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EPOK All White Snus was the first all white tobacco product and was created by  Winnington AB of Sweden.  This All White pouch uses a proprietary process to convert natural tobacco into an all white powder.  Flavorings and nicotine are then added back in.  EPOK was so successful that BAT bought the company.

BAT wanted a tobacco-free nicotine pouch product so they duplicated EPOK but used all natural plant fibers without tobacco as filler.  Thus LYFT was born to the confusion of most snus users at the time.  

LYFT is 100% tobacco free but tastes and looks just like EPOK. This was good for BAT as no tobacco taxes or most tobacco laws applied to LYFT.  On the flip side, Norway (the 2nd largest snus market after Sweden) doesn't allow tobacco free nicotine pouches.  BAT had to produce EPOK for Norway while LYFT is sold to the rest of the world.  Lawyers!

As Winnington AB explains it, "White tobacco is made through a patented and environment friendly production process which carefully purifies and refines brown tobacco. In the process, unwanted substances such as heavy metals and nitrosamines are eliminated.

To me, Moe Unz, this means they beat and waterboarded the brown tobacco (in the case of EPOK).  They beat and waterboarded the all nature plant fibers used in LYFT too.

In the case of both EPOK and LYFT, the pouch is completely white, both inside and out, before and after use. The feeling under the lip, the nicotine strength, smell and taste are the same as with ordinary brown portion snus minus the tobacco flavor – but the snus won’t run or discolor your teeth."

Both Epok and Lyft All White snus comes in many popular flavors and nicotine strengths.  You will find LYFT for sale right here at the famous Snus Shop!


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US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

If you are NOT an American, the below doesn't apply to you