the wintergreen per the snus description. I am confused about what I am tasting. I would recommend a palate cleanser since this tends to "ghost"anything that goes in next. Overall, I highly recommend this snus.

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        Love it.

        My initial thought was it tastes like one of my favorite candies... Swedish Fish.

        Not really tasting the Dr. Pepper.

        Has a good nicotine hit, that doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach like other extra strong portions.

        Definitely recommend this Snus if you have a sweet tooth.

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        Wish I could give 6 to counter the other reviews

        I am not sure why there is so much negative feedback on this snus. Let me start by saying that this is my new favorite snus. I used to be a very loyal Skruf Fan and would use Skruf stark white as my go to portion. However, this has become my new favorite. The flavor is different from what most people are used to, but the flavor is done correctly. The flavor is not over powered or simple but it does seem to be well balanced and a nice change from the normal snus. There is a cherry flavor, but this is mixed with other flavors, including some type of cinammon or spice. The portions provide a nice subtle spicey heat with a mellow flavor that lasts. Additionally, these portions are large and the nicotine level is high, so if you are a regular heavy snuser like me, this will help to scratch an itch.

        My recommendation is pickup a few cans. The first can will get you intrigued and by the second and third, you should get a real understanding for this snus. Do not let the negative reviews below turn you off from trying this product. Even if it is not your thing, I don't think anyone can say that this product was poorly executed.

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        Threw it out!

        I tried, really tried, to like this but about 8 portions was enough for me. Tasted like cherry cough syrup. In the mean time, SM has discontinued NJ Strong and NJ Strong White??? Baffling.

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        Some love it, I hate it

        I was excited by the whole "It tastes like Dr. Pepper". No. I tried 2 pouches 2 different times after smelling it (which was not pleasant), and ugh! I couldn't keep it in. It looked so promising but I just couldn't

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        Seems to be Hit or Miss, its a HIT for Me

        I got excited when I saw this because I love Dr, Pepper. I was not disappointed. Granted it is very sweet and if that isn't your thing no problem, but pairing this with a Diet Dr Pepper is almost spot on and a great combo!!

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        I'm an American with an American palate...and THIS. So good!! Very cherry, not too sweet. Terrific!!!

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        Definitely Cherry

        As for the root beer....I don't taste it. What I do taste is cherry and a lot of it. To me it mimics the American brand of Cherry Skoal which I chewed a lot through my 20s. It is nice having something so close but much better!

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        Meh taste

        For me, it usually takes 15 to 30 minutes to start getting the taste of a snus. Since I like Dr. Pepper, this seemed to be an interesting snus for me. I didn't get much taste at first, but after the taste started to develop after 15 minutes, it was overwhelming, way too sweet and a little bit disgusting. The nicotine hit is ok, but I don't think I'll order this one again.

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        I really liked thus snus. I picked up a grab bag of assorted flavors including this one. It is sweet. It is cherry(even pasted on the label). It packs a nice punch from a general portion snus user. Is it a niche flavor, certainly. But to call it sweet mud and garbage is a bit extreme. Of course capitalism will sort that out. Meanwhile if you're looking for a snus that is decidedly different from the original formulas and don't mind sweet, it's a nice journey. It serves as a nice break from everything else.

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        Strange taste

        Overwhelming flavor for me, and I do not enjoy the taste. I even enjoy a Dr. Pepper, but this was just not the snus for me.

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        Too much

        Flavor hits like a ton of bricks. Super sweet and oddly spicy. Like Dr.Pepper infused tobacco. Only gets worse from there.

        Not right for me.

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        I love it

        the flavor is pretty much as described... cherry and spice more than actual dr pepper... either way, i absolutely love the flavor, big pouch which is good sometimes.... personally though i wish it was stronger.... if it was stronger i would use it all the time, i realize its prob fine for most people but i gotta have more nicotine than that... so i pretty much use this anytime i am fine with my current nic level... if not i will use something that is at least 2.0 or one of the new 4.3... then throw one of these in later

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        Good, but obnoxious

        I like one of these on occasion, and I think I'll probably have a can or two in each order.

