LD Snus

The LD snus brand was launched in 1999; ironic since it's named after a cigarette brand and 1999 was also the year Swedish Match sold off their cigarette division.

Not that Swedish Match has or had anything to do with LD; it's just a little snus trivia.

Nordic Snus/JTI are always developing LD to answer our snusers' wishes and expectations. Today you can choose between portion, white portion and loose. The flavors have a traditional tobacco character with elements of bergamot or salmiak.

LD is manufactured according to the high standards of our quality standard Swedish Quality Snus. Thanks to extensive knowledge and solid experience they can produce an affordable LD range without compromising on quality or your snus experience.

"Simply a really good snus that tastes more than it costs."

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

If you are NOT an American, the below doesn't apply to you