        Having said that, I find the sweetness of this snus very obnoxious. It's like dipping your tongue into a vat of artificial cherry flavor and aspartame. (sometimes that's good though which is why I like having it around.)

        Definitely not a regular use snus for me.

        If you like very sweet, very strongly flavored snus (and cherry flavored candy) definitely try it.

        If you are looking for a more relaxed and natural cherry flavor in a snus try Anglaholm instead.

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        Swedish Match: Sell this in America

        I was really excited to try this one, and quite honestly, it wasn't my favorite. Why 4 stars? Getting to that...

        It's sweet. Very much like that very popular American-made SNUS. It's not however an artificial flavor.

        The reviews say it tastes like Cherry Dr. Pepper. It doesn't taste "of" the soda in the way that some tobacco has notes of cocoa, it literally tastes like they soaked the portions in Dr. Pepper overnight!

        This alone wouldn't have led me to write a review, but there is one remarkable quality to this snus:

        It got my girlfriend, who's been a user of Camel's snus for many years, to finally switch over to the Swedish stuff.

        I've been trying to convince her to try the good stuff since we started dating two years ago, but she just said it was "salty" and "weird". She can't get enough of this stuff, though.

        I went to some of my friends who dip and smoke, and they were seriously impressed. I've handed them General Wintergreen or Mint before and they say "oh, that's neat, kinda salty", but with this people were hitting me up for more before my girlfriend ran off with the rest of the tin! My entire tin is gone and I only tried 2-3 portions myself!

        I can honestly say I've never had that happen with any other snus.

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        Americans for Americana

        Like others here, I'd heard there may be mixed reviews on this variety. However, I decided to take a chance on two tins of this and am very glad that I did.

        As most snus users know, even our favorite tins can get a bit old if we use them without enough variety in between. As the old wisdom says, variety is the spice of life!

        This is a very welcome addition to my rotation and the strength is good for me. This American gives Americana a ringing endorsement and will be adding it to his rotation.

        Thank you, Swedish Match!

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        Good Stuff

        All around good product. Doesn't get soggy after 10 minutes and is a perfect after dinner Snus. One of my favorites from N&J if not my favorite. But then again I have that American palate.

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        Excellent SNUS!

        When I first opened the can I wasnt sure what to expect flavor wise, it smelled all over the place. The flavor does remind me of Dr. Pepper & Root Beer. I love, love, love this SNUS and will be ordering more. Admittedly this is probably not for everyone but it is worth a try. I let a few friends try it as well and they loved it as well. I normally don't enjoy wintergreen SNUS but the wintergreen is very mild and compliments the other flavors very well. Cheers!

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        Sweet mud

        I really wanted to like this snus. But. Its pretty bad. As soon as i opened it, the smell is just horribly sickly sweet like cherry chocolate. I finally got up the courage to try one, and its just like sugar chocolate, cherry, some other oddly flavored mud running down your teeth. And as soon as it hits your toungue you just want to spit it out. This is the only snus ive ever had that i really didnt like and probably wont be able to get through the can. I like nick and johnny alot, but i think they need to retire this flavor and put something new out there.

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        Great flavor !

        This is one has become one of my new favorite snus, I will definitely be back for more. It has a nice taste of tobacco, with a bold cherry and spicy flavor. It indeed tastes a bit like Dr. Pepper, which is a good thing ! The only downside is that the nicotine content is low in my opinion, I do love stronger snus. Stay away if you don't like fruity flavors, this one is definitely not for you.

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        A perfect transition from American Dip

        I've been trying to transition from the chemical hook of american dip and this was the first that made the transition smooth for me. It's sweet with not an overpowering tobacco taste. Very pleased with this purchase.

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        Nick and Johnny Cherry syrup/Wintergreen

        The title of this review lets you know what this snus tastes like and whether or not you will like it. The cherry does mask the wintergreen somewhat, but you know its wintergreen. I despise wintergreen, and yet I can handle this. Previous commenters have pretty much already nailed it as far as thoughts on it. I would agree most with the commenter saying it's a good occasional snus, and good with a dr. Pepper specifically. It's like ordering a cherry coke because you know they will actually mix coke with cherry syrup? If you're that person, you will like this best with a soda. Otherwise, you will more likely associate the flavor with cough syrup than the soda.


          well balanced swedish-american hybrid snus

          Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong snus is the perfect strength at 1.4% nicotine.
          This snus will put you somewhere between a nicotine buzz and a nicotine high.

          Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong has a very American snus flavor similar to Camel Mellow or Camel Robust. It's is not like most swedish snus, which has a very prominent tobacco flavor. It has a very well balanced flavor. I have tried Camel Frost, Camel Wintergreen, Camel Robust, Camel Mellow, Camel Mint, General Mint, Oden's Doublemint Extreme, General Wintergreen, Oden's Melon Extreme, Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong, Crafted Snus Whisky Original by Conny Andersson, and Oden's Vanilla Extreme. Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong is a good snus that I would order again.

          The pouches are large but not very large.

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          Seriously, Swedish Match? Really?

          Where do I begin? Nick & Johnny Americana is an abysmal mess of cloying, sweet chemicals and is a basement-level, poor representation of flavored snus.

          I'm an American woman, and stereotyping says I should be in love with this snus. However I typically dislike sweet snus, such as General Mint & Wintergreen, because usually the flavors overwhelm and mask the tobacco itself. I enjoy snus for its tobacco. If I wanted sweetness, I'd eat a piece of dark chocolate instead. Maybe even with my snus.

          However, curiosity got the best of me, being a big fan of N&J strong portions, so I added a can of Americrappa, I mean Americana, to my last order.

          Americana is godawful.

          Aromas of weak Dr. Pepper and artificial, sugary cherry greet my nose upon opening the can. Very strong, syrupy scent. No hint of tobacco.

          The good? Portions are well made, properly moist, with no loose snus in the can.

          Popped one in and fought the urge to spit it out immediately. Kept it in for 30 minutes simply for the sake of snus science. :) Sweet, sweet and more sweet blended with an artificial, chemical concoction of madness. Where to start describing the wrongness in these "flavors"? The cherry is akin to very old school Slurpees from 7-11 stores in the States. If that was the goal here, then Swedish Match succeeded. Weak notes of Dr. Pepper are present, however a distorted version of it. I didn't think Dr. Pepper could taste more artificial, but there it is. Add to this a saccharin-like sweetness, crowding any semblance of tobacco, and you get the picture.

          Ugh, bad. Just bad. Brushing my teeth and popping a N&J strong white portion restored my palate and faith that Swedish Match really does know how to make a fine snus.

          Seriously wondering if Americana started off as an April Fool's joke at the factory. Maybe the snus 'chef' was like "Oh! I'm gonna pull one over on the ol' boss. Throwing whatever diabetes-inducing sweet flavorings i can find into a batch of my lowest-grade tobacco... What a hoot!" But the joke got outta hand, the boss loved it, and labeled it Americana.

          Unless you have a dead tongue void of taste buds, have a penchant for candy, or simply love punishing yourself, please save your money and avoid this mess.

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          just got a can of this in my latest order and all i can say is wow. this stuff tastes great, it's got a nice cherry flavor and a really good nicotine hit. do yourself a favor and add a can to your next order you won't be disappointed.

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          Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong

          Finally, a Snus I despise!

          Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong has to be the nastiest Snus flavor I experienced.

          This flavor I get is straight Cherry cold medicine/NyQuil. Yeah, sounds good right?

          I'm not sure what Swedish Match was thinking but I will give it 2 stars for good nic hit and great portion quality.

          Not sure how others got Dr Pepper its more like Dr puke. :) I warned you!

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          Good in small doses

          I thought I reviewed this one but guess not so here it goes. Upon first try, this was a 5 all the way. This is the best snus if you are a cola head such as myself. It's not the flavor matches cola perfect, it's that it tastes spectacular WITH a soda. Grab a can of Dr Pepper and pop one of these and you will be in heaven. My only complaint is the flavor and heavy nic content can be a bit wearing on you, they are both VERY powerful and if used as a daily snus it gets a little old after a few days and you start to crave a regular tobacco flavor/etc but man, I pop one of these in and hit the local arcade, order a soda and play a few games of Ms Pac man, it just doesn't get any better, great occasional snus!

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          Got this in a mix I ordered but am not a huge fan of cherry. Decided to give it to my landlords ranch hand who smokes pipe tobacco all day. He never tried snus before but was man enough to give it a shot with his back round chewing plugs. Dude dove in head first and almost put two portions in before I suggest he only try one. Asked him how it was and he claimed great. Told me he liked the nicotine hit and that they were pretty good. Tastey too.

          • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

          I just received my first order from SnusCentral and the service was great, I ordered on Sunday and got my package Wednesday morning. I wasn't sure at first if I would like Captain Yankee but I will definitely be ordering more. It has just the right amount of sweetness for my palate and the flavor tastes just like a cherry flavored jolly rancher. This is a good snus if you're craving something sweet.

          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

          I almost feel like General is making fun of my unrefined N. American palate with the name and flavor of this one. It tastes like someone spilled root beer and dr. Pepper on otherwise decent snus. I like the sweet varieties, but this stuff is totally un-snus-able. I like the over the top "American" graphics on the packaging which is a bit like looking at my national culture through a fun house mirror. Unfortunately the flavor tastes like a fun house floor...

          • 3 out of 6 people found this review useful.

          This snus is just ok I won't buy this again,I really don't care for overly flavored snus
          It was worth a try. If you like flavored snus that tastes like cherry pipe tobacco you
          Might like this

          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

          It smells similar to Dr pepper, however the taste is largely cherry. A very strong taste, so I would advise enjoying flavoured snus, if you efer natural or a light flavour this may be too strong. As for the strength of nicotine, not too bad, enough of a kick to get your attention but won't knock your socks off. For me this is a fun novelty, something to enjoy once in a while but not for everyday use.


            This snus was just OK to me. Not my favorite, but didn't totally dislike and certainly didn't waste the can. It has a cherry flavor to it. It took me a little while to appreciate it. The flavoring had a slight chemical aftertaste to me personally. However, it's still a decent taste. I'd say it's probably worth a try if you like flavored snus.


              Just received two cans of this today. I'd say it's not terrible, just a bit... different. Smell is strong in the can, (cherry mostly & a bit of root beer) which might be a good thing, because others smell it while you use it :-) It's strong enough, (stronger than average) though it's no Oden's extreme. Captain Yankee isn't an instant favorite, but is very good for a change of pace. Definitely would recommend this!


                I've been very curious about this since it was announced, as the flavor profile sounded unique to say the least.

                I strongly advise you to listen to the other reviewers - DO NOT smell this snus. It's weird. Not terrible, but not in my mind pleasant.

                Upon popping a portion in, I am reminded of that cherry-scented pipe tobacco you get in the store - a sweet cherry flavor that is like smoking a pipe. There's a tingle in the lip which is probably the wintergreen and/or cinnamon. The flavor isn't dominating in the mouth, which may be good. But it is a nice flavor, especially with that smoky cherry pipe tobacco flavor. My one lament is when it drips, that cherry flavor just overpowers your mouth. That aside, it's definitely worth trying.

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                Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong

                Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong

                Nick And Johnny Americana Xtra Strong Portion Snus is an exciting snus with flavor inspiration from America's Rootbeer and Dr Pepper - a full-bodied tobacco character with clear tones of Cherry, wintergreen and cinnamon!

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